Only on a farm………………

I’m making myself a hat. Funny to think that I don’t have a hat. I do, I have the santa one with the long scarf, but it’s for really cold weather and the tam, but I’d rather sell that one. I have a sensitive to what touches my ear thing. This new one is not a special to me hat…cuz I used skein remnants to build it….therefore I don’t really know who is in it…and to me that’s important. Maybe this isn’t my hat after all. Jeesh AND oi ve. I’m funny. You should see me…one minute the hat is finished and the next I’m adding. Then it’s finished, then I’m adding. I do things that way.

Go on outside and still your mind…see what happens…why can’t you just let it be? That’s from the movie….Eat Pray Love. I have the same difficulties as she had. Hmmm, but she conquered hers. Hmm. I had a boyfriend once who said he could get a blank page and I was completely astounded and still am. A blank page for goodness sake. My brain just doesn’t shut up. The only way for me to create a semblance of a quiet mind….is to take myself on a self guided meditation. And there’s self talk involved in that. I dunno. I need to try. Again and again. Until I get it…or at least understand the attraction and the pull. To see what all the fuss is about. I saw the full moon and took photos, but was so preoccupied with wishing Tika would kid….that I forgot to pray. 😀

It’s a full moon. I used to take newborns photos at the hospital and every time there was a full moon, about 30 babies were born, as opposed to the usual 6 or 7. Come on Tika!!! Oh damn….I was in Walmart today…and forgot a pocket calendar. I do have one that Cathy gave me…but it’s different…I like same. I will use it, just for more detailed stuff. This is crazy. This waiting is crazy. I need to find out the ligament stuff. Need to go see Lisa I guess. She’s kidding now too. She’s the local expert…ha, even the vet says….I don’t know….did you ask Lisa Shell? She’s been showing photos of Quigley again. Remember that one? The one with the funny ears that I was gonna buy? It didn’t happen cuz she didn’t decide who to send her with. Ah well. Love you Quigley.

I wonder what’s up with the satellite lately…Directv anyway. Remember I told you I was losing one channel at a time until I was forced to watch PBS…about Drones? Still happening. Even inside the house. I figured it was an Rv thing. Not. ….and it’s left me with….Jeremiah Johnson. An Indian movie. A movie about what it was like before the earth got raped and the people flourished. Before the buffalo were all but gone and there were no fences. Of course….if it happened….it was meant to happen…but jeesh. I love the buffalo and the Indian people…love their ways and the way they think and the way they pray.

I’m starting to feel pretty silly. Maybe the girls aren’t pregnant after all. I know they are….but ahhhhhhh. I’m going bonkers. This waiting is excruciating. My friend Kimberly has a commercial herd. She probably laughs at my waiting for just one doe to have it’s baby. Well, more than one but at this moment one. But the utter silence continues. Cathy said all was silent today too except when we pulled in from town and she said everyone went off. She met me on the other side of the fence cuz she knew it would be the first thing I did when I returned. Smart girl, that Cathy. The memory of last year still haunts me a bit…that she didn’t do more to try to save baby Bella….but I try not to go there. They’re not her goats. Awesome….I’m going to bed early tonight. Need the sleep. No sounds as I type this. Night night friends of the universe. Sleep well and good. 1:25am =8 = infinity.

I woke to the extra loud yells of the cows, who were excited that hubby was bringing them hay. These yells/moos went on for about an hour. Needless to say….I was up at 9am. Yuk. But on the other hand….I got the project done. Now the only thing left is to wash it, cuz I didn’t realize how lanoliny Georgia’s fleece was. Handmade items all say wash in cold water. Well, this handmade item will wash in very very hot water. Only way to get the lanolin out. Fingers crossed. Oh and Yoki kept waking me up. She decided to go back into her pen, but for some reason…she doesn’t understand she can walk down the alley, hang a left to go around to the other side of the pen and back in the hole. No….she has to go between the 2 fences….and that’s where the empty feed bags are….she stepped on them all night, trying to trample them down enough till she thought she could walk on them. Unbelievable. There was plenty of room, but no….the bags were bunched up too much for her taste. Crunch crunch crunch is what I heard….all night long. Well…..fixed that!!!! Hehe, with the wire that I bought with my own money from selling fleeces!!! I love that. It’s one of the first things I bought. A spool of wire. Poor Yok…’s about an hour later and she’s laying down by the non existent hole.

