the Facebook CON………….

Be on the lookout for this MO. It’s a FB friend request and you see nothing on their page to suggest anything whatsoever in common…but you go ahead and add them. Soon, they message you. It’s broken English and you go through the normal small talk….what do you do, etc. Very soon on, there comes the….I’m poor part. You tell them they can hang on…you try to encourage them for a future happiness. But it comes back round again…the family is poor. In the end it will escalate to…someone’s sick. If you’re still there at this point….get out. It will then proceed with urgency….can you send money now? To the Dr? You can message the Dr if you want. Do you want to message the Dr? Unfriending isn’t enough…they can still message you. You have to block them. Have to do that on a laptop, therefore my con artist is still able to message me, cuz I’m in the Rv with only Iphone capabilities. This is like the 3rd time this has happened to me. It gets old.
Speaking of cons…..I never discontinued the ELLEN email account. I still get the con emails but most of the emails are just regular. You wouldn’t know the difference if it weren’t for the con….the you’ve won incidents. All you have to do is give us your bank account number and we will send you your tickets to the 12 things extravaganza. Ya well, I contacted the local news people and they contacted Ellens people and Ellens people said it was horrible and they would try to stop it. Well. It’s still goin on and I no longer watch Ellen. I really enjoyed her show, too.
Yikes, what a horrible topic…cons. I personally, took an oath of honesty with myself in 1998, cuz I decided I couldn’t trust anyone and I needed at least one person I could trust. So I chose me. Around this same time….I was in Santa Barbara with hubby at a convention. I drank too much wine on the tour and then again at dinner and my then caretaker, hubby, went somewhere to help a friend buy the right chocolates or something. Next thing I know….I have broken my hand….told complete strangers about the Wiggles, and then one of the software engineers from the convention takes me out to the beach. Then to his room. I escaped and somehow found my way to our room. From that day on, I knew….KNEW…..I was the ONLY person who would truly protect me….so I no longer drink wine or liquor…beer only and I’ve been doin it so long that it’s expected to my body and my brain. Therefore…..I still function….no matter how many beers I’ve had, well, within reason…8 tops. But what I’m sayin is it’s different. Each drink is different.

We heard a cry, Jesse was here watchin Tv with me, and all the girls were in one corner, the far corner, lookin out into the field. I immediately thought maybe Star had gone too far. See, I have a big bold bright light shining on the pen till I go to sleep and even all day if I can’t pull the plug out which is often. I’m not as strong as I’d like to be. So, it’s sorta like dusk to little Star….but no, she was safe inside the pen sleeping with her mommy. Then we noticed Tika was laying alone in the other corner, so we got hopeful for a moment. Is she? Is she? No, guess not. Jeesh. But alas….no… hollers. Still waiting… the waiting room….I’m thinking Jesse needs to keep the 2 way radio in his room at night and charge it during the day. He won’t hear a FB message if he’s asleep.
I’m so sorry. It’s nearly bedtime and I have no wonderful spiritual insights for you tonight. Just the con crap. I hate liars. But I love them too cuz they are a part of us. They are necessary to know the difference between the truth and a lie. We have to learn to trust our gut…our instincts. Trust yourselves . and you will reward yourselves. See, I’m back on my game. Just had a tiny brain fart. No biggie. Well…..I’ll see you guys tomorrow. I’m tired. Got some goats to shear and feet to trim and wormer to give. Yikes…maybe that’s why God has me goin to be early. Night night sweet people. 12:00am + 3 = trinity. Night.
Well, that early night musta helped somehow. I am so tired I can barely type or think. My arms hurt, my back hurts and I just wanna fall over. We sheared 4 goats for the first time ever. It took 2 hours. I did all the shearin with the clippers….Cathy did most of the diarrhea dreads and Jesse helped me with feet when I couldn’t squeeze the cutters and he also did all the catching as well as comforting the goats when they got ggitated. We all worked very hard. We discovered another mite goat. Fixin to round em all up and put them together…even boys. If babies appear as a result…..they will be bottle babies. I’m so tired of this problem. Been dealing with it for 3 years and that’s way too long for anyone to deal with the same damn thing. Nobody seems to know how to cure it. Nobodys even for sure its mites. All I know is I’m sick of it. Can’t tell ya how many times I’ve thought it best for them and the herd…..if I took em out back….so to speak.I’d have to shoot emm myself cuz noone else will. Even the local expert doesn’t know what to do. To me…..what I see is…..more and more goats get it….so I should remove the ones that have it. Remove as in remove. Retire to heaven. Otherwise….how will it ever stop? The ones who don’t have it….don’t have it. But the ones who do…..boy do they. Put on my bg boy steel pants and steel heart….and line em up. I’m very very close to doing that. Why shouldn’t I to protect the rest of my herd? Any advice would be welcomed. Little Sugarbee died from it. Turns out her mom has it now, whih I just found out. Some things you don’t find out till shearing day. The supposed chemical bath….permethrin….doesn’t work. The cure. Ya right. Now I’m told maybe we need to go higher on percentage of permethrine. What do you guys think? Is it horrible of me to want to cull them out?
Cathy can’t come tomorrow so we shall wait for her. What a blessing she is. And Jesse too. I’m so grateful for their help. I’m sittin here in the Rv trying to rest. I’m moaning a lot. Everytime I moan….the girls cry. They’re hungry. It’s cute. I keep telling them….45 more minutes girls…but even then…how will I find the strength? I just will. And dinner….gotta fix dinner too. Thank goodness we don’t have to do this tomorrow. I need at least a day to heal my back, but need to get it done soon cuz the babies will be coming soon. I know, I know…you’ve heard that before. Not my fault Moonee didn’t get his Man on!!!! Would you be surprised to hear that I don’t tell you everything? Ha! Some things are best left unsaid. Oh boy. Jesse has discovered the music setup in the Rv. He’s gone and found my keys to try it out. Yup….it’s working and the bass is kicking ass. It’s a plane. It’s a car. It’a a boat. Plane car boat. Haha….for some reason I just love this song!!! It’s amazing what a body gets used to. HipHop. I listen to a lot of hiphop because of the boy. Gotta deal with the nasty lyrics most of the time, but I can deal. Now we’re listening to electronic music called Trap. The new thing. Things mamas do. Alrighty then. Tomorrows should be cheerier!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.





