I AM…….a Farmer!!!……….

This will be the third time I’ve cleaned my glasses today. This time, it is to remove the tear stains. Tears brought about by a commercial on Tv, of all things. Well, I shouldn’t say that, Hallmark has some doozies, but this was a superbowl commercial about the Farmer. Jesse didn’t understand why I was crying. I said….someone got it. Someone understands what we go through, what our life is like. I told him I’d done 90% of the things…so of course, he finds it on Youtube and proves me wrong. Kids. Not the point. I may not have done the exact same thing…..like in regards to splinting the sparrows leg, I said I tried to save a baby woodpecker. Not the same, he said. No, different bird and different injury…..same heart. Same heart that uses whatever is on hand that second…you scan your surroundings like McGyver. The situation is dire. It’s just you. You only have seconds. Use your brain. What do you do? What do you do.

This happens on a farm more often than you’d expect. You are forced to overcome your fears. My wish is that once you’ve overcome it…it then disappears. But ya….can’t tell ya how many times hubby and I have found livestock out….and found the owners to help get them back in….or even let them in ourselves. Driving a tractor spraying chemicals out the back, when you have emphysema….is not the greatest of delights. We then switched to natural poo spray. Poo tea., and we hire that out.

We once had a very pregnant white wolf dropped on our doorstep and once the babies were born, they took her away and left two of the babies here. I know…strange. Summer and I raised those two wolves till they were about 4 months of age….from the moment they were born. Diggin fenceposts, stringing wire, repairing wire. The blood and cuts and gore. Then there’s the bad weather. The cold, day after day, sometimes breaking ice off the water troughs….the rain day after day, the 100 degree heat day after day….hauling hay, doing water, throwing scoops….and then theres the harvests. That’s just some of the work aspects of a farm, no matter what kind. The deaths, the illnesses, the injuries……the love.

I used to be the laziest person I knew. It took a love…a devotion, to make me want to do these things. To make me carry 50 lb sacks with the flu and the windchill at 25.…or worse. It got into single digit’s a few years back. Some babies even need to be taken into the home…or the barn or whatever you have. I have only my home. I do have a pen ten ft from the house but that can’t be utilized until the babes are old enough…hehe, or until I’m willing to or forced by their chewing wires, to let them go. I fall so deeply in love. Sending them outside is hard.

So….back to the commercial. It choked me and it made me cry and I so wanted someone to see it and then see me….and my friend Colleen did. She DID!!! She posted……Ok, so the commercial spurred this but totally appropriate! No guts, no glory, no brains, no headaches! Thank you Sheri!” (and no, I didn’t forget the first quote mark”) Yup….thank you Colleen!!!! I do work hard and go through some shit. So do you. But thank you so much for recognizing and for seeing me. See how God works in mysterious ways? I did NOT want to watch the superbowl. Now look….it’s the subject of my entire blog. Ha….still have the tear stain on my glasses. Can I get a million bucks for it? Yo Dodge!!!!! Or at least a new barn? Or or or…..

A million $$$ Tear?? Go Dodge!

A million $$$ Tear?? Go Dodge!

Kept hearing feed bags crunch….at this hour…so I thought maybe Star was stuck. I came out with my flashlight and called her name. I kept saying, Star…are you stuck? Star!… Then here she comes…from somewhere sleeping inside the pen….all the way to me at the fence where I got me a near midnight cuddle through the fence. She so loves to be touched. This is the first time I’ve gotten any recognition of her name. Hehe, guess she knows it. Then of course I had to love on some pups. Gosh…can a person fall in love with a photo of themselves? It’s one of me and Star. She’s on my shoulders and I’m just looking so content. Just put it on FB, Ill post it here too, if, IF I remember. Lol. Why do you think you saw the photo of the tiller blades 2 days after I posted the story???? I forgot!! I think I should blow this photo up and put in on a wall. I just love it. It does something to me. For me.

This is…and always has been…my Destiny. From the time I wrapped angora bunny yarn around a class ring, to the photo in my wallet of Kim Barringer….or whatever her name is….to the getting of the goats…..to now….to this blogging thing and the Hoegger blogging thing…..my destiny…all. To sitting in this here Rv….waiting and waiting. And to saying goodnight and sweet chakra openings my friends. Love you. 12:4.…..ha, I’m waiting for the 4.…..4!!!! 12:44, hello angels. 12:44 = 11 = master number.

What a fun morning!!! Today I finally had every single component to make my morning tea here in the Rv. Awesome. Love my Earl Gray. Then Ernie the pea started doing his thing. I’ve been jumping in and out of the Rv all morning trying to capture his different looks. Man, the things he can do with that tail. I try my best to capture them….am failing miserably so far. Maybe it’s one of those in person things. I’ve been following a blog for quite some time, have her on FB too….she found my blog today, what a treat. Her blog is…..Lessons from the Monk I Married. Lol, she called my blog a Gem. Yay and YeeHaw!!! Thank you my dear.

Well, we got a late start so Jesse wants to wait till tomorrow to shear some excess curls off the ones I left unsheared. It’s too much weight and I don’t want them too uncomfortable. I’ll leave a cape on as usual. These were coats that for whatever reason, didn’t excite me…too much VM, or whatever….so they were not urgent to get. Now they are heavy….so we fix that…since we have time now. With a keen ear toward the back yard, of course….for the sound of a screaming goat. And since we’re not shearing today…..think this is the best time to make the lasagna. Boring old lasagna. Not allowed to put in green peppers or onions….but it’s food in the belly.

Still terrorizing Ernie….lol, he doesn’t understand I just want photos…I won’t hurt him. Since he’s the star today….guess I’ll tell ya about his beginnings. We found the ad on Craigslist and bought 6 little tiny babies. They began their lives here in the old sugar glider cage, till they got a bit bigger, then we put them in a large cow water trough and put a heavy wooden board as a lid…outside on the front porch. One night…hubby starts screaming my name to come HELP. I rush out. He saying…the peas, the peas, so I rush over to the trough. As I’m swooping down to reach into the trough…..I see the huge snake all coiled up….inches from my hand…..inside the trough. Men!!!! Turns out he knows the friggin snake is there….but 2 peas have escaped. Help find them. Thanks for telling me dude! So….we saved Bert and Ernie. They soon moved to the snakeproof chicken coop till the day I freed them and they just coexist here. They wander over to the neighbors but these ones come back home….and roost in the trees. There you have it. The Bert and Ernie story. So. Yes…..I AM a Farmer, with a wonderful menagerie of beauties to cherish and protect….on my little piece of land that hasn’t been concreted yet. It takes a lot out of me but it also gives me so much more. Love and appreciation to all you farmers out there! Bless us all…..yes,, that means you too…the non farmers!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















8 thoughts on “I AM…….a Farmer!!!……….

  1. Great thoughts Sheri. Same commercial made me beam inside a bit as well. Without any exaggeration, I get more done in a day as a farmer than most. It’s not a contest, it’s just the list just never gets quite done!

    Does Ernie ever lose his feathers? What a great design element that would be in a hat or edging of a shawl.
    We should Skype some time soon.


    • Yes, the commercial got me good! Then the next day I got to see the baby Clydesdale commercial. It made me cry too!

      Yes I hear they lose them every year but I don’t know what time of year. I have a few from last molt. Yes, would be awesome if I could figure out how to attach them. Have watched videos on adding feathers to yarn but haven’t tried it yet. Skype??? Love to Skype. ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. The horns are odd to see that way. The snake thing, where was the snake? In the water. I would have so freaked. Go Milky, Hugs Loved the ads too but they have been better, I did miss quite a few, silly husband thought the superbowl started an hour after it did

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