The life of a daily blogger…….

The life of a blogger is not something to be taken for granted. The physical time that it takes to produce a blog…especially dependant on the content….is longer than any of you would realize. Since I happen to be a blogger who writes original content and posts original photos….I’ll go ahead and use myself as an example. There are many types of blogs and many types of content, but mine just happens to be one of the more time consuming kind. First off….know that I am thinking blog 24/7.…minus sleep. I usually begin at around 11-12midnight. I usually finish around 3am….so that’s anywhere from 3-4 hours….just on the night portion. As I go through my day, I take photos. Then I edit said photos and now I add captions. Then I write the days portion….no idea time wise. After I sign off, I cut and paste it into the wordpress form.

Then I juggle a bit to be able to edit it and I add tags, title and categories. I save it as a draft then switch to the Iphone where I then add the photos I’ve just captioned with the newly found caption app….then….if I don’t tell each photo to show up at the bottom…they won’t show up and sometimes they still don’t and I do it again. Then I …cut and paste…and that’s it. I save the best photo for last so it is the one that shows up on the FB link. If wordpress is glitch…it just uses my avatar photo, of me in the coat with the hood on. I used to be able to do all this on the laptop and it was simpler. So…I try to get it up around 7 these days and by 11.…it starts all over again. Don’t forget….I also knit, crochet, spin, shear, tend, feed, cook dinner, wash fleece, pull fleece, remove VM from fleeces, draw butterflies in support of sad people, make a lunch and whatever else the day brings. No…not a ton of it is hard labor…but mind labor can be tiring just as well. There ya go….the life of a daily blogger.

Now that particular portion took no time at all cuz it was easy brain access. No real thought necessary…just my daily routine and add ins. The spiritual stuff or the personal thoughts….those do not flow quite as fast….well, unless I’m on a roll with something. If I have something to say…it spills like a jug of milk. We get to laugh at some of the google search engine terms used to find us…..just found out I’m not the only one who gets such wacky things. Here are todays….nothing too funny though…….hopi prophecy rainbow warriors, web bot reiki, and buck covers for rvs beds.(whatever that is).

Fire. We’re having a fire. Right now we’re having a teeny tiny argument that has just spent it’s last breath…of all things…I complimented him on his finger show….normally done with gloves with tiny lights inside with the color of the artists choice. I wish he had some gloves so I could show you, but he did a finger show and that’s good enough and he’s even given me permission to post it!!!!! How rare that is, is extreme. Ok…back out to the fire now!…we just did the video…..he was awesome. But he gets so mad…been there before…he says…you don’t know how good other people are….are ye know what? I do the same damn thing myself…considering my paintings AND my mohair creations. Well, to some extent I do the same…..I do think other artists are better…but I don’t get mad if I’m paid a compliment. I learned in my late 20’s how to take a compliment. I simply say thank you….whether I agree or not.

Haha…I’m still picking mud outta my fingernails from putting the fire out. In the end…I turned the hose on it and filled the hole with water…and good thing cuz now the wind is blowin something fierce…like it was before the fire…only more so. I also wet the ground around it, so I’m feelin safe. It was much better this time. Last time he had his electro music blaring and this time he had it on a reasonable, in fact low, volume. We were able to talk this time. I tried to impart to him that half the fun of having a fire is placing the twigs in strategically to get it goin just so and also the all important….fire stick. The poker. The mover and shifter of the coals and twigs. I love having fires. Always have….way back to my Fireside days…in my childhood I built fires in the woods alone and guess what…never burnt anyone! I called it fireside…told you this before. Anyway…It was fun…I talked to the dead oak I was under…asking it to come back to life to provide shade for my girls. Doesn’t hurt to ask…after all, everything is energy.

Ya…in case you haven’t guesed it…I’m feelin pretty stupid about the birth thing. I shouldn’t….the boy was in for a full month…without a marking harness….I have no idea when they did it. But still…I really thought they would all have done it on the same day. Lol. Yoki, we know didn’t take…that time, with that boy. Milly didn’t go in the same time as the Pretties…about a week later. It’s all in the frickin timng….because they really truly do stick to the 150 day thing. I’m getting tired of explaining it. I just want the friggin babies to come. I’d love for them to be spread out a bit, so there’s not so much chaos. I want I want I want. God… your thing. Goodnight good folks. See ya later alligator. 1:46am = 11 = master number.

I’d planned on crutching the next set of girls today but Cathy wasn’t available. Instead, I washed the Mea Project and then spun some yarn. I’m still spinning. Hmmmm…..Mea just had a black baby buck born and another is in labor….I wanna say words like that!!!!! Soon Sheri, soon. See, usually, the babies all come in the same time frame. Like within a week. I decided to “play” this year. Jeesh. No more playing. Too darn stressful. This is what I get for being so excited that I had new stock……I wanted to play with who went with who. Good idea, but poor planning or something. I SHALL STOP COMPLAINING< CUZ IT”S REALLY NOT THAT BAD> Actually, it’s pretty cool. I brought my spinnin wheel down here today and am spinning with the breeze and the sight of my girls. (Spirit put the caps….yes, it still does that, but I usually erase it).

