One still missing…..two horns unlocked

Tomorrow will be another adventure….while watching my does about to kid….I will be horn wrangling and then jungle hunting for the other missing buck. I say jungle because honestly, if I hadn’t had my hoodie on, I’d be wearing wounds….the path was that thick. I got whacked I don’t know how many times. I have an area where upon our return I thought I smelled death…but Jess didn’t and we knew the buggy was about out of gas, so we went on to the house, where the cows nearly got in the yard, but didn’t by a tiny thread….and I got the buggy about 20 ft from the first girls pen and carried the hay from there. Hubby filled er up, so we should be good to go. All of this is with the presumption that I will make the food call in the morning and the two hooked goats come waddling up and then, the experts say…..get em on their backs…huge bucks, should be fun…..tie their feet…..grind the groove wider where the horns are stuck grab them halfway up the horn and by the face and twist without breaking their necks….and wala…… goats. Piece a pie. So…if they come…that will be the scene, or something like it…..but if they don’t come….then there will be 3 to search for. Got 2 does due on Sunday or after, depending on when they actually got with him…..but they could come now…in fact before this…I had hoped for it cuz there was no rain and it’s not too cold.

I posted a photo of the locked horns to see if anyone had any ideas… the Goat group on FB. Soon after, I discovered the boys were nowhere to be seen. They had disappeared into the woods. I had called Cathy and asked her and her husband to come help and had to turn them away cuz the goats were gone. Then when I reported that to the group…..I felt attacked, almost…certainly pressured…to go look for them in the dark. I kept trying to explain the woods/jungle situation but they really thought I should go. I didn’t go. Am I aware that they could die….hooked together? Yes. Was me and my son going out in the dark in the woods to search what we had already spent 2 hours searching earlier only to NOT find one of the goats…..wise? In my shoes…the answer is NO. In those 2 hours…we only touched on some of the paths, not into the woods…and I said…some of the paths….there’s a whole friggin lotta places we didn’t go yet. A ton. I think I’m defending myself still and I shall quit now. This gives Hook’em Horns….all new meaning! (a football team, lol)

Ok…..weirdest thing just happened…..Wiz kitty was on my lap and got scared…by a sound or a movement, I don’t remember and he tore off of me and scratched me with his claw. Or so I thought. I kept complaining about the cat scratch near my knee. Jesse said he didn’t mean it. Awhile later I looked to see how big the scratch was. There is no scratch. It’s a bite. Musta brought a spider back from the trip in the woods. Freaky. I don’t know those spiders….don’t have an arrangement with them. I just pulled all the clothes off me and switched em out for spider free clothes. I don’t mind the spiders…kinda admire them…..but they’re not supposed to bite me darnit! P.S……no signs of it being a poisonous spider…doesn’t even hurt now! Yay!

Kinda spooky, but owls seem to be dominating lately. The weird daytime hoots and the strange and very loud scuffle type congregations…and on the FB, and now on the TV. Owls represent death in many societies. Today, a friend who posts butterflies to my wall, posted one called the death butterfly. It was nearly identical to one on my arm. Kinda spooky. Interesting thing is I’ve never drawn a butterfly quite like this one before. It’s got a very specific pattern of spikes. So….I need to either wash it off….or let it remain as all the others until it ceases to be. I think I shall leave it. It must be here for a reason, and don’t forget I just found a dead body….with other possibles and one probable. Well, it’s late and time for bed I have the hiccups and I’ve tried all my tricks that I’ve remembered at the moment. Bummer but I will get them gone. Night night sweet sweet people. Not been the best day here….but here’s to hoping tomorrow is better. 1:36am = 10=1 = beginning…all….God…One.

No sign of the missing goat, but the two locked goats are now free. They were locked side by side and were so wore out that they ust stood there and let us do what we needed to do. Used a hacksaw and made a notch in the horn that had formed a groove. Pushing and pulling and twisting and out they came. Just removed a tiny triangle from one of the horns…no damage and no blood. I couldn’t get Jesse to go with me to look for Damey, so I took my staff and walked as far as I could on my own. Then the cows found me and I panicked and headed back as fast as I could. I tried. I said….it’s a good day to die…..but I didn’t have the courage. Some Indian I’d make!!!
The two hookem horns boys have gone off and rested, then returned for food. They’re doing just fine. Still horn fights going on…no clear winner yet. I hate these kinds of vacuums.

I sat in the back girls pen for awhile and had a Georgia in my lap. She doesn’t lay down….she just stands inside my lap…..sometimes I have to get her hooves off of certain spots, but mostly we just sit there and love on each other. Pearl gets in on it a little too. Star knew better than to come and when the two had their interest piqued when they spotted Cathy….she stated to slowly and bravely come towards me…..ha, till Georgia came back. Oh well, we got to play in the alley while I fed. She was racing along with me as I walked to different parts of the pen to por feed, and I was tripping over her so finally I gave her her tiny pile…….but lol…..not as much fun as tangling in Mama’s feet!!! Valey Girl was close enough that I touched her today and Sweetpea came to my hand…..they must be feeling left out all alone up front…ha, there’s only ten of them there now. I also was petting Popeye but that’s not abnormal….what is abnormal, is him trying to eat my hair braid!!! Sure pulled on it too…quite a yank!!! Still no birthing hints. Just went and gave out hay and everyone is still fine. Guess that’s my adventures for the day. Still a few hours left but I’ll be safely inside. Signing off then, at YeeHaw. P.S. The funny photo of the dog with the orange thing in his face? That’s from me saying….are you hungry? you are? well, go get me your bowl. 😀














4 thoughts on “One still missing…..two horns unlocked

  1. I’m sorry you felt attacked by the goat group. Knowing how to phrase something so that it doesn’t sound like an attack stops me from commenting on blogs sometimes. It’s hard having that many intact males, especially when you lose the head honcho. Hopefully they will work things out quickly, with no more problems.

    • I understand completely. I’m sorry too cuz the idea of me going out in the dark was just not doable. Just not. But they wanted me to. It was sad for me. But all is good now well except for Damey is still missing. Dont stop commenting, just remember they wear different shoes and have different landscapes. :)))

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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