4 thoughts on “the Facebook CON………….

  1. I love how they sniff each other. Even the babies sniff the other goats and the other babies. That is how they know each other. Twins today, magically appeared on my birthday, the little girl broke my boy streak. Hugs

    • I know I saw them how precious and great color!!! Never had dark brown before, well Ella was but I never remembered cuz she looked blackish gray. Yup, she had to make sure that was still her mommy. So cute. Sometimes they don’t recognize it happened with Georgia and Pearl. Huggggggs big HUGE birthday hugggggs!!!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤👄🎈🍰

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. I haven’t had mites in my herd. But not too long ago, I had a friend ask my if I could babysit a goat he had been nurturing back to health when she presented with off food and water. I said sure, realizing this goat would continue her convalescing in my dining room in an oversized dog crate.
    When he brought her to me, I had to bite my tongue. I had never seen any animal that was so sick that the skin felt like rawhide stretched over bone. She was a natural black color, but presented as taupe with all the mites and excrement. He reassured me she was a lot better and well on her way to recovery. He further stated, that to be sure, he had doubled the recommended dose of pyrethrum and applied it to her skin just before bringing her to me.
    I am a commercial pesticide applicator and I knew, organic or not, he probably signed her death certificate.
    Long story short- she died on my watch, in my arms.
    When he arrived to pic her up, I handed him my very expensive ($124) bottle of Ivermectin injectable and told him to go home and check the rest of his herd. He treated, per directions, two spaced out doses and saved the rest of his infected herd.
    Morale: If you only feed at night or before sunrise, you are sure to miss something going on with your herd until its too late. Put you hands on your animals more than just shearing time. go out and watch their behavior. Something off, check it out. Because he hardly saw his animals when it was light and because he didn’t commit to watching their behavior- he didn’t catch the issue before it was too late. The baby I took care of for him, died a horrible painful death. She was so dehydrating, I could not even get a line in her to rehydrate.
    No Sheri, don’t shoot your animals. If pyrethrum is not working as a topical, move on to a systemic medicine or treatment. I exclusively use injectable Iveromectin because it is systemic and treats all the biting, crawling, and worm issues that are of concern. I also use a pour on drench down their mid-line. and I watch my animals. If they start scratching or flapping their ears, I re-treat.
    Hope this helps.

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