Newborn Love……..

A torrent of emotions are twistin their way through me. It’s 9:30 pm and I’ve finally finished everything and settled into my seat on the bed in the Rv. I finally broke down and cried, just minutes ago. As I peek out the back window, I see Tika standing over the very still baby, smelling, checking to make sure he’s alive. Then she laid down beside him. My part is done now. This day has been forever. For seven hours she cried, loudly. Then she pretty much stopped. After 1 hour, she laid down and water gushed out and she gave 2 pushes. Then nothing. I called the Vet, as I told you and he said to put my hand in slowly, 5 minutes slowly, to work the cervix open. I was terrified. Had been ever since I heard I may have to do that…years ago. He said….all the way to the wrist….and eventually, with a swoosh, I was in.
It seemed to take forever to identify what I was touching. A hoof!!! A nose!!! That’s it. He said he should be in dive position…two feet first then the nose. So I kept wriggling till I felt another leg. I pulled them gently. They were hanging out. By this time I thought the baby was dead. Tika refused to push. So I pulled the babies head out too. She still wouldn’t push. The tongue was sticking out and it moved. It moved!!!! Jesse and I were smiling at each other….it’s alive!!! Still no pushing. Tika could have cared less at this point. So, while I pulled, I also widened the opening. Finally, I got the head past the lip and with a tug…whoosh.
Jesse had been telling me I could do it, and it’s ok, things to calm me when I thought I couldn’t do it. But I did do it. And Tika did it. And Jesse did it. We all contributed. So…out comes the baby and Tika starts to walk away……Jesse stops her and turns her around so she can see. She immediately knew it was a baby and it was hers and began to clean him. The ankles were weak so after fully drying his back legs with a hairdryer, I splinted them. Got him dry then hooked him up to mom. He still couldn’t stand so I held him and guided. Later, she laid down and I hooked him then. I hooked him one more time but she wouldn’t let him on the other side. Then she wouldn’t let him at all. In the meantime….I decided to give his own feet another try cuz he sure wasn’t getting up with those splints well. So I took them off and then it seemed as if the sweater was holding him back this time, so I took it off too. Ha! He got up! By this time, hubby was home with the pizza so I went to the house and asked Jesse to hook him up after he ate. When I got down here, he said she was feeding him and he could hearing him suck. Yay and done. He needed all those things to take place, well, except maybe the splints…..or maybe they helped him some. Either way, he is warm now and full bellied now, and oh so perty.
I had been feeling the urgency, so the past 2 weeks, I’ve been watching videos on how to pull babies out, for the different positions that might present. I think the other years I was just too scared…and it was never necessary. This reminds me of my fear of the onramp on the interstate. It paralyzed me, but there came a time when I had to do it on a daily basis, so I prayed real hard. As I approached, then got on the onramp….I look and there is not a single car coming. I easily merge onto the interstate. The next time, the car was way way way back. This pattern repeated until the day I finally had to slip my car in between two cars. God did that for me and I think he did the same here. When He knew I was ready….he gave it to me. One of those…sock it to me baby things!
I need to give some kudos to the Jess. He did such an awesome job today. He did everything I asked, without balking. Helped me watch….stayed here in the Rv with me…..went in and out of the pen with me….helped me through the going in and the pulling out….every time I said…it’s dead, its dead, he told me it was ok….just keep going….held Tika still so I could do all that!!!! Ran the wires for the hairdryer….helped stand the baby…And, was willing to hook them up for me tonight but it wasn’t needed. I just looked out the window and Khalifa is nursing right now, wagging his little tail as he goes. So, I am very grateful that Jesse was here, not only that…..but that he got to participate and experience, the miracle of birth…with me. Thank you Jesse.
Lordie what a day…two days actually. Still haven’t recovered from shearing 4 goats. Mea just said….you do know you saved him, right? Yes, I, we, did save him. She had given up and was no longer interested. After the 7 hours of crying, screaming….not one sound while I did what I did. Jesse even remarked….she’s not even crying. Nope, not a sound. Another great and awesome first time mommy. Love it when that happens. Gosh….I feel like I’ve been wrung through a mill or something. My upper back is on fire and my arms are achy….unused muscle…achy. Also, my brain is soggy. Soggy, I tell you. Ahhh, they are just too cute together….the baby just snuggled closer and Tika laid her head on him. I love my life….have I told you that?
Hmmm….have I told you that lately….. Sounds like I have a pack of wolves living in my yard with all this howling in chorus. Beautiful actually. Literally like a chorus cuz they all do different notes, complete with little wiggles at the end. And by the way…I strategically placed mom and baby right by my window and they are of course still there so I can see everything. Night night and yeehaw dreams my friends. 12:56am = 5 = change.
I needed this. A do nothing day. And I mean that fairly literally. Really all I’ve done is look at the baby and take photos of the baby and ooh and ahh over the baby. He has such a long tail! He has such big balls! He has such long hair! He remembers me from yesterday and will walk toward me if I call him. His feet are still bent at the ankles, but I’m trying the stretches thing that was suggested. Just got back from stretching little legs and getting me some cuddles. I let Star jump on my back this morning so she doesn’t feel left out. While I was in this time, she stayed in the alley then wanted to play again when I came out. I didn’t cuz I didn’t have a cushiony coat on so she followed me toward the out gate then stopped and cried. Never did that before. She knows there’s a change, with the new baby. I love my Star…. Little miss independent.
Gosh…..I’ve really enjoyed my do nothing day. It’s coming to a close, as the minutes creep by till it’s feeding time and one last play cuddle session with the newbie. Funny, now we have a Wiz and a Khalifa. Wiz is the kitten though. Wacky weather folks. I’m not complaining, but it’s February….our coldest month usually…’s 78 degrees. It’s a beautiful day. Quite warm in the Rv….too warm actually, but hey….I’m camping out! Barring any interesting ditties…..I’m signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














6 thoughts on “Newborn Love……..

  1. I’m thrilled to see this miracle. Love the teamwork you and Jesse showed. And what a beautiful baby. This has been good for everyone and a real joy to watch. Thank you so much for sharing these things. Keep up the good work, more beauty on the way!

  2. He is so cute, you did great. I am glad Jesse was there with you. I am sure he helped you maintain your composure!!! In the pictures of you and him. he is pursing his lips like he is blowing a kiss.

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