Meet…….Khalifa…..sweet baby boy

Interesting. I was just asked to join a FB group for artists. I can deal with that! I count my mohair creations as my art, but I also used to paint paintings and could again at any time…..been feelin the urge. Not a strong one, but it’s there. When the right moment comes….it comes. I wonder where I put the new canvas boards I bought myself for Christmas. Oh ya….that’s right….I decided I wanted real canvas. Haven’t bought any yet. And oils….gosh…it’s been probably wow….4-5 years since I’ve done an oil painting. I think they’re in the hallway. Are they still good? Gosh…way too expensive to replace. The more I talk about it the more I want to do it. It all began with a simple question on FB. Who within this group is an artist. Funny how the names that popped up were all the people who had either befriended me lately or had done a lot of commenting on my posts. Artists know each other and draw to each other. Apparently all my fiber friends are artists, and Colleen too. That’s why I started that group…With These Hands…to try to give people a place to put their art besides in the closet. We have plenty of people with product, but noone to buy.
When I answered the question of who is an artist….I spoke of both my blogs, my paintings, my tiny clay creations, my mohair creations and even my goats, due to their beauty. That just encompassed…….paint, clay, writing, fiber and genetic design. WOW. I really AM an Artist. Hehehe. Hmmm, and writing can be split into 2 categories….poetry and blogging. Fiber can be split into…..let’s see, felt, spinning yarn, crochet, knit and needle felt….at least for me that is. Paint…well, oil and acrylic. And when I say acrylic….I mean those little bottles that cost 88 cents and come in a gazillion colors. I do create my on colors, but with already premixed colors, lol, the lazy way. I use either a Styrofoam plate or bowl, depending on the painting. I have a nice easel, yay, and like I said…in the hallway is a fishing tackle box filled with all colors of oils. I even painted on some old windows once. One, I still have…it’s from a photo of the Rosetta nebula….remember, my spiritual name is Rose. The other was this awesome….yes, I just said awesome about one of my own paintings…but it came out right after winter solstice 2006. A sad story actually. I had promised to make a window painting for a friend who was about to get married….as a gift. Then solstice happened and I painted the painting. It fit with my spiritual journey and I was going to do a whole series…I still have more windows. But she wouldn’t let me off the hook for it. She insisted that this window painting had to be her window painting. It was awful. I gave it to her. She hung it outside and it got broken in the wind. But I do have a photo. 😀 And I have the nebula…sitting in my room with bags and bags of fiber piled in front of it. The rest, as I’ve said, are all either under my bed, or my daughter has them in Virginia. I think what I’ve been trying to say is that art comes in so many forms that maybe we fail to recognize it these days in the hustle and bustle of things at high speed as they are now. And even if someone does do art now…they just offer it up for free….feeling so unworthy that it’s just all offered up for free…or close. Free. That’s what the internet has done…but don’t get me wrong…I love the internet. Damn… sink is dripping. Hubby installed fresh water and now the sink is dripping. And here comes the boy…wanting to play his music again, while I’ve just started to watch the movie….Grumpy Old Men. My life right now. 😀 It’s just all the same old words. Same old words over and over. No matter who the artist is…with a few exceptions…its only a few words that circulate and repeat and regurgitate. I am of course referring to rap. Hiphop. I can handle the electronic music much easier. The House, Electro and Trap. I can’t for the life of me tell the difference and this aggravates the crap outta Jesse….but I am what I am.

I’ve been meaning to tell you that when I say it’s the silence of the goats…..well, for those of you who don’t know….goats are silent at night. Predators, ye know? No, I’m talking about during the day. It’s just spooky silent. Sure, they holler at feed time, and today, every time I coughed…..they cried, haha….but no…….silence. Very spooky silent. Ahhh wait….someone has just banged their head on the wall. And the water is still dripping. A fast drip. An annoying drip. Well, it’s that time again. I’m tired very tired, as I told you. Tomorrow I have to deal with water troughs. Fun fun. Nightie night and let the love bug bite!!!! 12:01am = 4 = angels, yay angels!!!!

