My fascination with the Pyramids….

OK, so the pyramids are shooting energy beams? And now there’s a photon cloud approaching? Sounds pretty SciFi….but wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if it were true…either or both. Cows as representations of God? Goodness…….that’s where holy cow comes from or sacred cows. I knew about the sacred cows and even saw my own as such during the 2006 Mind Trip….but representations of God? How did that come about? Hathor? I thought Hathor was a bird diety. Good grief, I need to pay more attention! Hathor was even drawn into the ceremony when I received my Reiki Masters Degree. Lol….it was awhile back, in my defense. (Just a heads up….this is a longer post….skim if you need to.)

I’m watching a show called…Pyramid Codes. No good movies on yet…sooo….pyramids. Holy cow…..I’ve seen a million times that…you are a spiritual being having a human experience…not a human being having an spiritual experience….but I never knew where it came from. From the hieroglyphs! Oops…nope…Hathor wore a headdress with cow horns. AND, yup, I’m in wikipedia…..AND….she has the symbol in her hand…for what I just said…spiritual having human experience. And in her other hand….a symbol that excited me greatly during my 2006 mind trip….the ankh. Haven’t quite figured it out…but I know the ankh is key and pivotal. Wow, now they’re talking about ayahuasca. Oooh, says when on that plant medicine….the typical thing one sees is blended beings. Half this half that. Now isn’t that fascinating. When I had my re-birthing experience….the items I created out of clay in my newborn mind….were….bearboy….snake lady and ponyboy. I threw them all away during an artists fit of….not good enough.

Why do the gov’s place all natural drugs in the illegal category and all manmade drugs in the legal and necessary category? Gee….I’m just now thinking on this but I can easily figure it out now that my brain has asked the question. They don’t want the populace figuring things out. If the populace understood what the natives knew…what so many lightworkers and etc now know….well, the gov’s would be in serious trouble. Ayahuasca, peyote, psilocybin mushrooms, amanita muscariat mushrooms, even marijuana to some degree. All God made plants. All illegal. Not all people can take psychedelics…I can’t. I have…..but I shouldn’t. Due to my pain filled past….I tend to go dark. On the other hand…..the huyuasca is considered Grandmother. From what I hear…you poop and puke and pee and puke. In the beginning and during the revelations. From what I hear….the revelations are worth it. The amanita, is a mushroom. It’s known as the Jesus mushroom. Or the God mushroom and the side effects for that are excess drooling. Some cultures…the Shaman takes the drug, experiences it himself…for all…. Then passes his urine which now contains filtered medicine for the people, without the harsh side effects. Oh my….looks like Hathor and Horus were a pair. Gotta love it. Horus…the one eye. On our dollar bills. One eye…..third eye. Pineal gland. Mine is not open that I know of. I felt my kundalini rising in 2001.…looked up the symptoms and wala. But that’s it. Not since.

Think about it…if the oil people would stop inventors…kill inventors…buy inventions only to destroy them….to keep the status quo and the money flow…and the Egyptians would set up a guy cuz he was gonna bring back sun worship…….what did they do…they ridiculed him….made him look bad. That’s the easy way to cover things up. Like the catholic church. Oh Lordie don’t get me goin there!!!!! (sorry to any catholics) I love nights like this. I love to learn something worth learning. The center of the milky way is where stars are born…the cosmic womb. The photon belt is in the milky way and the photon belt may be approaching. Hehehehe. The scientists are scared of this….not me. I been expecting it. Just thought it would happen on a specific day. Silly me.

Ahh…more learning. Now they’re talking chronology….. Ooooo….Cathy told me to try the project on while I was drinking my beer, so I’d be free-er in my brain. Ooohie…it worked!!! I figured out the next step!!! See, as I told you, this is a Spirit item. Honest to goodness… rather forced it’s way into being. Thank God I didn’t rip any more out! Hehehe. I got it, I got it. Oh the awesome joys of design. Nothing special about this mind you….it’s just that…I started with a very specific idea and it wiggled and contorted to become what it is. Btw….did you know it’s best to go by a moon calendar rather than a Gregorian one? One is natural, the other is not. I don’t….but I know I should. There’s a ton of things I know I should be doing differently and I don’t. It’s too hard. I like it this way. I yearn, but this is so comfortable.

