When there’s a loss of Connection……

Being an expectant mama is just like the human kind. The waiting, the pacing, the anxiety. The thrill. The thrill of it all. That’s what keeps us goat folk going, the thrill and the love. There is just something about animal owners that seems to be so different. So much more love, so much more empathy. Towards each other and toward the animals they shepherd. Cuz we are all shepherds in a way. Be it llama, alpaca, dairy goat, meat goat, fiber goat, sheep, yak, camel, angora bunny……we all are in charge of their care, their well being and their love. Love is important. We angora breeders usually only sell our goats in pairs…due to the stress of loss of herd…..Without love and without a buddy of sameness…a lot or most goats will die of loneliness. Loss of connection to the herd is critical. They do NOT thrive. My friend Kimberly recently lost a baby goat cuz it wandered off and lost it’s connection. When she was found….she didn’t meet back up with her mother and lost all will to live. And she in fact….ceased to live. Even though she’s not my goat…I named her Diamond…a diamond in the rough…hoping she would be strong enough to keep on till she shined….ah well, little Diamond is now a diamond in the sky. Like a Lucy. 😀

I think we humans experience that all too often….loss of connection. Connection to our family….our friends…our faith. All of these are necessary for our growth, but the hardest for me to lose…is faith. I have little connection to my real family…..some…not a lot. I am more connected to you. Who are you connected to? Traditional family or family of destiny? For me…as you all know…it’s the destiny family…..and I even include my goats, my animals in that title. My family. Gosh I need to sit against a tree. Let our energies combine…let it balance me out. Need it bad. Don’t get me wrong…I love my family……they’re my family! We just have very little in common….and the mom thing….well, don’t we all have one of those?

Connection to our work. Are any of you feeling like you’ve made the wrong choices in life and you’re in the wrong line of work? If so…it’s because the times are a callin you. The need to do something out of passions sake, instead of moneys sake. It’s coming…Don’t you feel it? I see it all the time and hear about it in these here blogs and on FB. People are frustrated with their life, their choices, their options. I say it again people…..there is a very very tiny voice inside you…so tiny that you will most of the time overlook it with a shrug. A shrug of, nah….don’t need that. But….You’ve missed something. A door. A door to a future amazing. God works like that. You gotta pay attention. It’s the subtle, quiet greyed out things that sing the song of life. That make us dance. That make us polish our selves toward the shine of that diamond. That light.

Ye ever notice the whale has been around forever? There are some who say that they are visitors from another planet….come to help us poor 3d people. I tend to think they are right. They beach themselves in great masses which confounds the scientific communities and they scratch their heads. Why, oh why are the whales committing suicide? Well, for one thing…if they are an alien being, maybe they’ve finished their job and simply want to go home. Or, if they are as intelligent as they have been proven to be……maybe they are disgusted that they cannot change things and are throwing their fins up in the air in a sign of defeat. Tucking their huge wonderful tails behind them as they return home…not as heroes, but as failures. Ahhh, the magical mystical beautiful whale. And of course their cousins……the dolphins are joining them. Maybe they are ascending. I was gonna say lol, but crap on that. That’s me poo pooin my own stuff.

I’ve been connected to dolphins since childhood, with Flipper. They must be a totem of mine cuz they follow me through my life. When my 1st hubby and I went to Bonaire…..don’t know if I’ve told this story or not…but I had 3 wishes. See the green flash, swim with dolphins and see a seahorse. I was terrified of the ocean but attracted by my husbands assurance that it really did look like in the magazines. In the end…I held a seahorse, saw the green flash and my husband swam with the dolphins. It was decided that I would not be able to swim fast enough, so I watched him. Good enough I suppose. Or not. Maybe that’s a bucket list thing for me. I do feel such a strong connection to them…spinner dolphins in particular. I once had a dream where there was a lagoon with mixed skins…dolphins and whales with swapped coats. It was beautiful. Well folks….sleep in the knowing that you are healed. 3:01 =4 = angels.

It’s a rare beautiful day at YeeHaw Ranch today. Not too hot….not too cold. I’ve spent most of the day sitting down by the breeding pen, just watching. There are some that have no bag and aren’t large, so I wondered if maybe they didn’t take, or didn’t get with the buck. While I sat there…..I was able to observe. When you can’t tell if they’re pregnant….watch how they get up and down. I’m seeing lots of ugggh….can I get down, if I turn just so I think I can make it…think I can get myself down there. Lol. Georgia and Pearl are doing it too, so maybe they did have some fun in that crosscountry trailer after all.

Found out the new tax thing took nearly half a paycheck from us. When your bills are as much as you make…then they cut your pay in half….oh boy. I posted a few photos of goats for sale and photos of kinds of shawls and scarves I can make. Went into the big yonder to get some better ones and the cows left me alone. The boys flocked to mama and I got to chin scratch so many! Most of them are 2 seasons ago babies, and I played with some, like I play with Star. Haha, not Junebug though! It was fun. I miss the interaction with them. My Sendai and Miyagi….and my first bottle baby, Angel. Such sweet boys….now on a for sale list. Ahhh well, that’s life. I used Angel this year for some of the girls. We’ll see how he does….and what he creates. He’s the red goat that stayed red the longest. Not so red anymore, he’s 2, but the genes are there. I for sure put him with my other faded reds, Lily and Lila.

I am home on babywatch and have sent Jesse and hubby to town for the feed and groceries. Hehe, wonder how that’s goin? Last year I lost baby Bella cuz I was in town and wasn’t there to swing her to remove the fluid. So….here I sit. Gosh….this money thing is really scary. Half a paycheck gone now…so can’t pay all the normal bills….plus I have to pay $100 a month on Jesse’s bills. Don’t know where that’s gonna come from. If he can get his license and a job…., shoot…hopin I don’t have to!!! Ok…yukky note to end on, jeesh!!! Ok, I won’t. Tika is happily laying down mostly. She has bonded with Georgia, yay!!! They were laying together, and I mean together….and even Maya curled up with them! YeeHaw!! Ok….signing off at said YeeHaw place!!! Oh ya…a Blog award to tell ya about but this blog is too full…like a belly at Christmas!












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