Baby it’s cold outside………………

Well, sad to say, but I spent my Christmas Eve in a state of depression….over the dang FeltLOOM. Crazy as that sounds…it’s the Gods truth. The first night I saw it….I fell in love. Literally. I was sure hubby would get it for me. Later that night he said no. Every birthday, anniversary and Christmas since then, 2 years ago….I’ve half expected it. There’s that word expectation again. My feelings about this are beyond words. I seem to have finally snapped out of it, I think…..I hope. Of course I felt guilty that I was so troubled by this while kids are starving, etc. And how…non enlightened, my state of mind was. The bottom line is that I just needed to cry about it….again. It was time.

I haven’t mentioned the internet problems I’m still having…such a bore. After having hubby fix it time and time again…he finally figured out it’s my computer. Ya…the brand new laptop. That’s actually good news to me….meaning it can be fixed!!!!! I ate some glazed doughnuts hubby got me this morning…..wrapped the gifts, including mine….well, there are some I don’t know what they are that he wrapped…..then I had some pumpkin pie. Yup….depressed….eating sweets. Bored with it already and wanting to move on…towards joy. Joy….I have so much to be thankful for. See….I just need to remember that instead of dwelling on what I don’t have. Mary Berry from Fancy Fibers Farm had a good idea. She suggested I get pieces ready and send the on to be done by someone with a FeltLOOM……and I said no, tried that…I’m too spontaneous and my heart couldn’t get into it. She said how about lightly needlefelting them…then sending them off…..Possibly doable…yes.

I’ve even had an offer to trade fiber for spun yarn so I’ll have ready yarn available for my new endeavor. I was actually pondering that myself….how am I gonna spin fast enough? I wonder if this gal……knows how to spin different types? Smooth as well as flyaway curly? I do flyaway curly. I used to call it tailspun until I learned it definitely most definitely was NOT tailspun. Then when I asked…was told it was a form of…..I just call it Curly Locks. I pull the curls partly apart, not all the way….stuff em into a bag and when I think I have enough…….then I spin. OK, well, it’s late and I’m feelin tired, so I think I’ll say Merry Christmas people. It is 1:31am =5 change.

Well, it’s 5pm here. The temps are dropping swiftly and the breeze is ….well, breeze is too small a word. The winds are whipping and making it even colder. I haven’t seen the bigboys in 2 days….they must be deep in the woods, for warmth and new eats…lotsa meadows back there. The girls in front will have it the worst. They have cover only. God I hate that. No big hay bales to break the wind……so sorry girls…not a job I can do. Played with Star twice today. In the end…she did a bunch of nuzzling and then curled up in my lap and went to sleep as the wind tore through us like we were made of air. So I sat there so she could get a decent warm nap, before she has to brave the cold. Love that baby. Gave everyone a bunch of hay to keep their insides warm.

Guess that’s all then. Really not much to say today. I actually did say stuff but I deleted it cuz it wasn’t on the positive side. I surely hope some or all of you had a great great Christmas. For those of you in the extreme weather……please be safe…..think before you go outside….stay warm. And for those around the world where it is so hot…..think ice ice baby. 😀 Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















14 thoughts on “Baby it’s cold outside………………

  1. Biggest hugs to you. Sorry your Christmas didn’t live up to your expectations. I am sick again, ready to go to bed, part because I can’t breath and part because everyone was in my kitchen and there was no room for me to do anything. I hate people in my kitchen and I hate other people deciding what I am eating in my own home. So ready for peace!!! Your daughter should be there soon, I wonder what Star will think of her. Lots of love and hugs

    • Awwwwe thanks. Yes perfect timing for her. I had to decide that SHE IS my Christmas present this year!!!! Merry Christmas to you and yours…all of em!!! Can you imagine all our goats getting together for a FB US wide Playdate???? Lol. Happy New Really New Year!!! Huggs

  2. ((hugs)) I can SO relate! I too am blessed beyond measure and SO wanted an ADDI felting machine. (it is small and hand held – perfect for sculpting) and although I really didn’t expect it because my hubby and kids don’t think that far ahead (it had to be pre=ordered, sold out everywhere) and I had already gotten so much, still I felt let down. I special ordered hubby’s gifts far enough in advance to give them to him on Mothers Night. (sigh)
    BUT ~ I have goats and milk… and fiber… what else does a girl need??

    • Ahhh I’m seeing a trend here. I felt bad about having to fess up but I’m an honest person. All else I could’ve done is just post photos and I considered that. But I posted anyways and so many are saying they relate. I’m so sorry you didn’t get your addi. We put effort in. I get it. I found hubby’s gift a month in advance and he said no! It makes me feel like a little kid. Huggs!!!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

    • Thank you for being so kind. It seems Santa didn’t come through for quite a few. I have finished wallowing so I will now move on and out! Bless you and yours. I’m lucky. I have beautiful subjects at my feet you could say. 😀

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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