First campfire with my son…..and CUTTERS…….Life will get easier…stop cutting NOW

Ye know, there have been many a fire built here to sit by and enjoy the night, but NEVER with my son. We have never sat at a fire together….until tonight. I’ve been building fires since I was a little girl, not sure what the draw is…..maybe I was indeed an Indian in a former life. There is something so exciting and yet so calming about the crackle and spit of the fire. One thing Jesse probably didn’t think about is that we’ve had a lot of rain…..not sure how dry the kindling will be. On the other hand……we have mucho stuff to burn until the logs do catch! He even turned the sing around so I can sit and swing, by the fire. Sometimes things happen out here when we build fires. Sometimes we see orbs, different colored orbs……(very large) and sometimes we hear angel wings flapping nearly as loud as a helicopter. We also sometimes see strange things in the sky. Not sure if it’s this place…..or if it was the rainbow people gathered at the fire. We shall see if anything comes for a Mama and her son’s first fireside. Right now I’m with hubby watching the newest Bourne movie……jeesh, so not my style. He goes to bed at 9, then I guess we’re off to build some flames.

Just did the seasonal obligatory cutting of my right hand nails…..just in case. I do it every year and have never needed to reach inside to help with a birth, but if there were an emergency…..I certainly wouldn’t have time to cut my nails!!! So….I do this. I like my nails long and strong. Nothing excessive, but I use them for all kinds of things! Even as a screwdriver!!! So to be honest…cutting the nails from my right hand, my dominant hand…is a sacrifice that I’m willing to do. I keep the left ones, LOL.
Well, we did it. As I approached, I see Jesse with a big red gas can. Before I could even get the words No no no out….POOF! Huge flames shoot up and he jumps back. Aye yae yae…He did a fine job of feeding the fire, which burned very fast, much to my surprise. He fiddled with the Iphone a lot trying to find the right perfect songs and played for me a new rap song he’d done. He ran to the house every time we needed something and he kept wishing for marshmallows and I kept saying there are perfectly good sorta gooey ones……no go. LOL. The recent high winds had knocked a tree partway down, and it provided us with the fuel we needed. Eventually it just got plain cold….39 degrees, so he poured water on it and we came inside. All in all it was a good time! No orbs or weird things though. 😀 well, night night folkies. 1:04 =5 = change.
Oh my, we just had the most productive shear time ever!!!! Not only did we get the three sheared who were bred first and had thick dense fast growing hair…..but these were the 3 who hated being sheared. I had planned to do them on their backs, but at the last minute I switched to…..sittin on their butts. Oh Lordie is that the perfect position!!!! They really can’t move and they are so easy to shear in that position. We have a new plan for shearing season!!! Shear the top on the stanchion, then take em down and flip em on their butts! YeeHaw!!! No crying, no biting, no anything. Now Happy did wiggle her legs a bit but it was not a problem. This seems to be a position that basically renders them inert. The BIGTIME shearers use this position a lot and now I know why. Awesome, so awesome. Turns out Yazhi is not pregnant from Mooney…..she may or may not be pregnant……but she was exposed to more guys after that. So…..looks like we got 2 for right now. After this, I’ll calculate when the next set of births should be. Sunday is the due date, so anytime before or after that. Anytime this week would be great, even in the rain which is called for……but the next week it will be much colder. Come on babies!!!!!!! Come now while it’s now so cold.
Forgot to tell ya last night……as we were winding down with the fire…I heard a call from a goat…a distress call. I chalked it up to nothing. A bit later, after I got Jesse to turn off the music and listen to the crackle and pop of the fire….I heard it again. I said….someones in trouble. Jess said…nah, it’ll be ok. No….someones in trouble….nah, it’ll be ok. Several times I had to say it to get him to agree to come with me to check it out. We get over there to the Beautifuls pen……and there is Einstein….down…….apparently stuck as well. Took a few tugs and it was apparent, he was ok….just unable to get up off his back, the way he was wedged between the fence and the water trough. So, all was fine once we got him up. I asked Jesse… trust me now? Maybe. 😀 And I just heard that we may get 3 more inches of rain tomorrow and Wednesday. I may have to open their door and let them roam the yard till it gets a bit drier and more solid ground.
Lordie….was just told that CUTTING was trending on Twitter…..with pics of girls who had cut….and their messages to Justin Beiber. So, apparently they found out he smoked some pot, therefore he gave up on the world, so they will too? What??????? Imagine…….you are in pain now….are cutting your skin now… stop the pain now…..please realize…..some day the pain will be gone…..and you will be scarred…forever. Please trust me…..the pain can and does go away. I was suicidal for 38 years…..I’m NOT SUICIDAL NOW!!!!! The pain will go. Really and truly……seriously!!!! Hear me. I want to scream from the rooftops!!! I want to save every single one of you. The reason I’m saying this here….is cuz I know people find my blog with search topics of cutting and TBP, the Butterfly Project. Someone commented on the FB post of the cutting….saying…..youth is wasted on the young. The young,…..think everything is permanent….think this is all we have is the pain of now……the young think there is no end…..there is an end……there is joy and there is light all the way through that damned tunnel. I am a pot smoker and I have more joy now than I could have ever dreamed. Hear ME. In one hand….someone places a packet of pain…in the other, they place hope. Which one do you want? I am now placing HOPE in your hands. Feel it? It’s all yours. Friend request me. I give you now…..HOPE. You have it NOW. It’s free…..a gift to YOU…..from ME.
Well, feeding is complete Played with my squishy for a good ten minutes and she did what she hasn’t done in about 2 weeks. She laid down in my arms for a nap. Sweet Star. I haven’t told you this yet, but she LOVES to be touched….petted, stroked…anywhere. I’m even picking up her feet as I would during hoof trimming, so she gets used to it. All this one on one with em as a baby is useful!!! Jumping on me is not a problem….she only does it when I’m on her level and when she gets grown up….that’ll stop. She’s pretty much already stopped attempting to climb up my leg….like Georgia does. I’m nipping that in the bud while she’s tiny cuz it hurts. Love my Georgia so from her I will take it.
I’d thought I’d lost a friend, due to asking her to stop doing something so often………I had even blogged about it today…..but YeeHaw, she’s still there. I’m very grateful. Summer should arrive in Virginia tonight around 1am and Jesse and I are planning another fireside tonight. I even gathered wood for it!!! Well…..gotta get the potatoes peeled. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch with much love for any and all who hurt…..even those who hurt enough to cut themselves……another kind of pain, is still pain….make another choice. Like….call someone. 😀















4 thoughts on “First campfire with my son…..and CUTTERS…….Life will get easier…stop cutting NOW

  1. I love your pics! Thanks
    For sharing! I especially like the one of the fire you and Jesse had. 🙂
    Thank you again for your kind words on my blog post!
    Peace and Love – Christine

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