By golly….I think she’s GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..

My brain is racing…..thinking. I’m thinking. This new little venture I spoke of has taken a tiny twist which curved around from strangers… me. I went looking online for hat ideas, thinking I needed a bunch of hat styles to offer. Today, the Lady tells me which ones are her best sellers, and at first…it threw me for a loop. I felt hemmed in and scared. I thought…oh damn….that’s what you get for telling the world about it before it ever even happened. You released the energy from the hat balloon. I was feeling sad. Then, time went on through the evening and I picked up hubby’s Christmas hat and started turning it around in my hands. Suddenly….I knew what to do. And then, I connected it to God placing us in this house…the day we saw it for the first time.

And then… I raced to tell you what was happening…..I realized how to expand it…..oooh, and expand it! I’ve been asking God for one thing. Just help me find one thing….that’s not too hard….that I can do, that people might want….oh, and doesn’t take too long.Years and years, I’ve been asking for one thing…that one idea…..that one…….. Starbuck idea. And when I figured it out…..that was supposed to be the salvation….the justification for having so many loves in my life… many goats. And by stroke of Solstice…..I may have done just that.

Yes….I’m going to be mysterious about it. I have to. It’s only a blink in my eye at the moment…..I need it to be more solid…..more grown up. I’ll share my goat babies with you but for the moment, I’d like to keep this other baby to myself…..until I’m ready. Thank you. 😀 Oh so excited though…..I feel like an artist again. I design all my stuff cuz I don’t do patterns, but not like a true designer would. I rarely sketch, bad at it. I just start crocheting..or knitting and I get what I get and I try to remember how I’ve made it. The next time, I just look at it and figure it out. LOL…very professional. I wing things. I just do. Sometimes I’m directed to make a yarn 2 years in advance of needing it. Golly bum….as you can see, I’m a wee tad excited…I’ve just written about this for 3 paragraphs!

Oh course…there’s always a chance I fail at the attempt…..but it doesn’t seem unreasonable to me. It seems quite doable, I just need to try it and if it doesn’t work right the first time…try it again. And again…whatever it takes… feels like destiny. Funny thing is…the thing God told me….when we saw this place…….I thought it was connected to the apocalypse. And in a way…I guess it was…hahahaha. I mean, it was during…the 20th……that I asked the Lady…and it was today, the 22nd, that I get the aha idea. So…..yes…..2012 solstice but not for salvation….for ohhh wow…didn’t I say salvation earlier…up there? Lemme look. Holy bananas……wowow. If you’re actually reading this……go back up 2 paragraphs and these comments will all make sense….wow oh wow. I was about to say…….not for salvation but for a creative endeavor………….which apparently is my salvation….so all foretold………11 years ago. God I love the God/psychic part of my life. I feel like a yo yo lately….emotions and life going up and down and up and down. Guess I should say goodnight now otherwise I would just keep going on and on about this idea. My stomach is tight. Funny…a portion of it was even suggested to me the other day and I dismissed it absolutely….but now that I think about it… makes perfect sense for me. Ahh, see…I’m still all drooly over the possibilities….they seem to be endless. I’m a bubble getting so full…….so much energy in my mind…… I can’t wait to tell Cathy….she’s the one person I get to tell…cuz she will be here for one…and for two….she might need to help in some way….she’s got a sharp mind. She’s my sew-er too….anything needs sewn…yup, Cathy.

Hubby had to inform me that he’s off work for awhile….cuz my brain is apparently preoccupied. I’m gonna have to work on the Lovey gift with him here. My illness put me behind. Oh well. In the end he’ll know what it is anyway, right? This house was a disaster before I got sick, due to shearing….now it’s beyond palatable. And today….hubby decides to do some cleaning….only his idea of cleaning is to remove things that are no longer good or necessary and put them on the floor and counter of my kitchen. What fun!

I’m not sure I’ve been effective at explaining it. The switch is from thinking I’d be making a bunch of different hats… singling in on one hat. And then on from there. And on….. lol. Now….go back aways and remember me saying… one thing Sheri. At the time, I meant that while discussing putting photos of my creations on the internet. One at a time….different views…….Instead of just an onslaught of photos that people only “LIKE” and never buy. One at a time. Each unique. One thing. One love. 😀 Night night world people. 12:56am=5=change.

Yup….off to Austin we went. Got the kittens and Blue some toys…a few more things for Jess and more movies for hubby. You should have seen the recliner I’d picked out for him……extra wide…storage in the arm rest and heat and massage. Ahhh man, someday. My daughter is very hard to buy for, like hubby. Did find one thing for her and made a call to a shop she likes and they are open tomorrow. Yay. No BabyLoc. It was getting late and it was obvious he was ready to head home, so head home we did. Was only gonna put it on lay-away anyway. Spent the entire day sorta shopping but mostly planning……planning for my new venture. Called Cathy this morning so she could get excited too and be thinking as well. She loved the idea and understood me perfectly.

We got home just before dark. I’d already fed the breeding does before we left this morning…….just in case. Got home in time to feed the rest and even to play with my squishy. Little Houdini can get out anytime she wants, regardless of me trying to keep her in. She apparently likes the feel of being the only one who can get out…..cuz she does it often. She got out while I was in there to play with her so I came out and sat down in the alley. She came to jump on my back about 10-12 times…then she did her nuzzle thing and out she went. Out as in asleep in my arms. Put her back in and left amid a chorus of…..hey….you didn’t feed us!!!! Oh yes I did. This sleepy girl is gonna finish her smoothie now. Signing off and lovin you from YeeHaw Ranch. Ps….can’t wait to finish hubby’s Lovey gift so I can start my new thing!!!













2 thoughts on “By golly….I think she’s GOT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!……..

  1. WOW! Your white babies look so… white! haha, here in Oklahoma – they are red like the earth =) I got lucky and got a red Angora to start with =) and her reverse badger baby. She is pregnant and due in Spring.
    I am SO excited to hear about your NEW direction!!

    • Ha….some of em look white….I also have the red clay. I thought Tracee was gonna throw a fit when she saw precious Georgia…red and black!!!! Smart move…red doe….lol. Maybe you’ll get a dark baby as well!! Oh hon…it is new and yes…other people have done it….but in their way….this will be mine. So excited!!! Hard to contain. The creator in me is bursting!!! ❤

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