THE Quilt…………

When my PapPap died, I requested a quilt that lived in my moms linen closet. It was something I remembered from my childhood, and I used to go look at it occasionally on the shelf. I did get it…..the only thing I did get, and I was told to be very careful with it. This was a quilt that had been in the family for years, handmade with dozens of little scenes. Some of them were said to be of my PapPap as a baby. My PapPap was my favorite person on this planet and I cherished him. So….what do you think happened to the quilt when I got home? Did I protect and carefully store the precious heirloom… be saved for future generations? Ye know what? I wanna find out how well y’all know me by now and I’m gonna leave it hangin…….You tell me….what do you think I did with the quilt? I’ll tell ya tomorrow after y’all give me your guess. (surely I’ll get some responses) I’m pretty sure you guys know the answer. I’ll also include a photo or two to go with the answer.

How funny. That was not my intention when I started writing. I was just telling a story. Well…we finally got the weather I was predicting. Somehow Baby Girl got in the Rv during the storm and the rain tripped a switch and I thought I’d lost power, but hubby fixed it for me. And the temperature is starting to drop. As the minutes go by, I get more and more chilled. Fixin to put on my long johns and winter pants….. mens sleep pants that I wear everyday. They’re all really flashy…no pretty or cool ones really…well, my chili peppers were cool but can’t find a replacement pair. No man, the rest are all advertisements for Coke or Xbox or stewie, etc. I’m wearing Call of Duty right now. The thing is….they’re so dang comfortable that I just don’t care how bright and in your face they are. Some of the winter ones are better, like my smiley faces…..but no nice color blends, nope. Shoot, Cathy sews……maybe I’ll get her to make me some cool ones.

The girls are active in the pen tonight. Of course, it just got cold. The one I can see directly ….Tika, for once, is laying under the hay rack…the closest point to my window. Pearl is standing with her front feet on the water trough…has been like that for awhile. I keep whispering under my breath….it’s cold….don’t slip. The others are all walking around or eating hay. Ahh crap…soon as I said that…she got up. Then she began jerking her head toward her backend, sometimes a sign that she’s sayin…..what is that? Why does it hurt back there? And now she’s in back behind the house where I can’t see her. For some reason I had it in my head that they all scream…I happen to know better, yet I still believed it? Wow. Mea posted a video of her doe giving birth and I sure didn’t hear no screams and I remember now, that some of them only grunt. Yikes. Well, at least I’m close enough to hopefully hear a grunt…even while I’ asleep. Just tested the…..just message me in FB and I’ll get it theory with Jesse and yup….he did indeed get it right away…..well as long as he’s awake that is.

If I were in a cave or a teepee in the plains with nothing around but wind…..then I wouldn’t even know about Monsanto or vaccines or pharmaceuticals or or or. The list is so long that I don’t even want to go there. Why is the gov trying to kill us little people? We didn’t do nothing! Just go for the american dream. Live…have a family…create some form of art and sell it to feed your family….die and be happy. Pretty simple wishes. That’s just a part of life. A part of the FB life for sure…hearing all kinds of spooky things that scare you…seeing the same photos come round and round…makes you think of the movie Wall-E….where the people are pretty much programmed by their surroundings. Creepy. But fun!!!!! I’m lovin life. Jeesh, wouldn’t a few babies be nice? :,) My title today must have been intriguing to some….room with a view…. cuz I got 2 new followers!!!!! Yay!!!! Actually…to make 151!!!! I passed the 150 mark! Granted, these people don’t all read my blog…that’s obvious by the normal 25-35 per day views….but I get it and I understand. I’m grateful for what I got. Sure, I want more…who doesn’t? Gandhi…….Jesus…..…Mother Theresa….etc.

