Collaboration and co-creation…………We are

I now have a new idea of Ego. My friend sent me a link. What a concept.
It was suggesting that art was ego and everything used to create the art…including the viewers…are co creating….collaborating to create. I can see the truth of this. I honestly have you guys in my mind as I write. Most of you I know at least a bit about…some none…but somehow, I carry you with me as I write these words. This laptop, this Iphone. Even the blankets surrounding me so that I am warm enough to type….are all collaborating with me. With us. It makes perfect sense. The movie Phenomenon comes to mind. When he’s rolling the pencil without touching it….back and forth, back and forth…and the Doc says…how do you do that? He says….well, it’s more of a collaboration. I ask it to move and it agrees. (not quoted perfectly). My challenge now….is to harness that knowledge. Harness it…rein it in and pull it into me. Let it seep into my every cell. Every bitty bit of me. I’ve always been struck by the pencil scene… I knew it was key….and, I just got a lock for it to unlock. Thank you Tracee.

Hmmm….another way to look at that is….as a dance. Me and my pens and pencils, my laptop and my spinning wheel….my canvas board and paints, chairs, ground…oh my……this is a mighty thing to ponder. We’re all dancing! I love this! You watch…I’ll incorporate this. I feel it’s really important. Like a quickening moment. Funny….I no longer have to go searching for the knowledge….it’s now being presented to me. I’d call that a shift. An evolution. Before…it was like I’d hear a word…it would resonate. Then I’d hear it again. And usually on the third time…I’d go look into it to see what I was supposed to receive. This was gifted to me and I felt it’s trueness right away. It was a very long and intellectual in nature blog about ego. Tracee thought it might help. Boy, was she right.

I looked up and see this tee tiny spider hanging by a thread bout 12 inches from my eyes. I waved my fingers near it and got no reaction….then blew gently and took it for a ride. Then I started to think of it as a collaborator and it started to move around…tiny little legs. Maybe it’s a baby spider learning to use it’s webness…..or maybe it came to be a part of the story….part of the collaboration. Shoot…maybe it’s both!!! Tiny spider has now progressed about 6 inches to my north. Don’t even see a web…it’s like it’s floating in the air. Hehe, he’s big enough to be photographed…in reality it is…haha….about the size of a mustard seed. Spider…weaving webs of invisibility while human weaves stories that web…connect….join. We are both creating…yet at the same time….we are creating together. I’m in love. In love with my new knowledge. Hmmm. This means that my husband and I aren’t dancing well together lately. I was gonna say anymore….but the better word is….. lately. Earlier…he was kind enough to buy me a new flashlight…mine died…but he threw it to me when I wasn’t looking and it hit my hand. Instead of saying sorry….he just kept saying….if you hadn’t moved your hand, it wouldn’t have happened. ??? The Rv thing? I had to coax and cajeel (yep, new word), to get it here. I literally mean that I had to pull the information from him with a vise grip….to finally reveal….it was doable. I scratch my head a lot. Just don’t understand why the opposition to so many things I want to do. Like I said….not dancing so well at the moment in that ballroom.

So….I’m huddled at the foot of the bed with a hoodie on and the practically useless comforter is on my lap. For a minute I had internet, but it’s too weak now to work. No biggie…got the Iphone. The pups finally understand that I’m staying in the Rv, and 3 of them are camped out just feet away. Geezer howls and wow is that beautiful and also loud. I crawled back to the window to look out when he was in mid howl….and he hesitated for a split second, then resumed his duties, and howled some more. Last night I was lucky and they didn’t understand. Should be interesting in a few minutes when I have to pee cuz Geezer is a real trip. Nobody bothered me, whoa…go figure. Ye know….I think I’ll leave the big light on, maybe point it a little away from them so they can have a dark place. We’ll see. Ye know….I asked hubby if there was a way to pee in the toilet in here and he said no. I thought it was due to a container or something and he said….its not hooked to water, it won’t go down. Wait a minute. It’s way too late to ask him cuz he’s asleep, but jeesh…. I have bottled water. Can’t I just pour that? And for some reason it seems familiar to me…maybe we had to do it when Amasa and George and I were on the South Dakota trip. Lol…what an awesome topic!!!

Why is I that every time I look out the window…they, the soon to kid girls…are eating. Not a single sign so far. This is crazy. Sure can’t wait to see one of them dig to China…would be reassuring…since it’s pretty typical. Girls are all up and walking around and eating hay. They say night night people and sleep sweet. Hey…I saw those words on FB today…sleep sweet. Thought it was just me! Night night. 2:02 =4 = angels. Hello Angels.
“Dear blanket, thank you for keeping me warm so that I can create….WE can create. And in return, I shall call you Warm and wear a smile upon my face.” I am warmer than I was before I just said that. I think we are cocreating, …this blanket and I. After much cajeeling, I finally got it out of hubby how to turn on the heater. Well….it no worky. 43degrees at the moment, I will survive.

I didn’t sustain the warmth. As per the night before, I curl up into a ball under the ton of blankets…and I don’t move! Nothing out of the ordinary happened. Drove to the post office to send some Etta fleece and DPS, leaving Cathy to check on the girls. DPS was a bust…forgot his birth certificate. Nothin happenin upon return either. Gonna catch and check the two I’m watching right now, to see where we are. Wish I understood this ligament thingie better…they say when the ligaments disappear…birth will happen in 12-24 hrs. Had to do some fancy dancing when Katy at Hoegger, said she needed my blog in Word, not wps. Well, the Word is on the broken laptop. You know, the one that was fixed two weeks ago??? It was still broke when I turned it on. Anyway, I put out a distress call on FB and wala….a nearly instant fix. For those who are wondering….Jesse is doing great, much more respectful and we get along quite well now. Got a text from Summer and she’s great as well….enjoying her ayahuasca learnings. The weather is warming up for a solid week. Yay…babies…come to mama. Haha…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch…..still feelin yummy about the collaborate/cocreate thing. Oooohie….my brain just worked and I got an IPhone app to caption!!! Covers a lot of photo so will shop around but hey, now y’all know who is who. 😀
















4 thoughts on “Collaboration and co-creation…………We are

  1. Saw a cool thing on the guy that makes very expensive shoes with red soles. He uses things from nature to inspire him and spider webs are one. Anyway he looked at some experiments of spiders on different drugs and their webs and the web from caffeine was the worst of all of them. I know pot was one they did. Spiders and what we put them through!!! Love the goats and Mahada just needs to get preg by WyWy and come to Iowa to live!!! Hugs

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