Fears……….and an Amusing response to why

Haha and best laid plans. The rotating of the kids took a wonky curve tonight. Hubby stayed up an hour late, working….which delayed everything by an hour…plus he said no to the movie we were going to watch…one of his Christmas presents that he hadn’t taken the plastic wrapper off of yet. Go figure. So, we switched movies….and when I went to tell Summer than we were delayed by an hour….she said….what about the cookies? So……it was cookie night tonight. Jesse wanted to know what the ingredients were and I refused to tell him. All I had to do was tell him there was cinnamon inside!!!! The boy is cinnamon and koolaid Krazy…..oh ya….and ketchup! But I’ve worked with him awhile on the ketchup and he no longer pours out half a bottle onto his plate. He guesstimates pretty good these days. 😀
Summer and I are now all cookie filled bellies sitting here watching Evan Almighty….great movie, btw……giggling like schoolgirls. Every now and then…the heads turn once again…did ya see that? What did ya think of that? Those are our thoughts….but in reality….we just turn to each other and smile. Her time here is creeping by. We’re at the part in the movie where they say…..it’s sept. 22 and we’re all still here!!! LOL….It’s January 2.…or Dec. 22, and we’re all still here!!! Holy toledo…..I talked honestly to Summer telling her I apparently really did believe something BIG would happen and now that it hasn’t….I’m kinda at a questionable, somewhat fearful place. What is my place in 2013? What will happen? Funny…I’ve never had those questions at the start of a new year before.

If I’m to be honest…..I guess I wanted something to happen as opposed to what I thought would happen…..war. That’s what all the prophecies say…how did I fall into that Solstice trap? The prophecies all call for war. Hmmm, between two animals….bear and eagle I think. Shoot…need to read em again to be sure which animals. Thinkin the bear could be Russia or China. Sorry…just spilled out. Damn…..hate my need for honesty sometimes. (Tried to find the resource but not yet…..) But they do talk about the gourd of ashes falling on America. I dunno……just on my mind….shoot…..there’s a guy running for Governor of Nevada who says we’re in for a civil war over the gun issue. That was interesting. Jeesh Sheri,……stay positive…somehow!!! Summer ran to do an errand and I looked over and saw the Angel cards laying out…..so I did a real good shuffle….then got my one card. It was the card of…..Encouragement. Ha it said…if you’ve pulled this card today, perhaps you’ve recently made a decision to love yourself….all of yourself, even the shadow self…hahahahaha, yuppers!!!! And that it will be bringing up fears!!! LOL, truly….laughing out loud!!! So…..I’m supposed to go inward and encounter my fears and try to strip them down. Analyze them and put them in the light. Hmmm, I shall have to squeeze that in somewhere.

Ohhh, and we both exclaimed at the Rainbow!!! Yes….interesting how this place was known for rainbows…I used to have a myspace thingie and I was constantly posting rainbow photos and saying….yep….we get lot’s of rainbows here….well….I haven’t seen a rainbow in about a year. I wonder what’s up with that? I used to feel worthy of a rainbow….I wonder if somehow I’ve lost my sense of self while trying to love myself and trying to enjoy. Nah…..must be some other reason the rainbows quit coming here. I’ll ponder it…and maybe call one in, like I used to. Not only that…but God would say….grab your camera…and I would…cuz I knew…rain or shine….if he said grab your camera……by God, I was fixin to get a good photo…..usually of a rainbow even with the clearest of skies. Where are my rainbows now? I’m ready for some more please. Anyways….it’s late. I’m about ready to sleep…..of course that means that I still have to finish hubby’s lunch….play ball with Blue and say night night to the pups and the rest of the critters….So……nightie night peoples……sweet dreams and safe days. 2:41am =7 holy

Man, I need to get ahold on these fears I’m having. I need to gain better control over my thoughts again. I cannot allow the fear to dominate. I have abundance. I have peace and joy. I am safe. Haha….lol, Jesse just came and told me Summer was making green pancakes. Safe in a house with green pancakes. Belongs in the green eggs and ham story. So I went to see these green pancakes…..avacado, spinach, chia seeds, pecans, almond milk, flour and raw sugar. Hilarious, but so……Summer. I took a photo so you could enjoy as well. She says it’s like the mystery meat that always tastes like chicken…..lol, they tasted like normal pancakes.

I don’t know why all this rain waited till it was so cold outside instead of coming in the extreme heat, when it would’ve felt good!!! It’s so darn soggy out there! And I shouldn’t be complaining cuz we are still at drought level….but I have things to do…..with the goats!!!! Hubby came home with the clipper blades…..yup….5 sets!!!! Yippee!!!! Now to find a sharpener guy!!! Now….if I could just get a few dry days so I can do those girls backends….all would be good. The spiral spikes came in the mail today to create separate temp stalls………now to get a few panels and cut them to size. I once lost a baby goat due to the situation of too many black babies in one pen. If I pen them up the first night with their babies….that should fix that!!!! Oh…..this should be fun……full coverall overalls….a jacket…AND a raincoat!!! Well…..I’ve already suited up…stepped out and realized it’s raining again! Waiting a few minutes to see if it lets up. And ten minutes later….it did. All done now. Star jumped on me for about 5 minutes then went back to eating. It was an extraordinary day for touching noses though!!! Got to touch Mimi, Tika and Happy!!! Happy Dance!!! Oh and guess what? Darwin came out and ate the grain from the V-trough today! That means he’s gonna be just fine. Okie dokie……signing off from a very soggy cold YeeHaw Ranch. P.S…..Jesse took the kitten photo.













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