A writers Soul is fragile………

Every month now, as the 21st approaches, my deadline for the Hoegger blog……I decide on a topic…then I have to listen to myself tell me that I don’t know enough about that topic to write a blog….an expert is needed. Then I tell myself….it’s only 800-1000 words. Wouldn’t do any good to have an expert with that amount of words. And that always calms me down. Right about on pace with the last 2, timing wise that is….I have just completed the February blog and have already edited it to my satisfaction….lol, for the moment. The reason I tell you this is to let you know that however confident I become…..I still doubt myself. I tell you this in case you do too. So I can be a mirror. It’s quite an honor for me to do this and I take it seriously. I don’t wanna let anyone down, even myself. When I complete it….it’s a surreal sense of satisfaction. A knowing that people will read it and that does something to a writers soul. A writers soul is fragile but unstoppable. Rather contradictory…but contrary is the way of a lot of writers, eh?

Ye know, I’ve never thought about the weather as being soft and hard, but I just did. Extreme cold or hot…..are hard. In the middle ground areas…..are soft. Right now, some parts of the planet are hard and some are soft. Australia…hard. At the moment, here in my world…soft. In my friend Mea’s world…..cold, hard. Ya…I’m odd. A few days ago…with all the rain?….hard. Isn’t it fascinating that something so simple as the weather…..could mean whether our life is soft or hard. Life is so funny. So quirky, so on friggin purpose. See, that’s where my question about thought power comes in….aren’t they at odds? Thought power and friggin on purpose? Speaking of on purpose….I believe I’m supposed to say that although I’m approaching a year of blogging in just a few months, and am writing a blog for a magazine as well…..I still only have about 25 – 30 readers on any given day. It’s like I’m stuck there. Yuk!!! Like I said….a writers soul is fragile. Well….it’s bedtime for bonzo here….2:17am =10=1- beginnings.

Texas weather. Jeesh. Yesterday it was warm and last night I nearly shivered to death, lol, while playing ball with Blue at 2:30am. Forecast has us in the 30’s the rest of the week….for the low. Cold for birthing….yuk. Speaking of yuk…….technology and I do NOT get along well. I’ve been asked to caption my photos for the Hoegger Blog……I think I just did it. Hope it works. My friend Mea has agreed to allow me to use a photo of one of her Peacock goats, so pretty. I used photoscape software to add the caption cuz I couldn’t figure it out in WORD. So that’s one photo decided upon and captioned….hehe, two more to go cuz it seems as if 3 is the norm that they place in my blog. Also….just so you’ll know…..I still don’t have the ability to comment there. Truly, I’m not ignoring you…..I haven’t missed a comment on this here blog since I started last spring. I thought it was fixed and did a happy dance when I was able to respond to Mea’s comment in the January blog…..but alas, my comment has disappeared. Guess I better tell Katy. Ooh…..speaking of that blog…..they added a Pin It button and oh my goodness….I’ve been pinned! 8 times!!! Lol, not entirely sure what that means but I think it’s good!?!

Hubby has gone to the convenience store for diesel for the Zen buggy so we can go looking again. Told him I needed some closure, so it looks like I’m headed into the deep woods again. I know…..I just need to know more. Well, he’s back…..so off I go into the thick yonder. I’ll be wearing my rubber boots for the mud and snakes!!! Ok. We’re back. We drove all the large paths and got out many times to wander down small paths. Drove the perimeter and the middle and walked on foot round and about. We followed hoof prints and berry piles and got slammed by yaupon and thorn bushes a plenty. We covered as much territory as one can. Nothing. Not a hint. When we came back around, the cows and horses found us and what a scene that was when we took off and they all took off too! We were all flying across the pasture together! Haha, who knew it would be fun? And of course, I was having a blast snapping photos as fast as I could, not knowing if they would turn out blurry…and not caring. Yes….another adventure in the world of YeeHaw. The bottomline of todays adventure is this…..we have closure. The only closure we’re likely to get. The closure is…..we will never find that goat. The search is over and body or no body….Damey is no more.

Bundled up again and went to feed the critters. Yoki was out….nearly an everyday occasion cuz I keep forgetting to bring wire down there. Had my daily dose of Star play…..little squishy’s horns are seriously coming in now. She has so much fun now jumping on and off of me. I’m her rock. Ahhh, for the day when I finally get hubby to move me some huge boulders so the goats can climb. Sigh…been waiting awhile…years while. In the meantime….I do indeed make a pretty snazzy rock for all the little squishy’s to learn on. Well……once again, we come to that parting of the ways…..it’s dinnertime!!!! Lol, signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















8 thoughts on “A writers Soul is fragile………

  1. Oh your photos gave me my first smile of the day!! What fun!!
    Thinking of the new blog… why not try some off the wall ideas?? How about the alphabet?? post #1 is brought to you by the letter “A” for angora! then tell the story of the breed and how you came to love them… #2 is “B” foooorrr BILLY goat… talk about what it like to have a resident Buck, and so on… haha It would offer some focus?
    Otherwise, when I read a blog dedicated to one breed, I want to know who what where when and why… Who you are, What is the breed, Where you live and how does it effect raising them, When do you breed, when do babies come, when do you give vaccinations, worm… etc (a good spot to plug Hoegger’s products) and so on…
    Keep up the open doors into your life ~ I feel like one of the little ones, perched on your shoulders!

    • Haha!!!! You’re too funny! On my shoulder, eh? I’m supposed to cover Fiber, so I juggle the other fibers with the angora goat. I do plan to talk about bucks and bottle babies….your idea is good but I’m roughly going by a table of contents I wrote for a book I thought I’d write. Ha! It became a blog!!! I hope I cover all you need!!! 🙂 ❤ and I'm tickled that you got to laugh! I did too!!!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. Oh, how I wish my low was 30! Last night it was 2, with a high today of 20. I live in an old mobile home, so frozen pipes are a common thing, and getting water to the animals is a challenge, I’ve got lambs coming soon, but I don’t worry too much as long as there is no freezing rain. Once they are dried off and have a belly full of milk, they are usually pretty hardy. Even my occasional bottle babies have to live in the barn (unless they are too chilled to suck).

    • Ah man….that’s a way harder existence than mine. :(. Lol though cuz I think it’s more for my sake that I hate birthing in the cold. I really hate cold. You gotta haul water? 😦 sorry. Best wishes and dreams for your birthing season!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  3. I love the running pictures, especially the order you put them in, the sheep and then the sheep and cows, LOVE IT. ok tell me the significance of finding .50 pieces? I have found several recently around here. Even one behind the fridge, I found it when we got our new one. Hugs and goatie kisses

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