Room with a VIEW

I’m in a hotel with a view. Not just any hotel though. This one has a stove, refrigerator, oven, closets galore and all the natural light you need or don’t need. Conveniently located 100 ft from my home, this hotel is rockin. My full length window looks out onto the most gorgeous countryside view…complete with the worlds most adorable animal, cute little curly beings called Angora goats. These beings are so close that I can see them draw the hay up to their mouths….I can hear them snort and the occasional maaa. I am in heaven…..right here in my Rv. Hehe…had to do it. I’m just so in awe. How will I go back to living at the house after this? What’s funny is we’ve had this Rv for a few years now and it never occurred to me until now. It’s not a hardship, it’s a joy. The only issues not so perfect is my back is in a different position…nothing to lean on, and I’m a slouch girl, so my back is wishin some wishes. Sometimes I’m cold and sometimes I’m hot…but isn’t that true for all of life? After all, I have the heater working now and I can turn on the fan if I really need it. Shoot, for that matter…just realized there’s a small box fan about 3 ft. from me. Lotsa snorts…wonder what they mean.

Everytime I turn my head….I see my goats. I don’t know how you top that! Oh ya I do…….with a mooaaaann. A really loud moan, that signals the birth is imminent. You thought I was gonna say…look out and see a baby, didn’t you? No way!!! I don’t wanna miss a thing. The dance. My arm pain is surging…..haha…..part of the dance. I believe we are here to experience it all. IT being….whatever life throws at you. Think of life like a gameshow. You want to win, right? Well, just play. Thems the only rules. Play the game. Play it with all your heart, like you see the actors on the movies do. When there’s a sad part…they really let loose with the tears….when theres a happy part, they do something outrageous to celebrate….just be the best part….the best role. Sink into it like sinking into a bubble bath in a claw footed tub. If you’re gonna cry…cry. If you’re gonna laugh…laugh! Live with gusto. If you’re gonna grieve….grieve with gusto until you find another emotion to replace the sadness. Even being sad…is a good movie. We are all…..good movies.

There are depths of pain and differences of pain. A tiny paper cut, an abcessed tooth….a woman cheated on. A man held prisoner without windows, a child misused….a woman abused. Lol, kinda poemy. Childbirth, migraines, backaches, cancer, amputations, death of a child, invisible muscle pain…..I can go on and on, obviously. I wanted to say that many on purpose. I should probably say more….lonely, depressed, broken ankle, rejection…be it…college, contest, job application, woman/man, or parent. I had the whole world in my mind as I wrote those things….man, I ticked way too many off the list. Hmmm, was that understandable? What I’m saying is that a lot of the afore mentioned items have been in my experience quota. Jeesh…..:-D

Isn’t it odd that I think about these kinds of things? Night after night? Haha. I think it must be. Wow….Austin school board just voted to make 2 schools….same sex. We goin to the friggin all girl school shit again. Fuck integration?….man…3 steps back. Sorry for the language. Oh WOW….I finally get to see what happens when it rains!!!! Do the goats go in the house or do some and some aren’t allowed? I get to find out!!!! Or not. Dang….it’s gone already. Georgia went into one section and Etta went into the other and the rest of those girls just kept eating hay. I can’t see into the other house/shed from here, just the hay area. I got to thinking earlier that I coulda summed yesterdays blog up instead with just these words….to write a blog… takes awhile……here comes the rain again. Guess that wasn’t Etta, it was Belle and she just got booted out and is now on the stanchion. Ahhhh….teaser rain.

Actually, the rain is quite beautiful. I hear it. Georgia…booted out. Now Etta came and booted that one out…not sure who…then butted her in the butt. BUT….Etta didn’t even go in. It’s not raining either though. Ahhh, it was Etta who booted Belle out, now Etta is controlling both portions of the shed…lol, and baby Star is standing at the tippy top of the stanchion! We’ll see how this plays out with some real rain. This is just a shake of the parmesan cheese jar. I’m getting to watch the dynamics up close. The herd dynamics….well, minus the boys. Ha…kinda like that school I was just telling you about. Well, lemme tell ya….some of these girls can be ruthless. So funny…Etta is the newcomer, yet she seems to be ruling that pen.

Ooohie…..I just watched The Bodyguard earlier…and I get to watch it again!!!! Yippee! And here I was worried there was nothing on. I’m one of those people who can watch a movie three times in one day. Avatar….wow…..that one got to me. Having strange leg cramps on my left leg close to behind the knee….just up a tad. This is like the 4th time today. What is my body missing? It’s not like a foot cramp which seizes your foot into a frozen excruciating position…, this one is more of a shooting pain. Very odd. Anyways…’s bedtime for Bonzo…early for a change… 12:39 = 6 = earth.

Yay….a productive day. It didn’t look like it at first. In fact, I chalked the day down as a spinning day since it looked like rain. Cathy called and said she could see some blue in the sky………we got all 6 of the girls in the Ladies pen crutched. The most comical, was Mimi. She is so darn large, to get her flipped on her butt was quite the workout. Kachina wasn’t no spring flower either. Choxie is a biter in the stanchion and true to form… a kicker when on her butt. All 6 of our hands were used for Choxie. Don’t see signs of pregnancy in Choxie though. The surprise, however, came from Oprah. Oprah has 3 teats!!! Hehe, does that mean she’ll likely have triplets? Just kiddin.

I let the Littles out today and they went flying at high speed across the yard….jumping and twisting in the air as they went. Then they would stop and eat….then rinse and repeat. So cute. Then, Wywy wanted to eat from the tree but he wasn’t tall enough, so he kept trying to use Doc as leverage, but Doc wasn’t having any of that. I saw him try it 3 times! The beautifuls aren’t too happy about watching them graze and play all day and Einstein is throwing a fit. I’ll let them out tomorrow maybe. Fed the pregger girls early today cuz with me here now…it just doesn’t matter anymore if they have em night or day. Like around 2:30 instead of 5. Tika is still eating up a storm, but Mea showed me a video of her goat eating hay while pushing the baby out, so…there’s still hope for tonight. Ahhh well….time to go put those running boys back in their pen and feed them. We’re having stew for dinner so my work on that is already done. Hoping for spin time tonight. Sgning off at YeeHaw Ranch.













8 thoughts on “Room with a VIEW

  1. One of my ewes has 4 teats! Just be careful when you think the baby is nursing that it isn’t latched on to the spare (since they are usually blind, i.e. no milk). I’ve seen some studies that indicate that extra teats mean more milk production, but some breeds see them as disqualifying faults for registration. Glad you got the ladies crutched.

    • Thank you!!! I didn’t know that. I’ll be careful!!!! Ya, when I looked it up all I got was that it was frowned upon….not the blind. Gee thanks!!!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. What a wonderful way to kid! Staying in your RV sounds like heaven! Thank you for this post. Being tired makes me lethargic, but you brought me up for the evening. Now, I’ll go spend some time with my curly loves!

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