Well, 7:30am came awfully early. That’s when I heard the hollerin. It is now 9:30am and Tika is still hollerin. Haven’t seen much pushing, just hollerin. I woke Jess and have him on alert. He wants me to wake him when she’s closer. Jeesh….me too. I’ve been in the pen twice. It’s a circus. They surround me and chew on me….any part of me. Oh wow, Donna is digging. Shoot, still don’t even know if Donna is pregnant, but it’s nice to see some digging. Cathy heard the hollerin and came to check. She has to go to a meeting though. Normally she would stay and watch. Did I mention that it’s raining? Very lightly, but it is indeed raining. At the first holler, I threw my clothes on, rubber boots and raincoat and went to see. Couldn’t figure out who was hollerin, figured it was nothing and peeled the clothes off and crawled back in bed….just as the hollerin starts up again. She’s trying to claim a portion of the shed. That’s what happens when you go into labor in the rain. It could be a long day. Labor can be hours. I know one of mine was 15 hours….but this is a goat. She’s going through periods of holler then silent. Just had most difficulty laying down. But Yay, she’s where I can see her and I can type in the calm and dry of the Rv, where I stare at her chewing her cud…..watching for contractions. Every now and then, she looks up with her eyes wild and huge and then she does a cry. She looks scared. See, none of this happened with Happy. I’m still confused on that one.

Tika still hasn’t started pushing yet. Ha, her bag is so full, she can barely fit it between her legs. She keeps going to the shed and asking…can I please come in…somethings wrong, I want in. Nope, not getting in. Oop, she can’t lay down. I’ll never forget the time Milly’s babies went through the fence hole and I had to feed the back through the hole to her. Hmmm…someone snorted and they all jumped up…maybe it’s a warning sound. Yup….sittin on the bed with my rubber booted feet hanging off the edge….waiting. 3 hours now. Yup….Donna’s havin a hard time layin down….she must be….it’s very hard to tell with her due to the barrel belly. Speaking of bellies….gosh I’m hungry. Been up awhile. Made me a fried egg sandwich. So cute….Georgia is using Pearl as a pillow, but if I go out and try to take a photo….she’ll move. Got it!!!! 7 HOURS…..8 HOURS….9 HOURS…and we called the Vet. He said if she’s not pushing….go in. Holy crap. Was pretty sure that’s what he’d say. He said if I felt the baby….go ahead and get it. That’s exactly what I did. I found a hoof and a nose. Each time I went in, she pushed. I would take my hand out thinking she was pushing it out…nope…..finally got both hooves out and the nose…still very little pushing. I had to pull him. Yes Him. Khalifa. Lol, for Jesse since it was his first birth to witness. I’m a bit worried about him… him dried quite a bit but sun is going down….she lays snuggle sometimes but not always…..he’s shivering. Am holding him to feed, or she lays down and hook him up. Nearly dark…..but I got lights. Ok…..just went back in and got that baby a good long drink. He should be ok for a bit. Have his back feet splinted but still struggling to stand. Should hopefully improve with a really full belly. And I sweatered him. He’s shivering. Ok…..I’m exhausted still or again…not sure. Ok…..I am outta here. Hubby offered to bring home Little Cesars, yes. Signing off happily and sleepily at YeeHaw Ranch.














6 thoughts on “Meet…….Khalifa…..sweet baby boy

  1. You saved him you know. That is why he is having a hard time getting started, Mom was laboring too hard. I am so glad you went in and got him, was he positioned funny? If he is still having any difficulties, a bit of molasses or karo syrup or goat drench in his mouth will give him a boost. Well done, I can’t even tell you how glad I am that you got him out in time.

  2. Big boy. Congrats! Since both he and Star have had leg issues, I’ll ask if you treat with BoSe? You might check with your vet to see if your area is Selenium deficient.

    I posted something on FB a little while ago that said: “He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist”. You are an artist (me too!)

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