Color me……………..

In the land of green and gray, that being the woods in winter….it was a blandness. A sameness, a calm. In the hours we were in those woods, I only saw color twice. Both times, it was brilliant crimson. Cardinals. To me, cardinal is Jesus or God, and the stark grayness of the landscape revealed how sharp, how brilliantly bright these beautiful birds are. I was surprised to see them there but I shouldn’t have been….I had asked for protection, after all. It is kinda sittin with me, that image of the so red. In my previous life…color was muted. If there was color, it was pastel. Depression doesn’t inspire bright colors and I lived in a perpetual depression. The first days of my Spiritual journey were all about color and it’s been with me ever since. Well, most of it. Towards the beginning, I saw colors behind my eyes. Beautiful colors every time I closed my eyes. I don’t know the significance but when I was taken to my first Rainbow Gathering, the color behind my eyes disappeared. Hmmm. Seeing it in print……seems logical that it was a
premonition of sorts and once it got me where it needed me to be, it was no longer needed. Jeesh….I really liked the pretty colors.

I wear many colors in my hair, in the 4 braids and my husband buys me neon TSC tshirts. I guess so he can find me in the stores. My world is a color explosion coming from the most unlikely places… boxes in a row, cat toys, a pink quilt that now covers the sacred drum, blue and red solo cups to fill the kitty bowls, bags of yarns or unfinished projects, paints and paintings. Then there’s the Hebrew letters drawn in red paint, taped to the wall with blue tape…dog toys and art supplies. Of course, there are also my crystals and kittens and as I type, there is a pink sweatshirt jacket on my lap. An apple, a pink candle. My place looks to most people like a hoarders commercial, but I see color everywhere. My tiny Christmas tree and the green and blue lights on the electronics. Yup….nothing dull here! It’s too overwhelming for my Summer girl, but she tries. Dying my mohair in koolaid was oodles of fun and I just loved staring at the curls all next to each other, so many colors… tingled something in me. This of course, wars with my desire to create true to the goats born colors and without external interference. I guess there’s room for both maybe. Compromise I guess. Cuz those koolaid curls were wicked awesome!!!

A different kind of color….is the yuk humor of the show TOSH.o that my son is forcing me to endure. He’s really doing great, but this share the tv thing is learnin me about patience against my wishes. Don’t ya just hate it when that happens? My movie slot has pretty much been reduced to midnight on. Ahhh, he gave me an extra twenty minutes and I got to watch the end of Big Miracle, the movie about the ice stuck whales…lol, for like the 4th time in 2 days. Hey, it was a freeview weekend!

Ok…I had a thought a few weeks ago, before bed and wrote it on my notepad by my bed. For some reason, it’s on my mind again. That there have to be deaths, or the planet would not be sustainable. Can you imagine if every human and every animal ever born….was still alive? Think sardines. Goodness, that’s a hard thing to contemplate! I just tried. *.* A lot of you would be with different people right now cuz your first would still be alive. In fact, everything would change, because with more people, more choices to choose from, therefore, different choices. Silly topic but not if people are grieving so….then maybe it’s a bit of levity to carry with them.

So, 150 days ago, I put my white Pretties and Milly in with Moonie….the new big Blue baby buck. Two of those took with that mating and Milly I think might be from the next buck I put in (Wywy, my new pinto baby buck) cuz she’s not very big yet. I also added girls at that time. Then there’s the other pen. What I’m getting at is…I may have put them in with the buck that day 150 days ago, but they may not have mated that day. Ye know? Regardless…’s anytime for these first two new timers. This waiting is going to go on for a long time cuz this got all spread out. I had to put in clean up bucks and for at least one….(we’ll know by dates), she was going after the bucks through the fences, so I let in Picasso…for Mimi…he was handy. Not sure though….it gets confusing when they grow big. If she was already pregnant…why did she call in a new buck? We shall see with that one. Who just happens to be my prettiest baby producer. She made me Maya and Milky and Miyagi…now, Miyagi isn’t as pretty faced, but he’s got fine fleece. Ya…’s feelin real now. Babies soon! Nightie night. 2:35am

Gosh do we need more insulation in this old house. I keep my bedroom door closed and this morning when I opened my door….an artic blast hit me and hasn’t left yet. My hands are cold to the touch, yet I’m sittin in my living room with the heat set on 70. I can feel the cold air come up through the window bench next to my chair, and from all the fancy new Pella windows, that hobby decided would be cheaper if he installed. That…and like I said….need more insulation. I have a full set of thermals on as well as winter flannel pants, a sweatshirt and a silk hat. Oh ya, and my T-shirt. Yup…I’m cold. Been washing fleece today which makes it easy to listen for goat hollers….cuz the kitchen sink is at the back of the house, where I go to listen. Normally I pace…..but with needing to change the fleece water every twenty minutes or so….I just listen then. While I’m standing at the kitchen sink washing the fiber….I watch Yoki wander the L, since she’s the only one small enough now to fit through the fence hole. I think it’s safe to say that the Pretties and the Washington 4, have now been incorporated into the girl herd. That took friggin forever!!!!

Well, Yoki put herself back in the pen today, lol. We got some huge bellies goin on here. Still no babies. It’s just like a human pregnancy…we have a due date, but how many humans have their babies on the due date? For me personally, with my daughter…I thought the Doc said the 21 of Aug and my Mom thought the doc said the 25 of Aug….she came right inbetween….the 23. Everyone is still greedily eating and nobody is showing any signs whatsoever….well, except those big ole bellies. Star has a hard time these days deciding between play and grain. So… rectify that, she takes a bite….jumps on me, falls off, jumps on me, jumps off…then takes another bite. Hehehee, I think she only takes a bite when she’s made a successful jump. And she still absolutely adores being touched. Very rare. She will just stand there and soak it up, letting me touch her anywhere I want. I love that little goat. Well…’s chili for dinner here. Haha, 2 chili’s. One for hubby and one for Jess and me. Got tired of seeing hubby roll his eyes and say…..but chili is a cold weather food……..when he eats hot spicy Mexican food all the time. Turns out….he hates my chili and he only likes it with ranch style beans. Fine with me! Guess we’re back to the boring old photos. I’ll have to get out on the land more now that I remember how much I enjoy it. Cathy loves to take woods walks….she’ll come with me. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!















5 thoughts on “Color me……………..

  1. Tosh.o, my son watches that, every once in a while I will too, some of it is funny and some of it, well, isn’t. I can’t wait for you to have more babies so Star has some buddies to jump around with

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