Silent goats…..and fighting goats

There’s a struggle that goes on with me on a daily basis. Trying to balance my conspiracy theory side….with the thoughts, words and emotions create thing….and the believe in what you want to happen thing. I’ve learned that most of what is called conspiracy…later turns out to be true. If the word conspiracy theory is attached….it has been ingrained in us to automatically ridicule it. To use a military term….I see a lot of chatter about strange things the gov is doing lately. Oddball agencies buying up ammunitions and such…odd equipment movings…and the kicker…..military being asked if they’re willing to shoot US citizens…add to that, a Medicine Man telling me on 9/11.…that he’d had visions of concentration type camps here in America, during his Sundance ceremony. What are they doing….preparing for a revolution? This frustrates me so. See…if you think about things like that, you are not in the moment. But information comes at us from every direction and unless we become cavemen again….how do we not carry those thoughts with us? Sure…shut em down as they come. This could take awhile.

Was just talking to Valerie about animals. About Tika to be specific. I said how I wished they could talk…then I said…maybe that’s the challenge. An aha moment. They don’t talk…for a reason. Ha…all my wishin for it…never even considered why they didn’t. Well… is a new day and it is a new world…a new time…a new baktun(mayan time thingie)…….so…let them speak already!!! Ok…I’m watching a documentary on Drones. Scary that. It showed them taking apart a cell phone and pulling out the camera chip….then saying picture 138 of these….to get an all arc view…with the goal being to monitor an area 24/7 for the best results. Why am I watching this? Cuz the Directv is acting weird and I’m losing my channels one at a time. I still have this channel. The others have all pixilated out. Oooie….I think I get to go to sleep early tonight!!!! I’m feelin ready and it’s only…thank goodness…1:46am = 11- master number. Night night.

I had a conversation last night to do with my hat idea. It’s starting to come together. I’m starting to get excited. I can do this. I have to believe in myself…..and KNOW that I can do this. Know, that others will like what I create. See….usually I don’t talk about things before hand. Like a painting for instance. I would feel the urge, get out my supplies and just go to town on the canvas. THEN, I would show people. Haha, didn’t have a Blog back then! Point is…the idea is still very much alive and kicking. Kicking to come into the world… a new baby….which it will be, in a sense. And as for the project for Mea…that I am trying so hard to finish so I can start the hats… giving me fits! I had to rip some out today….but it WILL come together. I’m a stubborn thing.

Very active feeding time today. Found out the Rv is parked on the hose going to the float valve in one of the girls pens…so had to get them some fresh water. Little Star made a fast getaway and was through the gate and into the yard….oh, say….at least 50 ft away from her pen!!!! Grabbed up Tika and did a bag check….getting full!!! Still not hot…but definitely warm. Still not shiny cuz still covered in hair…this girl grows hair on her bag! I’m beyond ready for a baby or two to be born…to justify all this Rv camping!!! Wonder what hubby thinks? And then….I started hearing horn clacking. Yup….that vacuum is still going on with the Bigboys now that Aramis is gone. I saw 3 sets of boys raring up and banging horns….and when I say bang…..I mean bang. They are quite violent clashes. Most of the ones doing the challenging were Munchkins. I guess Marshal doesn’t want the job? So funny though…..the war within them…to rare up…..or look at Mama, Mama’s here!!! Even tiny Sendai was in on it, with big ole Popeye! Ahhh, the joys!

I don’t think the goats have ever been this silent. I’m 20 ft from the pregnant girls and they don’t make a peep. There’s been no talking going on for 2 days. Just every now and then….a snort. Tika is a hay fiend lately. Mea just told me that she had a doe pushing her baby out on one end….while eating hay with the other. HAHA….guess that rules out the They don’t eat when they go in labor theory!!! It’s warm now. Around 80 during the day and 60’s at night. This morning I peeled blankets off one at a time till I finally got up a half hour early. Just watched Yoki go back in her pen through the hole. She’s the only one small enough I guess…, as her belly grows…one day she’s gonna realize she can’t get through that tiny hole anymore!!! So strange folks….to go from so cold to so warm. My heart goes out to all the people suffering in the cold cold. Lot’s of places are bitter cold right now. Be warm my friends. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Yup…short blog. I yanked some stuff again. Lol, gotta quit that!!!














7 thoughts on “Silent goats…..and fighting goats

  1. I am so excited to see what you are doing for me. It is driving me crazy, but I haven’t told you that. Haha. Love the pictures, the boy pictures are great, and Georgia is as beautiful as can be. I will show you the video of Juliet eating as she is pushing

    • Ya, I didn’t know you knitted or crocheted. Saw your shawl and thought it was beautiful. You’re funny! You get excited when I say it’s being fussy!!! Silly. Ya the fighting boys were cool…no locked horns either! Can’t wait for the video!!! Fun times! Love baby births. Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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