Two P’s in a pod……..and the Hopi Prophecy

Delete delete delete. So much friggin information, so many wrong words, so many wrong choices. The word is out. Bad choices are on peoples brains. They’re wondering. I said this last night. I personally take 3000 photos every couple months. Where am I supposed to store all that? Why do I feel the need to store all that? Why don’t I delete them? Why is one photo not enough anymore? It used to be. On the other hand…the information is great, awesome and oh so cool. We share across the spinning ball in a fraction of a second and we share deep. Ooooh, do we share deep. Sometimes we need or want to delete but it’s too late. But think about it…there never used to be a delete. This is new. The old is still available. The 1800’s were a good year….Not so good for the Indians though. To me…the 1800’s represent….open plains….no pavement, buffalo running free and providing so eloquently and so efficiently to those who knew how o treat this special creature, a space of land where you found your own food, created your own cloth… matter your heritage… and cloth are key. Funny….I now create cloth. Now if only I could get the food part down. I’ve only been successful growing herbs in the past…..cuz I loved them. Sacred basil, mint, oregano, lambs ear, pineapple sage, lemon verbena….a few of my favorites….but veggies have never been my forte. Why? I dunno. I don’t seem to love them as much as I love herbs. Interesting cuz the veggies are the food and the herbs are the accent….interesting.

Our movie was over and I saw Cars2 was on. Jess said No Way ever…and it made me almost cry. Silly, I know. He was my baby once…and he loved these type movies…and I don’t understand why he can’t let himself be a child again….but he just plain ole can’t, apparently. It’s 1 am now and he’s gone to bed and I’m watching it alone. Not a problem…I just wish….it’s a mama thing. Our movie of the night was….Joe Dirt. Not exactly my style, but they brought up the subject of perspective. That word has been flitting around the netosphere for a few days for me. Perspective. Everything is perspective. It all depends on where you stand. Say it’s a pie. You are one slice…seeing from the point of view of that one slice of pie. The slice next to you see’s things differently. If you are taken out of the pie plate….the slice next to you now has a vacuum. A hole….a window to the next slice. Perspective.

Perspective, however, is based on the other P…..Perception. We perceive things according to our brain….our thoughts…like the story of two people experiencing the same thing, yet telling completely different stories. We come with our preconceived notions and we perceive things that just aren’t true but we do it anyway. We can’t see around the corner, or around the mask or the veil. We think that say…….we are bad and unworthy cuz people say we are…Wrong. We are what we make ourselves to be. Simply and surely. That’s it….that simple. What aren’t you deleting….that you could be? Mjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjn. (that’s junk…delete it) And……it’s late…2:44am Night night angels. Night night people. 2:44 am = 10=1=beginnings.

I’m back to the Perspective again. I just got the rare sight of Ernie, the Pretty Pea (peacock)…in full all out tail fan. I used to see him do it when he was younger, but not with his new set of feathers. What a sight! And of course, my trusty camera was in my hand. The hitch…..he was in the shade. I took the photos then edited them and added light. Then I couldn’t decide whether to post the True photo or the Light added photo. Ye know….seeing it in print has answered my question……add in the light. Speaking of light….I saw another longer version of the Hopi Prophecy today. It says that the white people to the North, are the keepers of the fire. The spark. The Light. Fascinating…absolutely fascinating. The Yellow people to the South are guardians of the wind and air. The black people of the West, he gave guardianship of the water. There was no link for you, sorry, and it was too long to post here. All of the 4 colors still have their tablets. Amazing. Hmmm, wait…the white doesn’t. Maybe it will let me post it at the end, who knows….it’s very long. The prophecies fascinate me, as you can tell. The things that were spoken of so very long ago….have all come true…..down to the Eagle on the Moon…ie….the eagle has landed. I have read these over and over and each time… perception is different and therefore my perspective changes as well. Lol, just reminded me of a childhood nickname….2 peas in a pod. I was skinny. Haha, they used to also call me….bird legs and bird arms….back then it was hurtful to me and now I would welcome it…..Which bird….the hawk, I hope!!! Certainly not the peacock who can’t figure out who to shine for…today, Ernie was not tail fanning for his girl, Bert…nope….his object of desire today was….wait for it…….the tiller machine. No….if I’m to be a bird the hawk has my heart. Surely I told that story of staring into my eyes in a mirror and seeing my face change into a hawk face…..then knowing hawk was there….and running to the window to study it’s beauty…lol, then getting out of my jammies…and running to the local bird store to find out it’s kind. Sharp Shinned Hawk. Lol, kinda sounds like skinny legs!!!! Lol, I just read on FB that when we stare into a mirror….it’s our ancestors staring back at us…or our future generation. Goodness…..well then I guess I really truly am a Junior Birdman!!! (reference to…

Well, I put the key in the RV and turned it and the gas gauge said a little over a quarter of a tank. Boy did hubby laugh. Apparently I’m supposed to be checking a different kind of gas….the propane kind. We shall check in a bit. Am really enjoying watching the girls get up and down. What fun! The weather is gorgeous…..silly goats….go into labor already!!! Ok….well, it turns out, that if you want to use any of the functions of an RV, while it is parked….it must be parked on level ground. My heavenly vision of sitting at the table, looking out the huge window onto my girls pens……is not an accurate vision of reality. Nope……I will have to get up and look out the back window…..but…..I’m right there and can use the heater and the fridge. I can hear them holler….being the most important thing. Oh dear…..once again the blog is full as a tick…..I will, truly, I will talk about the award soon. Hehe, that means I can give it to some of y’all worthy people. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch…..let ya know how the RV works out! P.S. the Hopi Prophecy story I posted below….I got from the FB page…..Lost Passages. P.S.S. The only way to do this….is to publish first….then add the prophecy. So….hold on a sec and I’ll get er done.

















6 thoughts on “Two P’s in a pod……..and the Hopi Prophecy

    • Thanks! Ya, I love reflection photos so was very excited when I saw the sky. My geese Lucy and Dezi just happened to be there. I chose to include them. I really like the shot too! The pea? Ya! That’s Ernie! We have a girl too, Bert, but so far he’s into the tiller machine and a white guinea!!!! Lol. Thanks for taking a minute!!!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  1. I love the goats eating. The peacock is beautiful. We used to have those at the orange grove, I don’t like their call it sounds like someone calling for help. Do you get babies too? Do you have any problems with them pecking at the cars? They used to damage the cars at the grove all the time, the shinier the more they liked them. Boy people did not find that funny 🙂

    • Nope no problems with the Peas except he used to chase the white guinea endlessly. If he ever courts the girl we could have babies!!! I’m finally used to the Help sound. Took a bit. I’m in the Rv…lol hugggggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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