The waiting……

We’ve been invaded! Ants! Ants in the Rv! The biting kind. Jeesh oh petes. At first I thought maybe they’d crawled up my pant leg while I was outside peeing. I kept taking them out the door. Then I finally stripped my pants off and threw em in the freezer. Ha. Didn’t know where else to put them without the pups getting them. I don’t think it was from the pitstop though. Nope….keep seeing them and am scratching two spots. Where’s tiny when I need him? Haven’t seen the tiny spider since that first night. I think one of my friends called him over to her place. Everyone wants to weave. Be it with yarns or words or metals, vines or flowers. Remember as little children…making the daisy chain? That was weaving. Even braiding the hair can, I think, be considered weaving. Oh yes, speaking of hair. Here’s another little ditty you don’t know about me. I use a dogs slicker brush. I had bought one for Blue but before I used it on him I decided to see what it could do for my tangles. Well…..that was years ago. Awesome tool.

All this waiting. Just like being pregnant all over again. With my daughter, I knew I was in labor but didn’t tell my 1st husband cuz he was cookin spaghetti. That was 9pm. He went to sleep and I finally woke him at 5am. She was born around noon….and her middle name was decided seconds after birth. God gave it to me. Jesse was born to a different husband…an abusive and cheating and drunken husband,…hey, it is what it is. My friend Susan had me over to her house…walking back and forth from the house and the fishing pond…back and forth….trying to get me to go into labor. It worked. 5am my water broke. I was playing cards in the kitchen at noon waiting for contractions when my sister (on the phone), told me to go to the hospital since the water broke. In the end, he wasn’t born until around 10pm after major breathing difficulties and loss of energy, even to breathe, for me. Ahhhh….good times!!!! Yes…very good times cuz out popped my little beauties. I may not have raised either one….but they both seem to have come home to Mama.

I’m in what I would call a volcano of inspiration. No…I didn’t draw any more designs yet, but I now have a separate theme to go with while doing felted paintings. I’ve been telling ya I want to do that. I have a theme now….that was holding me back. Now that I know that…I will be able to choose my first batt more easily. I need the batt as the background for the painting. We bought the card table a few months ago and it’s still in the box waiting…. I didn’t even know what I was waiting for. Oh…so many ideas…so many things to try, to do. This theme has been staring me in the face for some time now and I just didn’t see it, until last night. Last night was such an inspired night. Goosebumpy kind of good. Feels like pieces from a puzzle are falling into place. But don’t get me wrong…..even if all of this comes to naught…bust…nada….I am still…..I AM. And if it goes smashingly and is a huge success….guess what…I AM.

The owl was hootin so I called back. Blue barked. Owl hooted. Repeat a few times…..I called back. Blue barked….then Little Boy jumps against, paws on…the Rv. Man….can’t even have a decent conversation around here. (smile) If that baby hadn’t died….I wouldn’t be in this here Rv. Now….I’m so keenly focused….so in the Now…ahhhhhh. Epiphany. Ahhhhh. Maybe that’s why the creativity is flowing. Owl Engergy. Maybe that’s why the words are flowing. I wrote 4 pages last night, and 1 page today, so 5 pages. Normally, the blog is 3 pages……counting both the night writing and the day writing. I did say I was quickening again…just figured it was a one day quicken, eh?

Hehe, guess I thought I’d advanced some and it no longer required a lengthy learning process….oh well…such is life…and the fly flies into my hair. I’ve had relationship with Fly since my re-birth. It’s been a long time since my friends have sat on my laptop while I typed…..didn’t even notice they were gone….shame on me. (Probably cuz I’ve had to kill so many…gosh I hate that…shame on me again) Screw that…ahhh…there he is….on my hand….like old times. I have no shame…gotta do what I gotta do. Don’t we all. Well, except the outright killers and rapists and such…but on the other hand…without them…how do we know true happiness or joy. How do we know the horror? I know….sucks, don’t it? So excited. LOLLLLLL….not even about the babies. Guess I’m in one of those…..well, I’ve been in the Rv for about a week and still no birth type of things….arrgh!!! The waiting…….

Have you noticed that the movies and even some of the songs….are remakes? So dang many remakes that I wonder what has happened to the people…to the children….that they can only copy and enhance…..and not create. The new thing seems to be…..take the newest thing and duplicate it as close as you can….and call it by anther name. The reality shows abound with this kind of thinking. From cooking to hairdressing to home shopping to singing competitions and every extreme in between.