Gave the girls some lettuce today…more and more try it all the time. Yoki is eating again but still hanging out by the now repaired fence hole. And Star…went between the two fences….still fighting mad over that business…anyway…I was kinda concerned that she’d get stuck but when she saw I was in the L….she simply backed out oh, around 7 ft. Smart baby. Looked out my window last night and saw the funniest thing….Donna laying down on the stanchion. Now…first off…how the heck did she get up there….she’s very large….and second off….how did she then lay down? It’s a mystery but I’m sure it was her. My leg and arm are still aching cuz there is more rain due. I don’t care….I’m gonna spin more tonight anyway. I have a high threshhold for pain. Ha….pain yes…..waiting for babies….no. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. P.S. I’m not the only anxious one here. Jesse thought I was outside and heard the phone ring….came flyin down the stairs, thinking I was calling him to say a baby was coming. Haha…we should use the walkie talkies. Over and out my friends.















13 thoughts on “The life of a daily blogger…….

  1. It is hard waiting for the babies to come, isn’t it? My ewes seem to be intent on proving to me that I can’t predict who’ll be next. The first one to lamb had a soft , cool udder the day before she lambed. I figured she was at least a week out. The one I was sure was going to be first is still waiting. I helped pull a big boy in the middle of the night, saw mom pass the afterbirth. This morning, she had twins.

    I’m getting lots of practice tube feeding, and would still encourage you to learn. It isn’t as scary as it seems the first time. I have a little one who still hasn’t figured out how to suck, and without the tube I’d loose her for sure. Luckily, mom is cooperating.

    Hope your babies come soon, and easily!

    • Are you kidding me? A soft cool udder? Holy cow. Nature is amazing! I’ve had quite a few encouraging me to try the tube. I may get the HOEGGER tube kit like someone suggested. Still scary. I’m leanin towards it now instead of being totally opposed. Thanks for the news. Makes me feel better about poor Happy…..the photo you liked…no signs till a dead kid. Bless you

  2. I know exactly what you mean Creating a blog post as extensive as you do, takes a lot of time. Just editing the photographs is time consuming. But we all love seeing your photographs and appreciate the time you take every day to create your posts. Thank you!

  3. I like you last pic! And yes blogging is much more work and time than you think when you start your blog. I typically have a few recipes going at once as there is always research on the spices, herbs, peppers etc. I use to have the same problem where the wrong picture ended up being the cover picture. There is an option when you are on your laptop to set which picture should be the cover picture. That way you do not need to worry about when you upload your pictures. If you are not familiar with it, when I am on my iMac I can let you know. (I am on my iPad right now.)

    • Do you mean the thing on the fb link that lets you choose? If so….it chooses the ones to choose from. Also…due to the photo change…..I now upload from the iPhone and it’s much easier and faster. If you know of somethin else….absolutely I wanna know. Thank you!!!

      • Well… I do not know if this will help.. but just in case… I upload my pictures to wordpress to my posting. Then I decide which picture should be my cover picture. (At this point you need to be editing your post.) On the lower right hand side of my screen, there is something called “Featured Image”. It is under the “Tags” Section. There is a link called “Set Featured Image”. Click on that and select the picture you want to be your cover picture for the posting. It does not matter the order you select the images. When I converted to my new blog look my cover pictures got “reselected” for me and I was not happy about that. I talked to the developer of my template and he told me how to control which picture is the cover picture by using the “Featured Image”. Hope this helps. Bernice

      • Wow!!!! Well I’m in the Rv with no Internet till tomorrow around 5 when I carry the laptop to the house to use the web. So I can’t test it but I betcha I can figure it out now!!! Awesome, thanks bunches and heaps.

        Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  4. Love you fire pics, and Star running across the field. But the cats all lined up is my favorite other them Georgia grooming Pearl. How cute are they!!! Hugs, Have to sleep, very long day and I think I have two more that may pop very soon. The one who had her’s first today had a small udder, I didn’t even think she was going to have hers until March. Guess I was wrong. Poor thing had the baby sticking out crying and she was getting bashed by another one that was trying to steal her baby. That one’s udder is small too, but based on her behavior? She could well be kidding soon too. Oh I have to load another video for you, I think I will put it in the colored goat group. Yup eating and pushing

    • Thanks!!! Ya, mama was loading the dishwasher and the kittens really miss me cuz Im in the Rv now so they got as close to me as they could while I was busy. 😀 gotta love em!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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