Spirit made me do it…..and about that Quilt…..

I keep typing and erasing. The topic that keeps coming back to my mind is the poisoning of us all. But I don’t wanna keep hounding on it. It’s coming in all directions with the FB share system. Circulating and recirculating. But I know that some of it is true for sure….like….other countries have banned Monsanto’s GMO’s. If that’s true, then what they say about it must be true. So why would our gov allow it? I’d have to guess money paid for campaigns and such. Then they’re now saying the fluoride has no tooth decay prevention in it…and that it’s toxic. Don’t forget the Mercury and other toxic things in the vaccines that are forced upon us. There’s the chemicals in the foods, the pharmeceutical drugs, the chemtrails? And a town in Arkansas is going to Martial Law???? And another doozy. It came around my feed twice today……that chemo……makes cancer worse. Grows it. Feeds it. Think about it. Back in the way old days, people were all spread out and then there were small towns. With a doctor who made house calls. Now…..doctoring is a multibillion dollar industry…employing how many nurses, doctors, techs….yada yada yada.

How would the fact that chemo doesn’t help cancer stay silent? Most likely it went like any other thing in life. One person said it worked. One person believed him. Word of mouth between the two grows the numbers. Next thing you know….everybody is using the chemo…without ever even questioning it’s veracity or effectiveness. Course…..I don’t know if it’s true….I was just hypothesizing how it Could be true. I hate having this stuff occupy even an iota of my time. But the thing is….what if they’re all true? Then that would be awareness, not paranoia. I guess only time will tell. I sure am hoping I can quit seein so much of it. Really do like my FB. Do I wanna be an ostrich? Is enlightenment being an ostrich? Pondering….

Then there’s the marijuana claims. I first read about them about ten years back..that it ate cancer cells. I used to joke and say…ya, pot eats cancer for breakfast and nobody knows. Now it’s everywhere. I myself am a perpetuator of that. Well, I know of it’s ability to help me with my pain, and nausea as well. I also know that I had a blister on my heel for over a year that wouldn’t heal. I put cannabis tincture on it and it was healed. I want to try the oil….and they say it’s healthy to drink it too. So….with cannabis…..I know some of it’s truths personally and head on. I can verify them. I want to verify all the other stuff. I really don’t want to be writing this stuff. But it wouldn’t leave me alone to write anything else until I did.

Now…..now I’m free to talk about good stuff. Like a dream. I dream that one day, I will have a kidding barn. It will have individual stalls, decked out with whatever makes things easier….a hook here, a shelf there. Electricity will also go to each stall and did I mention this barn is heated? There’s a hairdryer in each stall and living quarters for me, at least as good as being in this here Rv. Cabinets filled with supplies and a zoomba floor vacuum that guides itself to pick up the pooplets and hay. Adjustable height heat lamps on a trolley sounds good too. That’s all I can think of right now.

So….about the Quilt. Nah, I just thought it’d be fun. Thanks for playin folks! The answer is…..Remember, I was a 2012er…..therefore, I didn’t know how much humanity there might be left to inherit the precious heirloom. Even if I didn’t believe that…I still woulda done the same thing. I use it. It is one of my blankets every winter and it gets folded up and tossed onto the huge fiber pile in my room for the summer. It has been worn rather thin at the top but I love it so. Of course I’m gonna use it. To me….it’s PapPap.

One of my other blankets is an eagle, but I think of it as hawk, and now I’ve added a quilt that Cathy made for me last year. I recently had it protecting the sacred drum from the kittens but nahhh…it’s friggin cold out here. Yes, the Quilt is out here in the Rv with me. During my winter solstice experience, I had an epiphany of each square. I studied them. Then one night, I told the story of the squares. It all meant something to me. It was all meant for me…at that precise moment in time. It just fell fom my lips. There’s a little Indian, a jiminy cricket, cats, ducks, sheep, horse, flowers, birds, goose, cow, 2 cats dancing, rabbit’s, a farm scene, deer, a teepee, a lighthouse, a banjo playing frog, a male lion, a bulldog?, a Pyr kind of dog, a monkey creature, a horse with a cat on it’s back talking to a goat, baby bear, the baby PapPaps and a rose…8 squares by 8 squares. That night, I didn’t just list them, I told a story….never to be captured again. 😀

I have two weather apps…they’re 4 degrees apart. One says 34 degrees and the other 38. I have to say, Rv’s are not the warmest of things. Too many air pockets….ahhh, there’s the heater. Goodnight sweet wonderful people. You are loved….ahhh…Jesse just scared the tar outta me. Anyways…as I was saying… 12:43am = 1 = beginnings.

I was woken at 9am this morning by Blue barking…..a no no. He was barking cuz Cathy was leading some electrical tree trimmer people AGAIN, down the fence way….she then put the pups up and let them in….they said they tsill had one more dead tree to cut. Seriously???? They widened the electrical path in our woods to where 2 or 3 cars can drive down it….then a few weeks later they wanted to trim the front yard trees…now this. I told her next time…..tell them NO. Tell them to come back when the owner is available. So, needless to say, I was good and awake. Rather ticked. Time passes….and I’m pulling curls, so I can spin some more. It’s not going well. This fleece should be great but the VM…dang. Someone really needs to figure out a way to coat a goat. I wonder if they coat teeswater…..if so, it’s very similar….this is just aggravating. Just googled it. They do. So why can teeswater be coated and it doesn’t felt the fleece and not an angora goat? Ahhh, but it’s so beautiful and soft…..it’s baby Edo fleece.

It’s getting warmer again, so the plan is to crutch the other pen tomorrow. We initially only crutched the Pretties, cuz they were the first group put with a buck. Now….I’m crutching everyone else. Even the ones we aren’t certain are pregnant, like Georgia, Pearl and Belle. They are only in the kidding pen because they traveled for 3 days with 2 bucks……just in case. We’ll get a better look at them tomorrow at crutch time. Jesse insists we can do it ourselves without Cathy….Should be fun and interesting! Lol….especially Donna!!!! Big ole Donna! I said…who’s gonna hold the goat? He said…I am…I’ll stand facing the same way as the goat and flip her back onto me. Like I said…..fun and interesting.

What fun!!! Ernie the peacock is flirting with the guinea girls today….and I’m chasing them all across the yard trying to get good photos of Ernie wit the right lighting. Kinda steering them into the light. Hahaha. Now he’s running from me! Guess that’s all I’ll get from him today! After cooking stuff I don’t really are about all week….today I’ll make one I like. Ground beef with cream of mushoom soup over egg noodles. Sounds funny but I lo it..…oooh, Ernie is back!!! Funny boy don’t want his phoo taken. Star will be 2 months old next week and she is finally too big to climb on me. It hurts now. Never had a situation like this…they usually all grow up at the same time therefore, when I stop one…I stop em all. She’s gonna be trying to do it when the new babies do it. Jeesh. Oh well….it is what it is. Time to go. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch……while we W….A….I….T. P.S. Thanks for playin the Quilt thing!!!















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