The Liebster Award……..and a non day


So, about that Liebster Award. I’m honored and very grateful to receive this blessing from As has been said about this particular award…throw away the rules. Hey, that’s right up my alley. Ok…a few things you don’t know about me. Before blogging….I only ever won one award. First prize in an essay contest in Community College. I wrote about abortion. I wrote that under the law….an unborn baby has inheritance rights….therefore…it had other rights. I lost that essay the night I won….and while I was at the bar celebrating…..someone slipped me a mickey. Some bodyguard for this old rich man. They carried me out in front of everyone….people who knew me. They drove me to my house and I was raped while unconscious. So needless to say……these blogging awards leave a much more pleasant memory in my mouth.

I once drunkenly fell down a scary hill in the dark in the woods….and planted pot seeds once I knew I was alright. Lol. Since then….I’ve had this strange urge to become Johnny Maryjane Seed….to the point where there are so many plants growing wild that there could simply be no law against it. You see….I was a child…in extreme pain. The pills didn’t work. I cried so many tears over this damn muscle pain that I coulda flooded the Nile. One day….I just stopped crying. I let it be. I let me hurt. I let it go. I was in my late 40’s mind you…but it did happen. It didn’t leave….it’s still here, just not as often and when it is….somehow….I accept it and it’s not so bad. Plus I’ve got my medicine. My midicine that a Federal Judge just ruled…..will remain a Schedule 1 drug….with NO ACCEPTED MEDICAL USE. No accepted medical use???? I can only speak for myself. Marijuana is the ONLY thing that ever touched my pain….and that’s cuz it didn’t touch it. It changed the frequency. It didn’t invade me at all. It simply changed my channel, to one that didn’t feel the pain quite so intensely. I was given the marinol pills….which is straight liquid THC…but it was like taking acid. Horrible horrible.

When God started using the word WIND…to get me to buy a Four Winds Rv and drive to South Dakota to go to the Wind Cave and pray on Bear Butte… I climbed down inside that cave….all I could think of was the Indians that reportedly walked out of it once upon a time after an earth shift. As the guides spoke of pools further down…my brain envisioned me diving into the pool and swimming down and down and over and down….until I came up in another place. Another world. I have told a few people close to me….if the shit hit’s the fan….go to Wind Cave ….. Hmmm, is it a National Park? If so….gee……of course it would be. And if ya can’t get in the door… the right of it…about 6-10 ft… is a hole. Climb down. Not saying it will be easy….just sayin.

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Like I said…..I read these blogs daily. I think it’s silly to say nominate…I nominate you for an award….when there is nobody to see who should win…so for the above mentioned blogs….I award you with…the Liebster Award. Thank you again Ashtoreth Eldritch…for the award and congratulations on yours.

People….I don’t think we give animals enough credit. Sure, we love them and care for them, protect them and even fight for them or their rights, but we still consider them animals. Personally, I try to NOT do that. I give it my best effort to look upon them as…beings. From the spiders, to the pups, the goats….well any animal. My Bluedog has a mind. A deep mind. I can’t discount that and I won’t try. Granted, he is a confused boy…but nevertheless, deep. Baby Girl….whoa….that girls eyes show depth of ancients. I once had a horse who knew…somehow knew that I was too afraid to come see her newborn baby, so she brought it to the fence and pushed it toward me. I of course, was on the other side of the fence and cried like a baby, while looking at and maybe even touching…that memory thing….this four hour old little horse, whom I named Spirit. Yes….that’s the white horse in the photos.

I just saw a story of a monkey who came to the aid of a blind couple, by turning on the water faucet for them so they could get a drink. How many dolphin tales have you heard…lots, right? I just heard one today about a dolphin who swam up to and basically into a scuba diver….it was asking for help to remove some fishing line and stayed very calm and still while they sut it free. Or the mama Tiger nursing the piglets…good grief the list is endless of examples of animals caring for each other. How about the dog who refused to leave his friend, a dog, on the highway after he got hit….he drug his friend off that dang highway! My point is….what if…..what IF….animals were more than we thought? Were more aware than we thought. Were more intelligent, more special, more healing than we even have a clue. If only they could talk. That would end the wondering in an instant. That’s on my bucket list. Live long enough to hear my animals talk to me. I just put it there, lol and it’s item number 1.

Someone just fired 6-7 shots…near my gate at 1am. Scared the tar outta me. I got the doors locked. Interesting. I’d gone past that incident and was writing…in my head, when I realized I was rocking back and forth. Like a mother rocking her baby. I instinctually knew how to comfort myself. I like that.
Man….just heard odd sounds so looked out the window. Good thing I did. Pups had knocked down the high powered light stand…and the lights were basically laying in Jesse’s stick pile for the campfire we shall soon have. That coulda been bad. Thank God for God…lol, telling me to look out the window. I am peeing inside now ye know. And now that the heater works…most friggin awesome. I have it set at 60.…so I’ll let it warm the place up again…shouldn’t be needing to go out anymore tonight…then I’ll turn it down, to conserve propane. Ye know…I have to tell ya. Before the Presidents new Tax thing came into effect in January….I was a contributor to the economy. I bought all kinds of things…willingly, freely. Now I can’t. where’s the logic in that? What…the Gov has more money for wars and million dollar toilet seats? The outer world is yuk. The economy suffers now because of it…but they got their spending money. Nightie night people. 3:01am = 4 = angels.

Slow day. The dumpster guy came to pick up the dumpster that’s been here since last summer. Hate that it’s gone. Then the electric people wanted in the yard to trim some trees. Ha, they just had to see what was under the car cover….so I pull the cover off and 6-7 men are surrounding it, looking it over…..newly remodeled 65 Mustang….(which we can’t sell or drive, due to it being stuck in probate…well, 2 probates… and asking questions like…is it a V8? I said…heck if I know…I’m a girl!!! The weather is still great…few more days of it…yay. Yoki got out but for some reason…is forgetting howto get back in today, so she’s sleeping in the pile of empty feed bags. So many empty feed bags. I stuff em inside of one…then they get blown and the pups…whatever…they are all over the place. I’m gonna miss that dumpster. It was full, or the bags would have been inside.

Since there was outside interference today….I had some time and drew on my latest butterfly for The Butterfly Project…..(don’t kill the butterfly by slicing your wrists). Attempted a 3d one sorta this time…lol, not so dang flat. Not too bad. Yes, this is a very long blog…sorry. Emmet, the sheep has a leg wound. Thought it was broken so went out today to splint it. Jesse cut the PVC for me and we went to get him and he kept running away. Guess it’s not broken…so we let him be. Boy have I done a ton of editing. Removed a thing you didn’t know story,,,reworked and guess it’ll have to do. Not so happy with todays blog…and feelin a bit down for an unknown reason. Ah well….guess I’ll sign off at YeeHaw Ranch.













8 thoughts on “The Liebster Award……..and a non day

  1. Odie and i just wanted to say thank you very much for nominating us for the lobster award. (autocorrect did that , but its funny so I’m leaving it.)
    we love seeing your animals grown and thrive and to hear about your daily adventures! youve got a wonderful blog! keep up the good work on the farm and at the keyboard.
    love o and om 🙂

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