Spinning feathers into yarn……YIKES!!!!

I have been spinning and playing all evening now. Bags everywhere. And I’ve learned two things. I don’t know how to spin feathers into yarn and I don’t know how to do the beads either. Beads are a bit easier, I got one on…but I’m not sure it will stay there, even though I made a big yarn bobble to hold it. I need to find the tricks. Tricks that people before me have discovered, so I don’t have to reinvent the wheel. I had no idea it would be so hard to try to add a feather. No matter what I did…it sucked the feather into the spin. There is a very tee tee tiny part of me…Yay (the yay is cuz it used to woulda been a huge part of me, instead of tee tee tiny)….that thinks anybody should be able to figure it out. And yes, given time, even I may figure it out…..but why should I in this day and age. I can find my answer in a matter of minutes. Haha….my phone was 1 ft out of reach.

Goodness…I heard a ruckus….Lily is challenging Belle. Well, that was fun to watch! After Belle rared up a few times, they went into forehead to forehead mode, kinda like arm wrestling, they see who is strongest by the push of the head. The fun part was that little Star came out and entered the fray several times and I wondered what she was doing. Etta was standing inside the house with her feet up on the lip, standing regal, and letting Star do this. I wondered some more. Finally, when Star came over and snuggled between her aunt and the tree, towards Lily, then I understood. She was protecting auntie Belle. Then….amazing of amazings….a break was called, so that Belle could put Star in the house and tell her to stay there. Then they resumed. Lily won. See…told ya I’d get insights into the goats by being here. Well sorta…..still don’ quite know why this happened. All I can think of is that maybe Lily is pregnant, and she wants to declare some house space.

Gosh….back to the spinning. I used quite a few colors and different mediums as well. What a blast! My last project was the thing for Mea. I mailed it today. I washed it and had nowhere to dry it right and it lost the correct shape, but I mailed it anyway, since I owed it to her. Owed, by virtue of telling her it was coming. Hopefully she has a place to dry it properly and will rewash it. Not feeling extremely proud of it at the moment. I was before I washed it though. Maybe there’s hope for it. Love you Mea…..and like it or no…you can now at least touch Georgia. Mea wanted Georgia, but I got her.

I told Jesse about the faucet drip. I had just dropped a folded paper towel in to be a sound cushion. It wasn’t working and I was describing gathering up more towels and taping them to the faucet itself….when he reaches over and turns the faucet and………………..no drips. For Gods sakes. Men, what is it about that? When we try over and over it won’t work….if I turned too tight, it dripped faster. Like when your car won’t start…you tell hubby and he goes out and wala…it starts up first try for him. Happens all the friggin time. All I know is….it won’t be keeping me awake in the bright sunshiny mornings. Hubby said it was in the 20’s last night. Mmmmmm, guess it’s that time. Nightie night good fellas. Lol. Fellas, folks, folkie olkies, friends. 2:09am. = 11 = master number.

Oh good Lord….what a boring blog. No good insights to share with you…just goat stuff. Sometimes it happens that way. Sometimes I’m just a girl. A girl who deeply loves making art with fiber and who happens to own some fiber producing critters. It’s a win win for us. I get to love them and get to have their fiber to play with….and they get to be taken care of and adored. If they were in the wild….I guess they’d be walking and walking….plain ole outright…migrating goats. Walking on toward that next bite of green they see ahead. THAT COULD GET TIRESOME> So, I’m gonna consider myself a blessing in their life, even though at times, I have wondered. Now I don’t have to wonder….I just realized. Hmmmm, take apart that word….real eyes. With real eyes, I see that I am a benefit to them.

I was preparing some roving to be worked on for this new proect…woke up very excited…but Cathy called and asked if we were shearing. I said no, I forgot to tell Jesse last night there was a possibility, and he refuses if I haven’t done that. Then she reminded me we could do it just the two of us. Yup, that’s right. So, we strung out 225 ft of electrical cord and caught us a Gracie. Gracie just needed the last bit of stuff off that she wouldn’t let us get last time. She looked funny. So, we got it off and she’s now all one length of curls. Then for the big challenge, and oh boy, what a challenge. Sarah. She had the biggest thickest coat of all….remember, these few didn’t get sheared in summer. Since I do the clippers, Cathy now finds herself having to do the butts, with scissors. We used to share that yukky duty. Sarah didn’t like it, but she is now sheared and hope she doesn’t freeze, cuz due to the matts, I took most of it off. She basically got a normal shear. Oh dear…hope she’s got friends to snuggle with cuz it’s gonna be 33 degrees. Jeesh Sheri…shoulda looked at that before you sheared. In my defense….it was warm when I woke. Right now….the wind is howling, which means there’s a weather change. Poor Sarah. One minute she’s carrying around all this extra weight and the next minute….she’s cold. Good thing I have those huge hay bales as a wind break for them.

Oh, I forgot to tell you. Ye know how I was wondering if I was missing a call to dance? I was!!! I’d seen it, but hadn’t taken the time to click to see what it was. Valerie told me. The One Billion Rising…event/movement was yesterday…..asking all to Dance for all women who had ever been abused in any way. So, I put a link on FB to Madonna’s Ray of Light, then I got in my Rv and started to dance. Of course when I dance inside, Blue joins me. Haha, usually that means weaving in and out of my legs. Yup, we danced hard and I teared up a bit at the thought of what I was dancing for. No matter how badly my ex hurt me physically and emotionally…..I know that others have it way way worse. So…..dance mystery solved…and dance complete. And we are off to start another week end. I will be trying to learn how to add beads and feathers. It’s called Youtube. Dang it’s getting wicked windy out there. No clue what’s for dinner and it’s nearly 5pm. Time to feed and play with little squishy’s. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. P.S. I don’t think this zombie apocalypse thing is very funny. Something very weird about it. Michigan and Montana had news reports about it!!!! Insanity. And now the Canadian Parliament is discussing it. Oi ve.


















8 thoughts on “Spinning feathers into yarn……YIKES!!!!

  1. Heeheehee, love the baby goat pictures! I was hearing this voice-over in my head saying, “Dude! I’m a baby goat! Watch me dance, and squeeze through tiny spots, and flap my ears! Goat goat goat, it is great to be a goat … “

  2. I am so excited, I went to check the mail 3X today as if it would have even gotten here yet. I can not even wait to cuddle Georgia, part from Washington and part grown in Texas, sheared and lovingly made into something special for me!!!! THANK YOU

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