5,000 BC-7,000 BC….the final conclusion…..or the 36,000 BC date. In other words….they don’t know. In this day and age…lol, what a phrase considering…..that we don’t know this yet? With all the sophisticated technology out there? I find that amazing….frickin amazing…or wait…maybe this calls for a “frackin” amazing. Machines to enhance consciousness…expansion of consciousness….the pyramids. A generator broadcasting a field that uplifted the entirety of humanity and did so for many many years. Hmmm….fits with the beams of late, eh? If we go stand there, we can feel the effects…but it’s lost it’s umpff…..and used to be they didn’t even need to be near it. Ahhh.. Mystery schools……love those. My favorite new one is the Rosicrucian’s. Turnabout point. Spiritual darkness, then an opportunity to open up. Hmmm. That’s what its saying the Mayan were really saying about 2012. Free will. Close down in fear or…open up to the blessing of the connection. How would humanity respond if instead of monetary wealth ….consciousness wealth would be more important. Light energy…sound energy. Hmmm….I’m gonna add color energy…I’m repeating the tv folks. Sacred feminine and importance of balance between the two. Accessed altered states of consciousness…concerns of how did we arrive in our bodies and how did we leave our bodies. They have full use of senses. If the children were taught to live in nature…how would our world change?

Oh dear…next up is Burma….I remember crying and praying and crying when they killed the monks. He says…at the end of the day 3000 people were killed in the streets…..and we can’t do it again because there is no one left to die. Oh wow…way over my word limit and it’s still nighttime!!!! Night night sweet ones….Be brave and persevere. 1:07am =8 = infinity.

Oh wow…still up…and just designed my first hat. I would love to convey how fun that was…don’t know how. I can do this…. I can really do this. Oh how fun. Dang,…..need to go to sleep soon and now I’m all excited. So….for those listening, hahum… know who you are….I need simple colors blended with different shades of same color……and I need naturals. No fancy color mixes that I can envision at the moment. You know…like a yarn with different shades of green, or red or coral, or blue or purple or pink…you get my drift.…separate mind you…..maybe with white thrown in some. Blacks, browns, greys, white. Not into really fancy yarns…just a version of tailspun, you know….cloud spun. It came out here instead of message…oops.

Ok…let me try to explain this again. I put 5 girls in the first breeding group with Moonee, my new Blue. One for sure didn’t take, who is Yoki…but she got taken care of later and will be due in March. Happy’s baby died. Tika is next and then that leaves Yazhi and Milly. Milly isn’t all that big so she may have passed on the first guy and went with Wywy. Shoot, could be the same for Yazhi for all I know. Shoulda used a marking harness. I now understand how they work. Too late. Then…a lot of the others are due mid Feb…..the ones who required a cleanup buck will stagger until mid March. Am I really gonna live out here the whole time till March? I look out there and see Donna. My eldest goat. She stood for a long time in place and I thought perhaps she was sleeping. She finally laid down and hasn’t gotten up since…a few hours. Tika is getting up and down up and down. Problem is…she sleeps behind the house. I only see her when she comes out…which is fairly often actually. That’s a good sign. Night again. 2:01 =3 = holy, trinity.

Well….what a great night last night. Today I made the changes to the project and it worked!!!! Nearly complete now. Very exciting when you can’t figure out where to go next with the design and then you do. Plus….I have about a foot of yarn left!!! Talk about Spirits perfection!!! I called Cathy first thing and told her to come see the designs. She absolutely loved them…..all 19 of them!!!!! So much fun!!! My neck is getting a kink from turning my head so often to look out and see what Tika is doing. She seems to be moving about quite a bit. I’m willing it to be today, so I can go to town tomorrow without worry, even though I’ve already arranged for Cathy to keep an eye out. Oh Lord….and I called the guy building my 55 chevy and asked him what happens if you pee in a Rv while it’s parked. Oooops…it doesn’t drain to the ground….it goes into a tank. Yikes!!!! Gonna have to fess up and tell hubby and we will have to dump soon. Oh joy. Not looking forward to that conversation…maybe if I can find a way to make it funny, lol.

Haha…just watched Shortcake(aka Snowflake) try to lay down on the stanchion. Normally it’s not a problem, but her belly was in the way and it took a good 2 minutes of effort to finally make it to the down position, where her back end is hanging off…lol, but she made it. I went ahead and fed early in the hopes that Tika would still have hers today. Night is fine, I’m right there. One of the gals in the goat group lost triplet pinto babies today, just horribly sad…to sad to contemplate. I can’t go there right now. Got all the loose ends done on the project and now it truly is just waiting for one more thing…which will require me plying the ply yarn to itself. Ok….well, sorry it was so long but I figured you can skip or skim. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














5 thoughts on “My fascination with the Pyramids….

  1. I love how pearl and Georgia love each other. I guess when I come to get Georgia I will have to take Pearl too!!! No babies here either. Maybe tomorrow. Hugs. Tell Andy you caught the goats using the toilet. haha

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