A deeper LOVE

Ye know….I asked for more love. I expected more love. I have tended and nurtured more love. I heard that we would get a sprinkling of Pure Love from the milky way during the solstice…and before, the 12th I believe….and I began to notice the intensity of my love lately. Recently, one of my new internet friends was sick…and I felt a deeper love than expected. Tonight, Kimberly’s place was in danger of fire…and I realized how intensely I do love this lady whom I only met a month or two ago. This is not average love. This is unusual and indepth. I wonder if I’m the only one feeling this? My love for baby Star is extreme, as hers is for me. It just feels like an extra layer at least, ye know? That’s the best I can explain it….an extra layer, and a thick one to boot!!!! We can all do with more love….and with giving and showing more love. And sometimes….we gotta remind people that we love them. We go around thinking people know….what if they don’t know?

How is it, all these people going around the planet either being suicidal or cutting themselves…..and people NOT know how bad their friend or family member is feeling. How many times have you heard that someone committed suicide…and the family and friends were shocked. So many people keep their pain inside…hidden….from others but not themselves. For themselves….there is a HUGE light shining on it…..glaring it for all to see, or so they think. But to us…..they are just them…maybe a bit quieter, but still them…cuz we don’t hear the silent screams. Oh and there are many many silent screams being screamed at this very moment all across this spinning ball. If only they could make a sound…..and if only the right person heard that sound……….I AM hearing you now. If you let me…..and even if you don’t cuz I’m aware.

Ok….that rant is over…..as far as I know. Jesse and I were going to have a fire tonight again, but he wimped out. It’s fixin to rain here. A lot. Rain and I have a mixed relationship. On the one hand, I have always loved to stand in the rain and feel it landing on me….on the other hand….usually when it rains….I have pains. So it’s a bittersweet relationship, at best. The owls have been acting up… don’t know why. Last night, there was an owl mess outside at bedtime. It was so loud and rather violent that the pups went off. I rushed Blue inside without ball time cuz I didn’t wanna stir things up. Today, an owl was going off before 5pm. Never happens here…Never. Also, yesterday, I heard what sounded sorta like what I call…a crow convention….it takes place in the area of what we call the swampy pond….and it’s usually crows…hundreds, all squawking very loudly and I hear it from at least 6-8 acres away. Yesterdays was not quite the sound of crows, but it was definitely a congregation of birds. I remember when we first were looking for land, while we were back there, at the swampy pond, we heard an orchestra…..a symphony of birds. It’s one of the reasons we bought the place. And yes, as an advocate for the Indians, I realize that sounds bad…bought the place. Buying land should not be part of the new world. Sharing land, sharing buildings, medicines, herbs, foods, comfys, etc.

I’m watching a movie…and the brother is feeling left out…not concentrated on….not loved…..therefore, he is mean and troubled and drinks and abuses his wife. Seriously….there’s something wrong with that. Why do people not see how different , how unique they are? Why do people need to feel….less than? The brother or sister, no matter their special talents or skills, is no better or worse than you…just different. A different plan. We can’t all live the same life can we? Seriously….we need to want something DIFFERENT from the other guy. He’s already got that one taken folks!!! I have to admit…I am still envious of any owner of a FeltLOOM, but I temper it. I realize that obviously I’m supposed to take a different path than the darn felt loom. Not right now. We get what we get when we get it. We get love when we get it, and we get more love when we give it. Give it to the poor people, the sick people, the frightened people, the weak people, the angry people, the cruel people, the loving people, and don‘t forget the lonely people.

I’m on a roll. I love it when my writing comes out, from the depths of me. Sometimes I don’t get the opportunity, but it is always my intention. To spill forth pretty much all of me. It’s 2:15am, Virginia time….Summer should be snug in her friends car right about now, for the trip to the house….then she will hurridly wash clothes and switch her huge backpack contents for jungle needs. One day….she didn’t leave herself much time. I’m thinking that she’s not going alone this time…think she said she’d be at the most beautiful spot on earth for a week with the others, then with Cameron for the learning part of her journey. I like that. Not alone, that part. Lol….Mama speaking.

Funny that the writer in me is coming out even when I’m speaking in a normal conversation now. My friend was in threat of fire and I said I had prayed bubble shields around her farm and her friends farms and that the fire would have nothing to feed from and would go black with the loss of it‘s existence….ahh, I can’t remember how I said it, but it was very writerish…..and it struck me as such quite blaringly. This blog is rubbing off on me! Back to the goats….I was kinda worried about Mimi since she wouldn’t be having the babies first…since she tried to head butt baby Star at the fence…but I looked it up….she had hers last, last year and didn’t hurt anyones babies, so it was probably cuz Star was on the other side of the fence. Earlier, if I think about it…..she was curious and not threatening…..must be cuz Star is growing up. I’ve written a lot so I need to say goodnight, sleep well, and may the fireflies come to visit you. 2:45am = 11 = master number.

And one more thing…… While I was upstairs in the attic filming Summer’s song….I looked down at her altar and saw a nest….inside the nest was an egg. Not just any egg, mind you, but a rainbowy egg. A blue green rather iridescent egg. Identical to one that was involved with my friend Tom and his two sons, Rory and Sean. Rory is no longer on the planet, but he sure touched alot of hearts while he was here……anyway…..when I wrote The Wiggles, the first people I showed it to was these two kids. They came running down with a book and a drawing of what they thought the Wiggles looked like. The book, was a really cute story and there was this egg. The egg was in the hand, on the cover, and at the time, I was paying out a citrine crystal hand with a sphere in it…like a hand holding the world type thing….it was very special to me and still is. My main crystal. Anyway…..this photo was nearly identical, just a bit oblong cuz it was an egg…..I knew then I was connected to these kids and that the Wiggles were more than just words on paper. 1:58 am = 5 change. Hmmm.

Ahhh, what a wet day. Not raining hard, just lightly and constantly. I took advantage of it and did finally spin some more Georgia yarn. Got I all plied and ready to go. Am doing the walk to the back of the house and listen thing…….heard a few calls that could have been something, so I loaded up myself with rain/warm gear and went to check. Nothing. Went ahead and fed them 45 minutes early since it wasn’t really raining at the moment. Of course, after I finished and everybody is standing outside eating…..it started to rain again. Dang. Man we got some wet goats. The Bigboys were up and I was able to do a count. All were accounted for except Aramis and Damien…..the same group that I haven’t seen for days. Since the same two are still missing and everyone else is here…..that means something happened in the back woods. I do believe I am down 2 goats. I had assumed that they were just in a small group that was staying in the woods, but now that all the rest are here and still these 2 are gone…..figures….Damey is hubby’s favorite goat…..his other was Lovey. There’s a bit of acres out there and I don’t think it will have a good outcome. Ahhh, dunno. Well, I have way overdone, wordwise…… so I won’t tell you about the video I watched all day of Natalie Redding from Namaste Farms…..revive a basically dead baby goat. Still watching………Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. I don’t know if the link will work to the live stream…but just in case you might find it here. Truly inspiring and beautiful….and in my opinion, an example of…..a deeper love……more love.















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