An impromptu writing…….and a Walmart Christmas???

I was inspired and led to write this last night…..came out really fast….less than 5 minutes probably….was fun….I love writing. ….

Once upon a time I was a little girl. I was very sad. I didn’t understand anything I had. A body full of pain, a mind clearly insane. I didn’t know why I was put upon the earth…a mistake had been made…….i had no worth. Not enough to do the job…the job in the future, in my house of slob. I unzipped myself in dreamtime awake…..I grew older hell to partake. The pain, the men, the obscene…..the cruel, the mean, the truly insane unseen…..the bandaids of sin, not see through….the house of sin…..which one….there were two. Rape of silent porportions….redone over time, meek and mild became drunk and wild. Wild and naked….naked and mild….babies of milk and need……men of sex and greed. Lost children swished away, decay decay decay. Man of need man of praise, teepee’d me to sleep. Sleep and hide, hermit besides……hiding in plain sight. Lost in sorrow again too many times, until I heard the light. Madonna woke me, pushed a button and turned me on. Delivered a seed I birthed ….the rose, delivered the life, the life, the love He chose. He the mystery, the bird of light of might. Lion surrounds the bird within…..snake is in the center, birthing up more light. Thirteen years the life school ensued, life a lesson a babycage. As I grew in light and love the hermit left and stood aside my rage….my dis of self became love of age. Of croneness delight with wisdoms headlight….I follow the crumbs of self. My crystals feathers and critters became my pot of wealth. My gold my silver my diamonds of stone…..are shields I place around myself. Once upon a time I AM crone…..a child inside now joined as one……no reach too far, no star out of reach….I live, I love I teach. I reach. Night night sweet ones… is now 12.22.12 at 1:18am= 1 beginnings.

Ok….well, a very strange Christmas this shall be indeed. At least here, in this house. We went to WalMart. Got hubby a few movies, Jesse some boxer shorts, and me some canvas panels cuz I’ve been feeling the need to paint lately. That’s it. I decided I’d rather put all or any money for me toward the darn BabyLoc. Ahhh, FeltLOOM…..I cry at the loss of you. I kid you not people… brain came up with more ideas for that machine than any other thing, ever. It’s a very sad loss. I know, I know….I asked Santa…..but really…how’s he gonna fit that big expensive thing in the sleigh? Anyone got $17,000 to donate? 😀 Oh ya…also got some balls, you know…..the $2 kind in the big racks in the grocery stores…..they are Christmas presents for the goats. Someone said they were playing with their dogs and the goats looked jealous so they tossed the ball in and a game of soccer ensued. Sounds good to me….ya,, may not last long cuz of the horns…..but hey….it’s Christmas. Oh ya….and don’t forget my clipper blades from hubby.

Today, as I was dispensing feed bags….little Star decided to break out. BabyGirl went after her first, along with Blue…and they followed her, which of course panic’d her. I scooped her up and put her back and a few minutes later…out she came. Over and over. Kept Blue dog on his toes, that’s for sure. As dark was setting, I put her in one last time and reworked the gate chain….down low. Ya, that’s what I call cutting it close. Guys….wanna hear something very odd? None of the stores, Petco included, had any decent Pet stockings with treats inside. We were spoiled with going to Austin to shop and going to Petsmart. Believe it or not….hubby is considering going to Austin….to get pet presents. Blue will be expecting them….and you know I’ve been talking about expectations. So, we may be going to Austin tomorrow.

Jesse is doing really good. He’s down to 8 or 9 days now he says. He finally got my letters and I got one from him today. He drew a cross! A pretty cross, at that! He says he’ll be ok if I don’t send any more cuz time is nearly up. He wants to know if my friend Don, who will be bringing him to me…..can get him a burger from Jack in the Box. Apparently the idea is keeping him going. LOL. Oh ya……and the spiral in the sky over Australia? May not be a hoax. Someone looked for the story on google and found my blog….lol, and thru that, I discovered it was in Perth. I googled it and it’s indecisive. Pretty cool, either way. My daughter arrived in Mt. Shasta safely in time for solstice and apparently also in time for 4 or more foot of snow!!! She will arrive the day after Christmas and stay 2 weeks, then she takes a bus to Virginia….to take a plane to Costa Rica. She must really like that place cuz this is like the 4th trip for her there. Oh ya…..hubby asked me yesterday how the pregnant does were doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWZA!!! That impressed me. He’s been more smiley around me too lately. 😀 Ok…well, guess that’s it for this Saturday blog…ya, about 200 words shorter than normal……Oh,…..and if you read my blog and there are no PHOTOS…….wait a bit cuz I will realize they didn’t show up and will get them up in a jiffy as has been known to happen lately….as in yesterday for one. If there are no photos…I will say so and say why. Ok… good!!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.















2 thoughts on “An impromptu writing…….and a Walmart Christmas???

  1. You wrote from the heart, I found it very interesting the first 1/2. I have heard it before but you did o\it in a different form. Well done, I loved it, and your sweet pictures. Kiss Georgia and Star for me. Hugs to you. Are you feeling all better now?

    • Thanks Woman!!! Ya Cathy said shed never seen anyone be able to put their life story in a paragraph before. Lol. Yes feeling better. Still get tired really easy. How bout you? I will give the kisses!!! Hugs!!

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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