Baby goats and the gigglebone…………..

Tonight, I was very far from a Tibetan point of view. I went to check on ingredient status to see if I could make my Grammy’s cookie recipe for Summer and discovered that all of the stuff in my baking cupboard……were eaten, gross and unusable. See….these weird moth things come. Not for my fiber…but for my food. Then the spiders set up camp and eat them all. Apparently someone isn’t doing something right cuz I had to throw the entire gamut away. I saw two largish spiders and a bunch of babies. I killed the babies. I’m sorry. I have to draw some lines….somehow. So, I guess I’ll be replacing a bunch of things and sealing them in ziplock…..and I’ll be buying dates and raisins for the durn cookies…..Love them, they’re worth making. If anyone is interested, lemme know and I’ll post the recipe. Anyway…bye bye baby spiders…..go to the light.

I’m watching the Karate Kid, the new one….and the boy has just pulled his teacher from the depths of his hell mind……I think that’s what’s been going on in social media. People are helping each other. People are saying……I see you…to the ones who were never seen…..saying…..I hear you… the ones never heard. I know that’s what I do. For me, it’s a natural instinct… try to help. To try to alleviate….lessen……eradicate. Fix, heal, enlighten. I do that in every way I know….my words…my photos….my thoughts….my experiences, and my funny cute baby photos…those bring smiles to some who have no smiles. The upside down baby or the flying in the air baby…..all are shared to help you smile or to jog a passion, or a dream. …..a memory maybe……..or just a plain ole wonderful giggle. Giggles brighten our lives and clear our yuk.

Summer was just going through my boxes of things I’ve made. She was looking for an everyday hat for me and pulled out item after item and no hat. I said….no, I think I sent them all with you. So then she wants to know what is my cozy. Where is my shawl. And she keeps pulling things from the boxes then she pulls out the very first shawl…I said…that’s it. But no…it didn’t end there……then she saw my pink cape…..a beautiful pale pink alpaca felt cape….that hubby bought me at my first Kid n Ewe fest. It’s so gorgeous that I rarely wear it……she says….here it is….here’s you cozy!!! Huh???? So here I sit with this $200 dollar oh so soft cape on my lap. She is right though….it does touch my inner something. I wonder how the girls are doing in their new abode. It probably feels new to them, with all those huge hay bales surrounding it. I know they were busy eating what they could off of them!!! Talk about the world’s most expensive shelter that’s barely a shelter! It took around 12 big bales….and it didn’t even close off the back…..just the front…..due to north wind. Hubby put the first three bales inside….between the carport poles and the horse round pen panels….when I stopped him to tell him he couldn’t do that on the other side….he wanted to argue with me. I said….a catch system is equally as important as heat…..and I need my catch. Like I said…huge difference windwise inside their house now. Oh man….the little girl in me is loving this pink blankie. She was right. I bet I haven’t worn it in 2 years. What on earth am I saving it for? I’ll get her to take a photo for you. Well, it’s 3:05 =8 God? That’s what I associate it as…for some odd reason…..oh ya….infinity. Night and sweet productive dreams…asleep and awake.

Well, the town duties are completed….well, cept for all the things I forgot!!! I forgot some of our stuff and I forgot that Jesse would be here Tuesday, therefore……would need his food. Yikes. May have to make another trip. Summer helped me with the loading and unloading of the feed bags…..Yay,……then she came in with me to play with Star. Lol, she was unprepared each time Star jumped on her!!! Me, I just laugh and laugh. You should see all the photos I throw away….honestly….when I play with Star….the child in me comes out and just plain out laughs…. Laughing is good for you. Star had us in giggle fits…..guess she struck the gigglebone quite a few times. She flew onto Summers head as readily as she flew onto mine. Ahhh, what a fun fun time. Some of the photos aren’t perfect, but they show the giggle palooza. Oh ya……I saw Joyce, the lady I sold some Miyagi fiber to….first, at the stoplight in town…..then in the grocery store….lol…..didn’t realize how small our towns were. She said she loved the Blue…..Moonee….funny, I gave her that as a special treat….and I still don’t know what it looks like washed!!! At least she’s happy with it…..that’s what matters.

Tonight, due to leftovers…..I am making one of my favorite meals on the planet…..turkey a la king…..on toast. Hubby says it’s too bland but he’ll eat it anyway on rice instead. Finicky people!!! Speaking of finicky people……I’ve decided I don’t like the new twist I was trying on the gift for Mea…..lot’s of undoing, then redoing to be done. I want it to be right. I’m wearing my pink cape again today…boy is it warm. I have indeed decided to wear it till it’s ratty so when I die…my daughter will love it even more!!!! LOl, it will be even more special, as Mama’s favorite thing!!!! Oh ya……I had to buy a small rubber dish thing for Star to drink water…..saw her eyeing the water trough like she wanted some. Also…..the little whippersnapper is eating grain today!!! Actually eating it!!! She is growing so fast…..and so tall! Love my squishy. So funny that Summer got to experience it today….she sat as close to me as she could get, then we just let Star do her thing. Let’s just say………WE LAUGHED!!! Goodnight my friends…..Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!


















6 thoughts on “Baby goats and the gigglebone…………..

  1. Oh my goodness! The pink blanket is one of the most beautiful blankets/shawls I have seen!! You definately should wear it everyday and enjoy it. When family members and friends have died, there are always beautiful things that they have “saved” and never used. I always wondered what the special occasion was that they were waiting for. It made me sad that they didn’t feel special enough to just enjoy the things for themselves.

    • Ahhh thank you. You have a point!!!! Its me that thought it was so special and wanted it so bad, not anyone coming after me!! I’m gonna wear it!!! 😚

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. I have to agree w/ Dwanna. don’t save the shawl for whatever. Wear it often for invincibility, comfort, something pretty, or just because its yours. its gorgeous!!!!!!!
    I love pic #2 with you and summer. There is an Incrediable purple and yellow “aura” around you two. When the first pics of Summer came out in your blog a few days ago, she, herself was projecting a strong but not overpowering purple aura. She is Definately grounded and at peace with who she has become on her path. She reminds me of some of my wonderful friends from Taos, NM. She would so fit into that scene there.
    Quick question. I love the combination of fishnet shawl and open long cardigan with the cabled sweater underneath. Did she knit these herself or up cycle the combination look. This is a lot of the direction that my hand knits have taken and I like how each has a one-of-a-kind look. Lastly, it is so good to see you smile so much lately. 2013 is gunna be your year girl!!!!!!!!

    • Ahhh yes I agree now too. Wear it because it makes me smile. Let’s see purple and yellow. The purple I get that would be her violet flame she’s so into and yellow, creativity? She would fit in there I’m sure. She’s fascinating. Her clothes are layered separates. She’s dressed like that for awhile now. The outer clothes I made. The inner sweaters I did not. I did the glovies and she did the hat. All 3 top shawls were my doing except the first one I did 3/4 and she added on. As for the smiles…. It sure is nice to be so happy. I once covered my face when I smiled cuz I had very very bad top teeth. Hubby got me implants for clear choice so my top teeth are fake and screwed in and cost $!!! And I love them. Now I have reason to smile and it just goes!!!! ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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