Dances with wolves and goats and stars……

I’m watching Dances with Wolves. After seeing this movie 75-100 times….what it brings to my attention today is….Idle No More, the movement and the Wolves, and the license to kill order. I don’t know the solution, but killing the wolves can’t be the preferred outcome!!! Like the coyote. We used to have a guy come every now and then, saying he’s supposed to call the coyotes. We always let him in…till one year, he stopped by the house with his fresh kill. Oh good Lord… was a beautiful dog. A coyote. Beautiful, even in death. I was horrified. I’d always had an animated picture in my mind…probably Wily Coyote, but still…I was totally unprepared for the beauty of this creature. As you know….I have 5 dogs. My pups protect the goat from the coyote… they don’t need to die.

As for the Idle No More…what s on my brain about it today is the walk of the children. Right now, in support of this movement, there is a group of youth walking through the high snows, to reach Canada, and their Idle No More people. After all, this thing originated in Canada. Imagine. In this day and age, with the cell phones and Youtube and highways and fences and cars and and and…..these kids are walking. Rain or shine, they’re walking. The lessons they are learning on this journey are priceless, I guarantee. What a truly awesome thing. I’m excited for them and about them. Walk on young People, walk on….

Ok…outta the blue this one is and I may hit a note….but what the heck? The Pope is retiring? That’s freaky wild to tell ya the truth. That’s like…what the? What’s going on that we don’t know? Freaky freaky. The Vatican is….well, hmmm, well, it’s the Vatican. The powers that be, or for some part, I’d suspect, not all the powers that be. Hmmmm, interesting. My curiosity abounds with news like this, cuz I’ve delved into some religious stuff although I’m not religious. Shoot, I thought the Da Vicni Code was made for me! Heehaw!!! Heehaw. I like it.

Ye know…Dancing with wolves is a pretty violent movie. It made Jesse and I argue while he was down here a bit ago. Apparently they didn’t teach them much in school. He was watching and saying….look….look how bad those Indians are. I tried my best to set him straight on how and why they were doing those things…but he just kept saying…no one is alive to dispute any of it now, therefore there was no proof that any of it happened the way it was said it happened….therefore the white people could possibly be in the right…but he highly doubted it. He just wanted me to admit that there was a possibility that I didn’t know everything. Yikes. And how old am I? hmmmm, 51. Been around awhile. They just don’t get it. Kids. They just don’t understand that we’ve already done it and if they’d just listen….lol, ya right. Sure, the circumstances may have a different color and sound….but the room is the same.

I don’t dance with wolves, but I do dance with Blue dog and with my goats in my own way….and the pups. I dance with the stars and the angels and with God. I also lately dance with myself, by rocking back and forth either sideways or forwards backwards. Ohhh……supposed to do it in a circular motion. Wow oh wow. Special stuff that. I saw the face of a baby goat. Powerful….makes you dizzy though. Please be in a safe cushiony space before you try it if you do. Lol. I’m sittin on my bed in the Rv. Quite safe. It’s funny weather. It’s supposed to go to 44 degrees, hello angels, but it just doesn’t feel all that cold. My heater keeps kicking on and I keep turning it down. Now, I hear the wind beginning to howl. Strange that I’m not in a lot of pain for a weather change such as is called for. Lol, I just saw on FB that lightning struck the Vasilica right after the Pope resigned. Lol…….who knows. Shoot….Jesse asked where I heard about the Council of Nicea and when I said the internet he just laughed. Then he quoted the commercial…..if the internet says its true, its true. I really have no idea how that conversation came about due to watching Dances with Wolves, but….hey…it happened. And……I’m getting sleepy. It’s 1:48am = 4 = angels. Night sweeties.

Had an interesting conversation with a new internet friend from Britain. They have alpacas, llamas and ouessant sheep. Ouessant sheep? Never heard of them. Then he tells me they don’t shear them. It just sheds naturally. Huh? How do you get product from that? He says there’s another breed of them that they can get the wool off of, but that this kind are simply too small to shear. Personally, I could shear a cat if need be. Poor Gypsy, I think she feels me eyeing her softness…rather like bunny fur. Now you know why I like the long haired cats. It’s a fiber thing. Shoot, isn’t it nearly always?????

Told Jess we should shear some today since we haven’t done anything in days cuz of the rain. His reply? You didn’t warn me yesterday. This isn’t the first time this has happened. So, I guess from now on….every day I will have to say…..we might shear tomorrow…..even when I know we won’t. Guess it’s a spinning day. And if Cathy shows up, some meds can be given. Too hard for me to catch, hold, get meds ready, then inject….by myself. If it’s crucial, then of course I would attempt it alone, but it’s not. Nope….not a spinning day. A pulling VM out of a fleece day. Seems to me I promised someone some washed curls. I wish I wasn’t a nightowl. Seems like my day is gone so dang fast. I blink and it’s time to fix dinner. Khalifa’s eyes look great. He’s still looking for milk under anyones legs though. I’ve truly never encountered this. Thank God, they’re not taking offense.

Ahhh, I’m on love overload. I went to feed half hour early cuz the girls were all begging. As I get down there, Star of course comes out to greet me…then I turn around and there’s Khalifa….in the alley. Be still my heart. He hopped all over the place. Just about every step was a hop. I think he’s a happy baby. Then the two met. Hahaha….boy, he wasn’t scared of her one tiny bit!!! In fact, he charged her and she backed off! They sniffed each other and off he ran to hop some more. By the time I got everyone fed and I was ready to play with him….he’d pooped himself out and was in the far corner inside the house. Sound asleep. I guess all that hoppin wears a goat out! Well…..guess that does it for me for today. Enjoy the hop photos cuz I can’t help taking them. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















2 thoughts on “Dances with wolves and goats and stars……

    • Ha! I was thinking……put these two with that one and this one with that one……etc. wasn’t thinkin clearly but ya it is kinda fun this way. Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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