A what the Heck kinda day…………….

Well, the pretty blog that I wrote last night has poofed into oblivion….as my new laptop has done what they call….CRASHED. Yup, it swerved and had a head on collision with itself and is now being examined by the GeekSquad. It would have cost $160 to do a backup….so they will try to not have to wipe it’s memory. Shoulda seen us giggling today as we sat in the car that wouldn’t start due to the cold……with a laptop that hd just crashed…while searching for the charger for the Iphone…..which was in none of it’s customary spots. It was like technology was on hold today. Thought I was doomed to thumb type but guess what….I remembered I have an OLD laptop!!! YeeHaw!

Well, today the Hoegger Blog came out…..and so far I got a good review….lol…isn’t that supposed to be…got good reviews? http://hoeggerfarmyard.com/what-is-fiber/ Ahhh, what a day. And it’s cold outside to boot! Guess I better go feed them hungry mouths before it gets dark. Feels like a useless day…hmmm, surely something got accomplished……hmmmm. Oh geez the day just got worse. I may lose Darwin. When we got to his pen….he was down. We went in and he was looking wildeyed at us….his eyes looking everywhere. I noticed the grooves in the dirt from his legs…as if he’d been trying and trying to get up. Then I noticed his horn was deep in the mud. So out of desperation…..I grabbed him by the horns and tried to get him to stand…..that’s when I realized his horn was stuck in the mud. I told you we got a lot of rain. So….I pulled really hard and pop…..out comes the horn and I force him into stand mode. He is very wet on one side and very weak. I don’t know if he’ll be here in the morning. Definitely a first for this type situation, that’s for sure. My Darwin always stands to the back…..he is very shy. Doesn’t like to be touched by humans. He’s one of the Beautifuls….and has been here for 3 years, since he was 5 months old. Love you Darwin.

And my Star…..jumped on me twice then she was off looking for greenies. She is definitely a hungry goat and mommy doesn’t let her drink often. I’ve just come up with a temporary solution…put some in the alley….only she can get to it. Ok……went out with a towel and dried Darwin off as best I could. Then Jess and Summer came to help. After drying him, it seemed to have stimulated him and he then was able to eat some hay. I feel better now and his odds have just gone up. You can see the mud line on his horn….bout 6-7 inches. Ya….he was good and truly stuck. Ok…..I can relax now. Breathe Sheri.

Last night Summer and I did indeed watch the movie….Incredibly Close and extremely Loud…or vice versa.lol…….wow, it’s a very intense movie! At first, we were thinking it was too sad….then it shifted. Some sad, some funny, some…what the???? It’s about a boy whose father died in the twin towers and he finds a key. He thinks this key will connect him to his dead father. Maybe I should be a movie reviewer……I would rate this one at a 9. It hits pretty much all the emotions…even anger.
Ahhhh, I got another good review….that makes it.. reviews plural now. Yippee!!!! Oh and some more good news…that I’m finding hard to believe. Stopped by Tractor Supply to see if they’d found the clipper blades hubby ordered…….they say he ordered 5 sets!!!!!! So awesome if it’s true…..but they can’t find them so they gave me the one pair they had. Excellent news since I don’t know how many shears if any are left in the blades I have….and we all know I’m fixin to need em. Well, hubby is headed home from work and I need to start dinner. Had a real nice blog all ready to go…but this one is what you get!!! Life happens while we’re living. Goodnight sweet people. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.












4 thoughts on “A what the Heck kinda day…………….

    • Ahh thanks! Seeing him eat the hay gave me hope. It’s pretty cold but I’m thinkin he will make it. I’m with you…poor Darwin, musta been scary. He’s walking a bit better now too. ❤

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