I’m thinking I will go to the tractor store and show them my beer cuuzie and ask for a new one. I’ve had this one for several years and it’s just plain wearing thin. I think it’s time for a freshie!!! I’ve got others…2 from the grocery store that hubby threw in the buggy and one from the last concert hubby had me go to….but they get wet too fast. I’m picky. Silly me has a conversation like this. Heater just kicked on. I’m in for the night…the pups swarmed me last pee…not pleasant. They’re so riled up lately. They see Cathy’s donkey and they go racing for the fence then attack each other with snarls and awful growls….I get what they’re doing…they’re doing two things…making themselves sound all Bad….and getting in practice for a kill if need be. I get it…but it’s horrible to hear and witness. No blood is ever drawn, thank goodness. Ahhhh…the heat feels Fine!!!!! And…..ahhhh, so many are cold, like the American Indians. Damn. Hard to feel joy when you have thoughts like that. But I do. Oh man that’s nice…the heater. The heat. The friggin warmth. Not that it was that cold mind you….I have layers on….but it just plain feels good. Gosh I love you guys. I used to be nothing and now I am not. I am a writer who was never read…..until now. I thank you once again from the tippy friggin tippy top of my soul and my head and my toes and everything in between. You rock my world. Don’t leave me, if you can help it. It’s 1:11am….=3 = holy trinity and a very good note to end on. I’m still waiting, as Valerie said….in the waiting room……goodnight kind souls and don’t forget to answer the question about the quilt!!!!

Well, I didn’t do any spinning last night, but I did get to spin most of today. Well, off and on. I didn’t let the beautifuls out as planned cuz it’s all wet out. The girls are tryin to talk me into feeding them early again but it ain’t a happenin. It’s supposed to be 33 tonight…..nope, tonight it’s back to the 5 o’clock feed. The waiting is agony. Maybe if I could somehow forget that there are babies due…..

Yesterday there was an incident with the Wizzer kitten. He peed on the blanket I have protecting my raw fleeces. I was so mad I threw him out the front door but let him crawl immediately back in in his terror, through the hole in the screen. Needed to teach him a lesson. If either of the other two had done it, I would have left them out….but this is hubby’s kitten and he’s already lost his 2 favorite goats. So the Wiz is safely in the house now….destroying anything in sight. And, he was sleeping on said blanket when I went to the house to peel potatoes. Speaking of potatoes…hubby has now decided not to eat potatoes. Good luck with that one buddy. He has picked them out of the last two nights dinners. Last night I said, woohoo….meat and carrots…..that’ll fill yer belly!!! Stew, without potatoes. Well, tonight is roast and parsley’d potatoes. I’m a meat and taters gal and he’s a meat and veggie guy. If the taters are separate, like tonight….I can help him out and give him 2 veggies instead….but as for the taters built in meals…..damn…….they are weekly staples. Besides….taters are one of the cheaper foods to fill the belly. Not sure why this is happening, but I am sure that I don’t like it.

So, I’m out feeding the beautifuls and littles and Jesse decides to go for a run. He was inside and he sees me feeding so what does his mind do? His mind says…..let’s scare Mama. So, as I turn to approach the buggy for hay….he pops up from behind the buggy and scared the tar outta me. What is it that is so funny about scaring someone so bad? He couldn’t contain his joy! Signing off cuz this thing is way too long…….and it’s a good thing I was on the other side of the fence when Georgia started goin after Star for eating hay and drinking water…..aye yay yay…..Signing off at YeeHaw no babies yet Ranch. P.S…..don’t forget the quilt question!!!!!















6 thoughts on “THE Quilt…………

  1. I do love looking at your pictures. You should see the snow we got, wow and blowing everywhere. OMG, I have to tell you as a teenager I never dreamed mail order through the computer could be so very very awesome. Go to a websight, find what you like best, you can either pay for it after you get it, or if you want free shipping you can pay for it before, then a few days later your package arrives, right there in the mailbox. You don’t even have to leave the house. Remember years ago when they talked about how people could live at home and never leave just by ordering there stuff online. I never imagined the extents it would go to. WOW is all I have to say.
    Your Quilt, Either it is put away and you look at it every once in a while, or the cats are on it and now you worry they are going to ruin it.
    No new kids, today, still watching Buffy

    • Yes I realize how much and how Fast it changed. Freaky fast to change that much in one lifetime. Glad ya like the photos cuz I surely love taking them. Let ya know tomorrow. Huggs 💓

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. Just wondering if the people who receive your blogs in their email count toward people reading your blog. I read it every evening when I get a message on my phone letting me know it arrives. My husband always says, “what ya reading?” I always reply, my goat lady friend’s blog. 🙂

    I think you probably use that blanket all the time, to wrap yourself in to feel secure, for picnics, and for just joy.

    Love that little STAR!!

    • Ye know, I don’t know that answer. Probably. It counts people who go to the site to read and I believe thru email you click a link that takes you to my site. I like that you read it every night! Thank you for telling me.

      You’re a perceptive lady. Let ya know fer sure tonight! Shoot, Star is quite the Star and doesn’t have a clue! I love her dearly. 💚 thanks hon

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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