One less rat in the rat race…..

Existential. That’s the word that came up on a blog I read and it hit home. Existensialism. I’m watching one of my all time favorite movies….Baby Boom. I love how this woman is doing what she thinks she wants….what is expected… the good life, the dream. Then….a baby is thrust upon her and she realizes she doesn’t want to walk so fast, so she moves to the county….where, she discovers true passion. The same passion, the difference being this passion was created for her….where the other was created for someone else, ie…a company, and there was way less passion. When she finds her heart…..she finds her life. She discovers she was only half living. Gosh I have de ja vu. Seems like I just wrote that recently…..but I haven’t watched this movie in awhile. Existential….her life before the baby……passion…..her life after baby. Ha….you choose.

I’ve seen this topic a lot recently actually. The… by the system, do what you’re told, do what’s expected state of mind. A large majority of people live that way and we all do in our own ways, even those who try to fight it. How many of us want to eat GMO foods? But we do…cuz it’s what we know…it’s comfort food. Now they tell us it’s killing us. Did it stop the smokers? Hello?…..I started at age 11. I’m 51. NO…we eat the dang food cuz we are addicted to getting our needs and desires met, at all times. The second the internet doesn’t work…..the stall in traffic…..the app acting wonky….our instant needs are not met and we scream our frustration! Come On!! Work!!! Come on!!!……etc. We take the vaccines….we give our children the vaccines…that have MERCURY in them……and GMO’s!!!! We drink the water with the Flouride in it and we eat food, created with pesticide chemicals. We are the walking dead. The cancers, the autisms, so many things harmed in our bodies by the Gov ordered vaccines and the pharmaceutical pills that are not tested nearly enough or they wouldn’t have to put such friggin scary disclaimers on all the pill commercials. It’s like that frog I was talking about last night….that has been slowly heated till the point where it’s too late to jump out….he’s already scorched. Existentialism.

Thing is…in the movie…she made a spontaneous move…..she followed her heart. She did not however, go straight to passion…no sir. She went through a bitter cold winter with failing water and heat and roof. Oh ya, and don’t forget lonliness. She also had withdrawls and in this day and age, I can imagine withdrawals from face book….horrifying!!! What I’m getting at is….sometimes we are led to do something different something unexpected…and if we are brave and choose to follow this instinct, well, we just might find our bliss. And we hopefully can find a way to make enough money……see…..there we go again. Money….forced upon us. Money…what makes the world go round. Screw money…….we should work in trade. We should start a Trade Revolution! Oh man…the money mongers would not like thaaaat!!! Ha….I’d better stop now! Who knows what I mighta said next!!! And she sums it up perfectly in the end of the movie with……I’m sorry, but the rat race is gonna have to go on with one less Rat. Night night my wonderful people who live to the fullest!!!! Go forth and prosper!!! Lol. 1:28 =11 master number Yummy.

Ahhhh, Saturday chores are done…good Mexican food in my belly and a smoothie I’m still sippin on hours later….groceries put up, goat fed moved and moved, goats fed, pups played with….yup….just sitting down to relax. Been lookin like rain all day but luckily it held off. Had t throw out a square bale of hay yesterday that got too wet in the buggy cuz someone put the tarp under the hay instead of over the hay. Lol, that was my beautiful daughter and my husbands doing. Go figure. Needless to say, it’s covered now. Hubby went looking for Damey today….no luck. I told the boys that they didn’t need to fight….that Marshall was the new leader…hope they understood. I told hubby where to look tomorrow….where I tried to get to the other day when they cows saw me and approached me….lol….reminds me of that SpyKids movie where the scientist made all these mini mixed species creations…then accidentally made some monster size replicas…..he was scared of the large ones so they lived outside while he lived safely inside the compound. In the end….it turns out the large animals just wanted to be near their….daddy. LOL, could be that way with the cows but yikes!!! They are so big and get spooked so easy and how ya supposed to know which direction they will go when spooked? I know….I’m a big chicken baby.

It was hilarious the other day. As I’m headed down the path….alone….I say…it’s a good day to die, it was my way of getting over my fear…..but literally 2 seconds after I said it….that’s when the cows saw me. I really did try for 15 seconds to push on, then fear won the game. Anyway…..there was a pack of buzzards flying over that area today. Goodness…..adventure, not fear….gotta get that through my head. Ok, well…..guess that’s it. Have a great weekend and maybe try a Random Act of Kindness. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.













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