Rotating my children……. and yes, I’m goofy

I have a witness…..I have a witness!!! I was having a chat with the Gucci kitten and then I said…turn your head and look at me! Which she immediately did!!! Finally, I have a witness to the fact that animals understand languages….in this case….English. I’ve done so many experiments with Blue…to prove to myself that ….well, lots of things. That they can hear my thoughts…..that they can do unusual things…that their memory bank is better than ours!!!! Blue has around a hundred toys. He knows the names of the ones I’ve forgotten……and it frustrates us. I used to think I would remember the toys names forever……I can’t. The point is…they understand us…what do we do with that information? Yes…I’m goofy!!!!!
So…I’m rotating the kids. Tonight it’s just Summer and I. We watched Last Holiday, and now…Cheaper by the Dozen. She was in the mood for humor….after last nights……Bringing Down the House, which she ended up staying awake for the entire movie…and was trying to recreate it tonight. I did the best I could to help her out….with the movies I chose. She’s really very particular which movies she’ll watch. Shoot…she was ready to turn Avatar off halfway through cuz it got violent. I just remembered….I bought myself a package of paint boards for Christmas I can paint if I want. Funny thing is….for some reason I want an actual canvas this time to use oils. Haven’t painted with oils in years and years. Feelin the call is all I’m sayin Who knows when it will actually be the right moment and it will happen.
Two of the kitties have deserted me. The Gucc and the Wiz usually sit with Summer now but the Smoocher…the original kitty…still sleeps with her mama. She’s in my lap now. Thank goodness. My thoughts are on Darwin a lot tonight. I really think he’ll be ok…and all I can say is thank God I decided to stand him up or I wouldn’t have known that he was stuck. Boy was he stuck. I know….I’m repeating myself…..but I’m having flashbacks….of the horn stuck…and the pop sound as I freed it. Night night my friends of the world……see ya tomorrow. 12:58am = 7 holy
Ohhh I hate the cold. I went out this morning to check and found Darwin standing in his house, alongside the others……all just standing there…well, cept DaVinci who was sunning on the hay. I decided to feed them early to see what he’d do. He just stood there while the others came to eat. So, I threw a scoop towards him and he stepped out and ate the grain. Yay!!! I also checked on the girls….nothing out of the ordinary. Etta and Star were staying inside the house and the rest were all laying in what little sun we had. It’s just a winter day. Cold…..cloudy, therefore a bit dark. We were even supposed to get snow flurries…..but I didn’t see any. I have tons of clothes on and am crocheting to keep me warm. Normally I would be showing photos of what I’m working on….but not this time. It’s funny how when you’re making something that you’ve made before but this time it changes. Not sure what’s up with that, except that maybe it’s one of those….spirit guided designs???? Obviously a one of a kind, since it’s not following the pattern. 😀
Cathy called to tell me that Star was in the L. Haha…..I said, thanks….but ya….she’s hungry, she’s a goat now. So sure enough, when I go to feed she was in the alley eating greenies. Leaped in the air when she saw me and did about 20 little leaps and spins which I couldn’t really catch photo wise, due to her extreme speed!!! I gave her her own little pile in the alley that she can get to anytime she wants…..but she still followed me. I tried it out of curiosity to see how far she’d go…..too far… I walked back down and she ducked into her pen and off I scooted!!!! Brrrrr man. But I had my insulated coveralls on and was fairly comfortable. Darwin is still standing in his house…..didn’t come out for hay….hmmmm. But he did eat grain so…so, I really don’t know. It’s cold, and not feeling good, combined with cold and shivering has got to be miserable. Well, I’m determined that he will do just fine……and little Star…..I’m counting on her growing up to be kind, gentle and gorgeous!!!! Gonna be spinnin tonight! Yum!!! Bundle up people…….and Kimberly…..and other Aussies out there in the thick of summer heat……ahhh, I think I envy you……ooops….envy is wrong wrong…ok…I enjoy hearing about the warmth…’s that?! Alrighty then…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch! P.S….I have no idea of word count with this computer so this may be shorter than usual.













4 thoughts on “Rotating my children……. and yes, I’m goofy

    • Ahh thanks for making me smile! I keep Thinkin I’m boring y’all. Darwin got stuck by simply laying down. Then he musta sunk without realizing. Then it was too late! I sure will give them there hugs! Hugs back at ya Lady!!!! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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