My Beauty has left the building……… you Summer Girl

During last nights ceremony, Summer called in for me to receive downloads and things like that. She said when she slept, she kept waking from a dream where I was receiving my downloads and upgrades and a Christed crown chakra….oooh, sounds good…..every time she went back to sleep, she went back to the same dream. She thinks it really happened and Jesse says she was just lucid dreaming. I’m not sure which is true, but if I have to choose one…..I’d choose Summer’s idea that it was happening and she got to watch it. She says it was the special water….which by the way, I drank out of a fancy cordial glass! It really was a beautiful ceremony, complete with rose water and an unknown language. She is a very special young lady. Ooh, and she ran all my crystals under water last night too! I gave her my old Iphone and now when she goes to Costa Rica….she can text or message or FB with any WIFI available. That’ll be the first time she has a way to contact me from there. Yippee and rose petals!!! Imagine your daughter in another country, in the rainforest…with no way to contact you. It sucks, lemme tell ya…..but this’ll help. Yay.

I got the Wizzer kitty right now. Laid back and nearly always purring…well, not laid back when in high speed play mode. Lol. Summer cleared off the drum for me. She had made an altar on it last time she was here, and the kittens were tearing it up. This is a 4 ft tree trunk drum. It’s been covered for a long time, so when she uncovered it….she tapped it with her hands and oh dear Lord. I felt it again. This is an extremely special drum. The sound is so deep, so powerful. I have always felt that it would be needed in a group one day. I guess the other part of this story, and last nights story is that besides the drum, hubby also bought me a leather shirt. A Native American/Indian shirt, kinda looks like a warrior type shirt, and I used to oogle it in the store….Turquoise Trading Post…and one day it was gifted to me…..but it was in a glass case. A handmade special for it, cedar edged case with raw silk felt as the backing. It’s like a shadow box. It’s probably 4 inches deep and it houses this special shirt. I have never put the shirt on. You have no idea how hard that has been….to resist. But I don’t feel qualified, ready, to even put it on. But…..I am honored to have it living here with me…..waiting. She said she played the drum with her friend today while I was out doing errands, and I have to admit to a twinge of jealousy. It’s my drum, I can play it anytime I want to….I lack rhythm, so I feel silly I need to get over that, don’t I? But what if drumming on a sacred drum such as this…..needs knowledge. Hmmmm, I sure wish I had an Indian friend to help me with some of this stuff. When I was in Sedona, with a white medicine woman…..she said I was a Hopi Medicine Woman in a previous life. And that deer was my main totem. I don’t remember any previous lives. I once was at a wedding and the mother of the bride was sitting on a couch with me and all of a sudden, she jerks towards me and says…..”you don’t remember any of your past lives, do you?” I said no and she refused to tell me more. Very odd. 😀


Goodness, isn’t it interesting the way this stuff comes and goes? Some days it’s just farm stuff and talk of the pretty goaties, and some days it’s more about my own revelations in my own mind world. Either way, I aim to teach, to share. I pretty much lay myself out here day after day and I so appreciate the kindness shown me. I AM grateful…..thank YOU. My friend Kimberly suggested that I leave some things a mystery. I’m still pondering that…but at the moment, I’m still wanting to understand my fears. They have held me back for my whole life. Fear of…..hurt feelings, shame, ridicule, physical pain, amputation, being burned, dying, snakes…well sorta…that one hasn’t been tested since I did some inner work on it. Highways, on-ramps, driving in rain, men in groups, men, injury, walking with bloody newborn goats past my pups, messing up and causing harm, etcccccccccccccccc.


I think this mama has an easier time relating to her animals than to her human children. Summer and I are difficult at times. We are so different yet so alike. She is hard core into the shift kinda stuff, and I’m an aware being who just takes it all in. She is active. She does meditation and she’s now speaking a mix of angelic and elemental….which we jokingly called….angelimental, last night…. and she does these things called Decrees….she allowed herself to eat the bad food here…by bad I mean…unhealthy, processed or meat of most kinds. She calls in the archangels all throughout the day…..she lives with advanced children who teach her on a daily basis. She sings, and prays and goes to the jungle. This is my Summer Girl, my Singing Rain… I AM little girl. Oooh, the howling outside gives me the creeps. I used to have barking pups…nowadays, I have howling pups. Summer and I are finally watching Hachi. The faithful dog movie that rarely lets you escape without tears. I did this time, but only cuz I’m blogging…..Summer didn’t….ballin like a baby!!! Ahhhh, so everyone gets their heaven….even dogs. Night night sweet people. Love you guys!!! 1:25am =8-= infinity = God.


Ahhh, Good Sunday to ya……….it’s not raining!!! Horray!!! I might get something done. That’d be cool. Ha….well, since it’s Summer’s last day, we decided not to shear. Jesse insists we can do all three tomorrow. I just went upstairs to have Summer sing me a song. I got to see her pretty little sacred space she created for herself up there, in the midst of the chaos. She has a real talent for that….finding things and placing them just so, to make them sacred and special. I recorded her song for you. Hubby has agreed to go to town and get the rest of the feed, since they were out, so I can have a bit more time with the Summer Girl. Gonna gather up all the normal feed and take it down to the Prego’s……which means it’s gonna have to be sweet feed for the rest of the goats, which may shock their system. They’ve all had it before though so maybe not. Hope not, but don’t see any options. Oh ya….hubby put an extra big round bale out for the Boys!!!! Wonder if they’ve found it yet?! Man…..on FB, babies are popping out of goats left and right…and some nice pintos, ya baby!!! Apparently I really love the pintos…haha.



I’ve noticed something…..the pen with the gals who are due to kid anytime…..eats every bit of hay I put out and it’s quite a bit…..while the pen with noone due for awhile, well, except Tika, has hay just everywhere!!! Seems like maybe they eat WAY more in the last section of pregnancy. Well, got the critters fed, feed moved around and had my mini playtime with Star. Summer has left for the bus station…neighbor Mike is taking her cuz it will be dark. She may be gone, but her song played in my head as I doled out the food. She loves fires, but silly Jess waited til she’s leaving to decide he needs a fire tonight. Lol, he dug a hole…lined it with rocks and even drove the buggy around gathering sticks. Think hubby saw it and isn’t mad. Yay! So I guess I’m gonna be sittin round a fire tonight!!! Dinner first though……Signing off from YeeHaw Ranch where I’m already missin my girl.














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