Let’s play Santa for Ourselves…….YES!!!

Due to my unavoidable disenchantment with the festivities of Christmas Day…I have had to Think myself outta this one. I had to think of what I had. And aside from a gazillion things……..I have Little Star. She was born in December, so I decided she can be my gift this year. I think of her as a treasure….so…..she is my gift. It helped a lot for me to decide that. Took the weight off and I got through the rest of the day. She is a gift I am MOST grateful for. I also got a few things that hubby picked…and a few things that I picked….. Just now…..9pm, I cut the tag on one of the Sheri picked items……..ooooohie….she knows how to buy! It is a new knitting bag. I got it for $10 and Knew it was a good deal just by the feel. But after I inspected it just now….wow. I’m digging this bag! It’s a $50 bag for $10…..and it has all sizes of pockets and several zippers! The bag I’ve been using had only one pocket, on the outside, and I was always making sure my hooks didn’t fall out. With this one…..I can put it in a slot I KNOW it won’t fall out of! Tickled. Yup, that’s what I am….tickled.

So….now that I have found my happy….let’s see if I can get happier. Hmmm, a bag to protect my wire cutters and a new pair of wire cutters, a vcr/dvd player recorder…(won’t elaborate), a landline phone…which I use all the time and mine broke, so yay, and the things I got me….a scarf to use as a pattern, a bottle to hold my juice drink while traveling(my metal one is peeling….can’t be healthy), and an Adele cd. I love Adele. Then of course……is the beautiful friendships I’ve made and found……on the internet….whether Facebook or these here Blogs….I have indeed met some scrumptious people and I am truly blessed. And my children will both be here for a few days at the same time……..and last but not least……is STAR. My little gift from God himself. Hehe, maybe He should’ve had a chat with poor Etta first….she’s not sure she wants to share. And just think………I’ve got more little stars on the way…… Ahhh, blessed indeed. Oh, and btw, I wasn’t over it last night apparently….nope…..but I am now. 😀

I wasn’t really thrilled to have to tell you guys about my meltdown. I wasn’t very proud of the feelings I was having, but I’ve learned to have them, not suppress them if possible. And since I had them….I had to share. I tell you guys most things…not all, but most. What I didn’t expect however, was the outpouring of love and understanding. Understanding….because y’all could relate. Relate to wanting that one thing so bad you can taste it…and against your better judgement, you think it will be under your tree…..and it isn’t. Seems this is a familiar feeling and circumstance. That’s really sad. Anticipation and let down. For a lot of us….if we carefully planned, we could probably get that item for ourself. That’s what I’d like to challenge you all to do. If there is that one thing…..instead of waiting for someone else to figure out how important it is to us…..let’s us work on getting it for ourselves. Power to the people…..who care about themselves too. Too, as in…….not just others. Ye gotta love yourself……cuz who truly can do it better? Like me and my Sheri picked items. Who knew how much I love Adele? Sheri did. Who knew that bag was well made and would be perfect for my knitting goodies? Sheri did. You get the point people.

Ha….got my work cut out for me cuz what I want costs $17 grand!!! Shoot…maybe I should lower my standards and be ok with the small…instead of the Medium. The needle difference is drastic, but ………hmmm, I’ma gonna think on it. Night night sweet people. Christmas is done for another year….lol, another year. 2013…..comin up folks………..oh and btw…..something did indeed happen on Solstice. You’ll see, if you haven’t already…..No, not meaning to be cryptic….Im referring to the Indian Movement called Idle NO More. There was a gathering in Canada on that day. I’m not sure if the California one panned out, but they did indeed meet in Canada. Tomorrow is DAY 13 or 15, not sure, for Chief Teresa Spence…..HUNGER STRIKE…..how much longer can she last? Will the Prime Minister meet with her before she is dead? Questions. No answers. Night night. 2:57am =5 change.

Well, my good mood just went to crap. I decided to be nice and let one pup into the front girls pen. When I went to let him back out…..BabyGirl got in so he didn’t go. I left em to go pee for predators and do the rest of the feeding. When I came to get em….they had dug up the last dead goat…. BabyGirl then claimed it. I got em all in their pen then went after her. She bared her teeth at me. When I told her she was going to the Pound and they kill dogs there….then she followed me out. These pups are pretty worthless to me now I guess. If they can’t go and mark territory cuz they are so busy eating my dead goat…..then they are worthless and useless. I’m so angry.

Before that….I had a good play session with the Star. What a funny baby. No nap on mama today….too busy playing. She’s starting to jump on the backs of the other goats now….oh ya….that’s going over real well!! 😀 Bellies are growing and growing. Some that weren’t showing recently….are now. It’s starting to get scary. I’m not used to having them kid in the winter. So many things I need. I’m really hoping nobody kids till after Jesse gets here, so he can help.

Summer arrives tonight about midnight or so. Cathy’s husband is picking her up as a favor…..and Cathy just cleaned Jesse’s mess upstairs as a Christmas gift for me. What a sweetheart!!! That boy needs a talkin to…..or I may have to build him a shed. Inexcusable and downright uncouth. Back to the Summer Girl. It will be an interesting visit, as always. We love each other dearly…..but our ways of doing things are VERY different….from eating…..to conversations…..to prayer. We shall persevere!!! Ahhh gosh…had so many things I wanted to say…but they evaporated and I’m at the limit. Stay warm my friends……it’s very cold. OOOh ie….I get to hear my daughter sing!!! It’s so pure and beautiful. Her guitar has been here for around a year. That should be a nice reunion too!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














6 thoughts on “Let’s play Santa for Ourselves…….YES!!!

  1. I have to tell you, your post about your melt down and the ways you are fighting it have REALLY helped me see ways I can take control of my emotions and fight the holiday depression!! BLESS YOU for being real -= and vulnerable.

  2. You are so right because even if you got the felting thing. I am sure you would still post more pictures of Star on here then anything else. So you can tell what you love and what really means a lot to you. you should see if you can find a used one. hugs and love

  3. One word, girlfriend: LIME. You gotta cover those dead goats with at least 2 inches of lime. A 50 lb bag doesn’t cost much. It helps Mother Nature do her work, and takes care of what would ordinarily attract meat eating predators. Speakin’ from experience here. Lime.

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