A bit of this….a dash of that

I watched a movie tonight where a guy gets hit by lighting……dies…then comes back. The hmmmn wanted to say interesting but I decided my vocabulary was slipping so I am wriggling for the right word….the perfect word. Interesting. Hmmm. Ok so… The specialiciousness was that when he died……….oh Summer says magnificent!!!!……when he died…he heard a voice at the light….. The thing that struck me was that the voice was his…….just like the voice in my head that I told you I tested….to make sure where the voice was coming from. So….it beguiles me. Yes…. I’m trying to use new words or make my own. I like it and it enriches me. Yes, I’m goofy.

Well it was an unordinary new years eve. Split my time between the kids. Jesse and I watched a movie from 9-11 then he went upstairs and Summer and I tried to watch YouTube movies but none were good enough to watch. Somehow, I think we were Oming then but somehow we missed seeing the ball drop!!!! Yikes!! How’d I miss that? It’s not new years till the ball drops!!!! So, Jesse and I watched it on YouTube this morning!!!! More than one way to skin a cat……what a horrible saying!!!!???

Well it’s not rainy now but it’s wet. Tons of rain last night. It poured for hours and hours……we needed it but the poor goats are now wet and it’s gonna be 39 degrees. Poor cold wet critters! I haven’t been out yet. I’m waiting till later on purpose cuz of the bred gals.

Yup…it’s official. Star is a goat now. Not just a baby…but a goat. She is not only eating grain and bits of hay….but she is now officially a grazer. After feeding the girls….I went in to the pen to play….she didn’t come. I went to see and she was too busy eating greenies to be bothered to listen for my call. Let her graze a bit then scooped her up and took her in. Sat down against the tree and we played a minute…then she snuggled for a minute…then she was gone…in search of grain. Ahhh, my little squishy is growing up. Good thing I got more squishy’s on the way!!! And I got good news…..although they all looked waterlogged….at the touch…..they were dry. YES!!!

I have to tell ya about the boy. The boy is becoming a man. He’s offering to do things….he’s thinking ahead….he is changing…..He volunteered to let the pups outta the pen and go put them back up last night when the lady was ready to leave…in the rain mind you…..and he even walked her to her car. The differences are vast and many. I think it’s the God thing…….mixed with the jail thing. All I know is he is a much nicer, kinder, more thoughtful person now. Hmmm, my mother doesn’t know this Jesse. She’d probably like him. Whatever. Lol, he says there’s still one more letter from him coming in the mail. Lol, probably about all the farting that goes on in jail!!!! Hehehe…..and the top bunk getting smelled out!!! You know…heat rises!!!? 😀

Man….I gotta get my schedule back……I write best late at night….but lately my computer is tied up with watching TV on it and I end up writing the blog during the day. Summer leaves Sunday….so it should restore around then. LOL. Actually, tonight too cuz she has already chosen tonights movie….Uncomfortably Close and Incredibly Loud….hope I got that right. Yay….a real movie!!! LOL, we watched the Little Krishna the other night….animated…..last night we started to watch the much hyped….The Shift………lol, it was about dec. 21 solstice. We giggled for awhile but finally I said I couldn’t take it. Then we put on a movie that was recommended for us by her new California friends….hmmmm, we didn’t really jive to it….and in the end…..we ommmm’d in harmony. Quite beautiful, really. And it feels extra special. Now I get why people Om in groups. The Om is very powerful, people. You should try it. Well…..it’s pizza tonight!!! Haha….usually it’s pork roast with mashed potatoes, and black eyed peas for good luck. My beautiful daughter reminded me that it was a holiday and I was making something she couldn’t eat. So….Pizza!!! And I am off to make the dough!!!! See ya tomorrow…..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!….on January 1, 2013333333.














2 thoughts on “A bit of this….a dash of that

  1. Love that you are having a good time with both of your kids. it is very special. Jessie sounds like he wants to stay for a while and has figured out that kindness may work better then demanding? I hope so. I love the pintos picture, and the one with Summer and Star where she is a bit more animated. Hugs and love. Oh I made some funky gloves, I need to have someone take a picture, of course I have no pattern but they are interesting. Thought of you as I made them. Perhaps they are meant for you.

    • Been missing you. Now the holidays are over we slow down??? Or heck maybe it’s time to speed up! I think it was the God thing that changed him. Yes I’m having fun with them. We rotate lol time with mama. Oh excited to see your new pattern. No camera girl! You need a camera!!! Huggs and I’m steady workin on your thingie.

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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