Ahhh yes. Time to talk about the cats. Definitely a case of what was God thinking….sure, they are sweet and cute and sorta cuddly….but the damage they can do to a house and it’s contents makes me wonder why anyone has indoor cats. I think the problem is that there’s 3 of them. Gypsy didn’t give us much hell…just these hellcats. We have to hide every roll of paper towels….every roll of toilet paper and get this……we have to keep the butter in the dishes cabinet!!!… know…the soft one for bread and such. If we don’t….they eat it. The fleece bags are full of holes, even though I keep a blanket over them to TRY to protect them. They crawl where they want….sleep on top of whatever they want and sharpen their claws….on anything they want. When winter is over…..I shall show them outdoor life. 😀

I’ve got everything down here now. Kidding supplies, towels, sweater sleeves to make baby coats and tonight I will also bring down an electrical cord and the hairdryer. Someday soon…..I intend to have electricity down here…you know…the purposely run kind…buried wire kind…ready when needed. (Hubby now tells me I can have electric anywhere I want if I hook my new trailer(still waiting of the truck)… the back of the Zen buggy….then I can have electric anywhere I want….since it has a generator. Now he tells me. Lol Ooooh….I’m noticing some pain creepin into my let leg and arm…rain on the way??? Yup….they’re callin for some rain. Ok….when you live on a farm with lots of animals….ye just never know what you might see. Now, unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo while she was still standing…..but I see one of my girls who has a very heavy coat on and she’s limping in to get the feed. As I stare at her to see where she’s hurt….it’s as if she’s missing a leg. I go inside….get closer and indeed…she has no leg! I’m thinking something chewed it off…but there’s no blood! So I just stare at her for a minute scratching my head when all of a sudden….I see a hoof. She had gotten her hoof stuck in her fleece when she was scratching. Grabbed the clippers and scissors and rounded Jesse up and her foot is now free….bless her heart….Dessa, who is Kachina’s daughter. What can I say…’s life on the farm….or ranch…Yoki is really mad and not eating. Poor dear. Okie dokie….Signing off while….. still waiting……at YeeHaw Ranch.














6 thoughts on “Only on a farm………………

  1. You are far from a blank page, a blank page is one someone can fill with their ideas and opinions. I believe you are full of your own thoughts and opinions, and somehow I think you do care what others think to a degree, but in the end you will follow your own path, not one someone else paints for you.
    Georgia how exciting my favorite goatie, I am so glad she is there. It sounds like you have a good birthing kit ready. I love Star’s little horns, she is getting so big. Hugs my friend that is more like great novel then a blank page

    • Ahhh bless your ever lovin heart! Thankyou for the new perspective. Georgia and Star nearly went at it today cuz Georgia was havin her Mama time and Star tried to get some too. God love em!!!! Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. Awe, They all want a little bit of you. My little black boy, Sterling, first born is the friendliest goat. I think he likes me more then his mom, if i gave him milk I think he would forsake her. I have to run out of the goat area because he runs after me. I push him towards his mom and take off. when I look behind me, there he is. It took me three times just now to get out of there. When I went in, there he was standing on top of his mom, and she was standing up. While I was out there, he jumped on one of the little yearlings backs. He is just full of beans. I think you would just love him and spoil him so, except I know that him being a boy, he would have to move out with the boys so he wouldn’t get to be as spoiled as the girls.
    The two mew ones are finding their feet, they were making me laugh, little baby jumps in all directions but mainly up. It is so cute. They have started to play with the other kids, but it is amazing the size difference just a couple of weeks makes. It should be nice tomorrow, so I will try to get some cute pictures for you. HUgs, I hope you have a baby tonight

    • Well I only have one sheep, Emmett. He’s Rambouillet. My babies are angora goats. The goats say maaaa while the sheep say baaaa. Too cute. I had 2 very very expensive sheep that looked a lot like my goats but one died of heatstroke so I traded the other. Too sad. Ernie the peacock is finally fanning his tail!!!!! And it’s so pretty! So green! Enjoy!!!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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