Twas the night before……what?

Somehow Christmas has crept up without any emotion to it at all. A christmas with a little c……no christmas spirit. I gotta grab me some somehow. I’ve been watching Christmas movies for 2 months now cuz that’s when they started it this year…the day after Halloween. I’ve got my tiny tree all lit up, as you saw in the photo the other day, got the holiday card posted on FB….hmmm, did I post it here? Got some presents in my room waiting on me to wrap them up…even mine. All of these things should spell Christmas spirit……hmmmm, did solstice take the zing outta Santa? Well, for me, that is. I wonder where I’m gonna grab some from.


Maybe I’ll have to wait oh my God….its Christmas Eve now!!! Where has the time gone? Oh crap….that means Summer will be here in 2 days….and the upstairs is a disaster. And the kitchen….ahhhh crapola in a handbag. Haha, I just went from looking for Christmas spirit to crapola. I was about to say……..I’ll probably get it Christmas day when Cathy comes over and I get to GIVE to her. And even better…’s something she wants. Something she mentioned about 6 months ago that would make her life easier. Hubby got involved and it’s not what I would have gotten but if she’s happy that’s all that matters. It’s a vacuum, well, a shop vac to be more precise…..that was hubby’s input. 😀 Maybe now she can suck up some of the indigestion her husband sometimes gives her. Good grief Sheri. Jeesh…sounds like not only haven’t I found the spirit but apparently I’ve gone in the direction of bah humbug!!! LOL.


I need to slow down on the Lovey gift…..the anticipation of making my first…hmmm, prototype…not the right word but the one that showed up…..the anticipation is causing me to rush through the Lovey thing without putting loving thoughts into it as I crochet. So….I hereby determine to meditate on love as I crochet the Lovey Love. On the other hand….it’s coming along quickly and should be finished in time for his birthday. This will not be something fancy or frilly. Very simple and basic……as my hubby prefers. He still has his childhood teddybear….I remember when I added eyes to it and he freaked out! LOL, he wouldn’t let me remove them though. He also has a teddy bear that I got him which I later made a hat and scarf for. Now that… he liked! He’s very hard to please. And even if you’ve pleased him….a grunt is to be expected. 😀 Jeesh…..that means I will be driving to a store on Christmas Eve…haven’t done that in years and years….. or maybe I should just wait…..Summer will be here for 2 weeks…….on the other hand, I do know of something hubby wants….TranSiberian Orchestra has a new CD out. So wow….ya….it’s that eve day. Stuff to do. Night night and Merry Christmas to y’all on the other side of the spinning ball. 1:24am =7 holy


Well, I woke up and yup….it’s still Christmas Eve. I really don’t know how that happened. We drove to the ROCK SHOP for Summer’s gift. Y’all know the difference between a Rock Shop and a metaphysical or crystal store? MOOLAH…$$$$$$$$. Tag either one of those names on….metaphysical or crystal and wala… will pay hordes more in cash!!!! I got my girl some nice things and was even able to get a few tiny ones for me. Just some pendant charms that will go on my pouch to bring me the essence of the rock….I got citrine and aquamarine….$1.90 each. As well as some pendant animals I don’t have yet…an angel…..out of Picasso marble and a coyote of dalmatian jasper….at $2.70 each. I’da paid $20 each in a crystal shop. Best Buy was all out of the TranSiberian CD. Oh well, I tried.


Came home and hubby loaded 3 bales of hay on the zenbuggy for me, then while I was feeding and playing with baby…..he was getting ready to take out a big bale for the big boys and the other large critters. Little Star snuck out at the gate and raced as fast as she could…which by golly is really really fast……back and forth…while I dispensed the hay. Then I think she got scared and wanted in and couldn’t remember how. So I scooped her up and dropped her over near her mom. Blue didn’t know what to think of her on my back. Actually, while she’s still small….it feels good…like a massage. And believe it or not….I finally got a photo of her doing the snuggle thing on me. YAY. And of course, I tried to get a video of her running so fast but that’s about when she pooped out and realized that she’d lost her mom.


Had to help hubby with the gate so he could get in and out of the different pastures without the cows and horses getting in……and lemme tell you…..the beginning was easy….I just yelled HA and waved my arms………later…they were so close when I had to yell HA, that the one young bull started towards me!!! I had one hand on the gate chain and the other was waving while yelling more HA’s. I hate being near large animals. OOOH, give me the creeps!!! Got it done without any problems, just one nick of blood on my arm. Now, I’m back inside, where it’s colder than outside…shivering and about to pull on more layers. Old houses. 😀 So….I got a bunch of presents to wrap yet…..still working on the Lovey gift…..and still have all the trash to deal with. Hmmm, think I’ll do that right now….at least the downstairs stuff. Haha…well, sorta….well, halfway? Lol, I got em onto the zenbuggy rack!!! Least they’re out of the house. LOL, didn’t realize it had gotten colder in the past 15 minutes!!!


Oh ya…forgot to tell ya….when Star was out…..Mimi stuck her nose through the fence with curiosity and the two met…So sweet. I’ve really enjoyed all the blogs I’ve read the past few days…some wonderful Christmas stories…..not the traditional kind. Thanks for the treat, blog people. Oh and another thing….turns out the pups didn’t steal my new wire cutters after all….hubby says he found em on the path I take……so he bought me another one of those hot pink rubber bottom bags from Sears….I can sit it in the zenbuggy seat…then put the strap around the seat….and wala….pups can’t steal!!! Yayah! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch with a silly Christmas poem.


Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house

Only Mama was stirring

Why cookie dough, what else.

The goats were all tucked in

Hay and bedded for the night

Little Star had her playtime

On mamas body of light.

Now they are sleeping

Waiting for Kringles sleigh

With presents of alfalfa and peanuts

And horse quality hay.

Come morning we’ll wake

All happy and sated

The day is now over

What for we waited and waited.

Another year to go till next

Cuz 2012 Solstice fell off

So another year till this stress again

To get my FeltLOOM, cough cough.

Twas the night before Christmas

And all through the house

The kitties are sleeping

And mama feeds cookies to the mouse.

















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