Ahhh….a Good and Useful Day………..Love them!

I blew past that award because of all the technical stuff…..but folks….just the title sounds auspicious and grand to me. For little ole me…to win something that says…of the year…..wow and guacamoles. I mean….I thought real hard about who I was gonna nominate. I think I got the three perfect recipients…..mamacravings, Lori, Jeff, the world, and The Mohair House. All blogs I love to read each time a new one comes out. Oh, don’t get me wrong…I read a friggin lot of blogs…..but these are the 3 most favorite and most deserving as well. Especially Lori, Jeff, the world. They need more fans…..please give them a read. Really….the little kid in me has come out for this one. In fact…..I’d seen someone receive the award last week and thought…..I want that one!!! LOL. That thought worked!!! Anyway….I’m really on top of the world about it…just the kick in the butt I needed.

I had to buy more phone minutes for Jesse. That brings the jail total to around $120 for a month!!! He sounds good still and still wants to come straight here instead of going to his old friend’s houses. This is good news folks. Good news. Speaking of good news….my sister asked me about the Hoegger blog, so I posted it to her FB wall. A week went by where my ego was wanting to say…what, you didn’t like it? I’m so glad I didn’t cuz she finally responded with the words, well something like…….I didn’t know you had so much writing talent. Shoot….I told her I was gonna count it as a Christmas present, that’s the day she said it….cuz it made me Smile! I’m 51…..interesting……and gratefulness are my thoughts.

When Summer is here….things are different. She can’t handle negative energy….so the TV has to be turned to one of the music channels which is still bad but not as bad. Also, she’s a nonsmoker, so we argue about how far to open the window…when it’s cold, like now. 😀 I don’t mind any of that…but the….let’s get to the point, when I’m telling her something is quite a drag. None of my life is of a high enough energy. What does a mama do with that? I dunno….but I love her, so we keep on a goin. We have many special times….and we have one coming up cuz she plans on an evening upstairs, and that’s when I get to drink the Mt. Shasta water. Remember….I don’t really drink water….I’m an anomaly. Haven’t ever. If I’m outside building fences…..I will drink it….otherwise…no. I guess I get it in the juices, tea, and beer. 😀 I haven’t updated you on the makings. The hat is done and presented….like? Who knows. The Lovey pillow will be presented on time…tomorrow. Not sure how I got it done, being sick and all, but I did….and early. I’ve already told him it is basic, he will have to tell me if he wants embellishments. Now my wheel is free and although I want to start on the hats….I have something for Mea in the works. I’m going to finish that. I’ve been spinning Georgia for a few days again. It’s high lanolin, which I didn’t realize how high…so I will have to wash it as if it is raw fiber when completed….that way….I can add to, if it shrinks….vs, sending it to her to wash. Oh my goodness….foreverlazy…a tv commercial….I want that….that is so me. Haha…it’s a hoody and sweatpants rolled into a baby type onsey……..and it’s got a drop down drawer!!!!! Oh excellent!!! Lol. Alright…..nightie night my good people. See ya on the flip side. 2:04 +6 earth.

Wow am I happy. Got hubby to move those big bales of hay around the carport which is the front girls…house. Now they have windbreak and it’s really snug as a bug in there. Thrilled beyond measure….and it’s his Birthday!!! That’s when he does it…lol, on his birthday. LOL, go figure. All I know is…my smile grew bigger and bigger as each bale was set down. No more worries about them in the extreme cold and wind. Yay oh yay. Now it’s a proper shelter. And one of the internet companies was out again today. Hope it works. Haven’t gotten to play with my squishy yet. I’ve been on gate duty. Shoot…those girls were so scared of the tractor, like I knew they would be…..that I probably could’ve done just about anything and left the gate open. Silly goats.

Ok….I need to fess up. I guess I believed the world ending stuff more than I realized. I now find myself somewhat in shock. Really? We are still here and still going? I guess deep down I really didn’t expect us to still be here so I’m like……this is all very weird. Ok, well that means I need new dreams!!! Well, not giving up on the Feltloom…..but other dreams….more dreams. At the moment, my dreams are a healthy passel of goat babies, preferably some being pinto and blue’s as well. That, and the new venture I’ve come up with. Oh gee…see, told ya I’ve been forgetting somethings…….I still haven’t responded to the offer of spun yarn. Jeesh…so much happening right now. I’ll get to yah hon….I will. So, I just need to ponder what I want to dream into being. What are y’all dreaming into being for this year out of time…?

I forgot to tell you that Donna’s horn fell off on it’s own….there is now a 2 inch stub there and not a drop of blood in the falling. She’s doing great. I am now the proud owner of a goat horn to put on my special things shelf. Goat energy, ya!!! Lol, with all the fiber in this house you’d think I had plenty goat energy in here, but no….I want the horn too! I accidentally forgot to turn off the water when I was filling the trough in Stars pen. YIKES!!! It filled and overflowed all night. That baby is jumping 3-4 ft in the air now, so I am only filling it to about 5-6 inches each day…..so thank God for keeping her away from it. She was having a jumping palooza today!!! Flying through the air, with as many twists midair as she could get. I tried really hard to catch them….got a few I think. It’s hubby’s 55th birthday today and he loved his Lovey pillow. He cried. He’s deciding if he wants anything added to it. I told him, it’s not like any future pillows. I did NOT wash the fiber….so it would always smell like LOVEY. I also stuffed it with Lovey and a bit of alpaca mill waste. Yay, success. And tonights dinner is for him….enchiladas. His recipe. Banner day folks…..front girls are warm now!!!!!! Very happy. More special times ahead, with my Summer bird……life is grand. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch!!!














4 thoughts on “Ahhh….a Good and Useful Day………..Love them!

  1. MamaSheri: Regarding the question of whether I can spin anything other than just plain yarn, the answer is: You bet. We can work together and define what visions you have and make it work. Still interested in Etta’s fleece and interested in reserving Etta’s and Georgia’s spring 2013 fleeces.
    P.S.- I have some questions for you regarding the felt loom. Rather not discuss publicly.

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