I’ve come to realize that this blog is my outlet. This persona. Mamasheri…is my outlet. She can say things Sheri would never say….but she is Me. I do indeed have more secrets…not really secrets…just things you don’t know. I once wrote a blog titled…last of my secrets…well….these don’t entirely qualify……it’s a loophole thing….anyway…I nearly told y’all one the other day on the award /things you didn’t know blog….but my son said I shouldn’t. Not sure why I listened to him but I did. One day….I will tell you. Boy did I get off track. No….point is….I was writing the blog just fine…but there was a hesitancy. There still is in the matter of putting so much information about myself out there…but that’s another matter. Mamasheri. Before that…I was MamaWillow. I made an error when creating my wordpress account and it never let me change it. So Mamasheri I became. P.S. This paragraph is deletable.

Funny thing just happened. Apparently Yoki is getting to the point where she doesn’t want to go back into the pen through the hole. Maybe it hurts more on the return than the exit. Anyway…she was sleeping in the feed bags till just now and finally went to go in. I finally understood. I’d seen a goat in that spot earlier and wondered. Yup…They were blocking her from coming back in!!!!!!!! They were laying down…right where she needed to crawl through and in their jealousy of her eating all the greenies she wanted, and yes, in that particular section of my place…there are greenies…but anyway…they were mad. So when I saw it…I told the goat to get up and let her in…..and she did. Damnit…..I’m overboard on words again. I could just go and go and go. My volcano is erupting and the lava pours forth….igniting inspiration in all who come in contact with me. I’m certain of it. Be still and create. Night night sweet friends. Bless you and all your endeavors. 1:18am 10 = 1 = beginnings.

Well, I did go to town and yay, no babies were born while I was gone. Cathy did the checks for me. Decided to load and unload all the feed bags myself this time, so I don’t lose all my muscles. That’s hard work. 50 lb sacks. As I was dishing it out….I hear a squeal….thought it was a baby bird that the pups had found but no…it was a baby rabbit. Not brand new either. They are taking a bite…tossing it in the air….nother bite… horrible. Poor baby. Hubby says the rabbit isn’t allowed here as far as they’re concerned. He’s probably right…it’s not like there’s a huge pile of rabbits to grab one up and tell the pups….Accept!!!! Two refused to come out of the L while they are still playing and I know better than to come between them and a fresh prize.

Finally told hubby about the toilet. He didn’t get mad….but said…..well, soon you’re not gonna be able to stand the smell. In other words….no dump. Oi ve. The waiting….the waiting…..if just one would deliver now I’d be so happy. Got my ply yarn plyed to itself, so another step toward finishing Mea’s thingie. Yay!!! My friend was happy with Etta’s fleece…even with the fuzzy horehound balls, or whatever they are. As I was putting it in the priority box…I saw some I’d missed…yikes. What else….oh ya…got the pups a big long ropey knot toy hoping they’d chew that instead of my wires. Well…..time to go. Have a grand weekend folks!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!












8 thoughts on “The waiting……

  1. How sweet, Yesterday was a long day, we went out to dinner with some new friends. That is the problem with moving, you have to find new friends to hang out with 😦 It was a nice meal and the wife seems interested in my goats and all that I do with them. Good start, like me, love my goats!!!
    Waiting for Hutu to pop, Nothing yet, just watching. I was so worried she would have them while I was at dinner last night, came home and nothing, thankfully. Ugh, you keep mentioning you are doing something for me and I can’t wait, I don’t normally like surprises, but for some reason this time I am excited not to know!!! Hugs and Love. I hope the ants aren’t coming to help empty the toilet.

    • Yay for you…new friends and in person ones at that! I hear ya on Hutu…..afraid to leave the house myself. I’m going nuts. About that thing…..all I know is I hope you like it. Didn’t realize you knitted and crocheted yourself. For some reason I just didn’t think you did. Since you can do it yourself…I hope you do like it. Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. I never make things for myself and I don’t know how top knit. I taught myself to crochet and have been told I am all backwards. Well that is no surprise!!! I am sure I will LOVE it, you seem pretty tuned in to what I like. Do you think you will finish it for my birthday? Hutu looks to be pushing, but she also has a slight prolapse and that makes her do that anyway, so it is hard to tell what she is doing, but I can see her from my bedroom window

    • It’s done now. All that remains is to wash and see if I can get lanolin out. When is your bday? My brain can’t remember things like that….it’s too full. :))) huggs and Push Hutu!!!! I need a baby fix. I’ll take yours!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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