I mailed my letter to Santa yesterday……first one since childhood, IF I wrote any during childhood, that is..…really don’t remember. It’s very difficult to get into the Christmas spirit….when all I can think about is Solstice. So, after Solstice…..I will light my tiny tree and see if I can find any ho ho ho spirit. As some of you know….my only real connection to Solstice is the 3 day mind warp I was taken on during Solstice ’06. Why would God take me on a 3 day mind warp during solstice? Really, I dunno. I ask myself that a lot. Simply to spur on the idea of archetypes? Really? A 3 day ordeal for something that simple? I’ve always kinda figured there was more to it, as yet unrevealed to me. What if it’s aliens? Any of you ok with that? Me? I liked Thor on the Stargate series. Felt like I could connect to a being like that. And Spock, of course…not much different there…cept the ears of course.


Wow…just got a text from Doc. Freaked me out when she started sayin rubber gloves and even with the goats…what? Seems I really do have Hepatitis C, and apparently it is raging. She wants me to see a GI Doctor ASAP….and gave me the name of a specialist. Heck if I know……Looked it up on Google, then looked at the online Lab results…..hmmm, google says a high viral is a million. If I’m reading mine right, not even at 50,000 for the one and under 5,000 for the other. Confused. Shoot….just want my lungs to breathe right. She gave hubby coupons for a new med for me for my lungs….gonna research it first. Heck…she still wants me to be on the thellopheline……..yikes!!!! The human cottonball maker!!!! Too much to do…..too many goats to love………too busy for HepC….and on to another topic. Wait…..if cannibas oil can cure cancer…..maybe???


There’s a gal on the Navajo reservation who has a FB page called……Tsehootsooi Healing Circle. Every night, she says….where are you…what’s the temperature and tell us something. (They pray a LOT for us) Last night…there were several asking about Solstice…so I told em I don’t have answers, but maybe some insights and left a link to the blog. How many people are scared and are being quiet? If you’re wondering…….I don’t think that something is going to happen cuz the Maya stopped their calendar that day….nope……it’s the alignment in space that has my attention. 😀 I’m not going to get into prophecy……it’s been available for any who needed it. What I am going to do, however….is Hold the Light. Ascending….hmmm, does that mean we have to leave? I need to read more. Hurry. Lol. From 3rd dimension to 5th dimension…..are my goats gonna be in the fifth? Lol….hey…we need to know these things!!! Well……time to wind down. Goodnight my sweets. 2:11am=4


Goodness. Well, one of the internet companies was supposed to be here at one so I postponed going to town for hubby. They didn’t show. In the meantime, Cathy and I moved the stanchion down to the breeding girls pen to help Donna out. Not so much. Jeesh. She didn’t want caught…..and I’m not sure when the horn broke exactly, but it did… had been looking shabby but it broke. Not all the way off…..but enough to drip the brightest red blood you’ve ever seen. All I could think of was sugar to stop a bleed so I posted in the goat group on FB. It was suggested either cayenne pepper or cornstarch. The pepper sounded dastardly, so I went with the cornstarch. It did indeed stop the bleeding but the horn is barely there now, so I may need to have the vet remove it the rest of the way….it’s broken like…halfway up the horn….not at the base. Odd. So that was our excitement for the day. Didn’t really need any cuz I still have to rest after doing the simplest of things.


Played with my wee one 3 times today…… Boy she sure has fun climbing on Mama. Then today….she would crawl into my lap, then play….hehehehe……trying to do her twists and jumps from within my lap. The third time I went down it was basically routine now. On the third time…it’s close to dark…..and that’s when she wants to crawl into my lap and go to sleep. Just like Kya, I swear. It was hard for me to get up and have to disrupt her sleep. Poor baby, was kinda foggy, but she laid back down.


A little bit of Native American news. Seems that a large group of Indigenous talked to the Government last year about the status of the homes and the water being undrinkable…..they thought they had succeeded and got the attention of the Canadian government. Boy were they wrong. So….their government gives them some of that mighty special tract housing….but not nearly enough…..and no heat…..and the water is still undrinkable a year later. Sound familiar? Ya…..the Governments of the land masses must get together to decide what’s the best way to kill these people this year….cuz the buggars are still alive!!! Heard it’s the same in Australia……that’s US, Canada, Australia……any other countries treating their indigenous like shit…..dung……flyfood?????????????????? I’m getting mighty tired of hearing it.


They’re making the Canadian Natives drink bad water…probably bad from the damn tar sand pipeline crap…and here, in the US…they are still trying to take away the water from the Hopi and Navajo…….in the desert. Like I said……they just want them gone and dead…’s been plain to see for years and years. Shame on you…..all of you, on all the continents who do this. My congress… senate……SHAME SHAME SHAME on you. We should make you and your families live in one of these tract houses in North Dakota for example, in the bitter cold…..for a MONTH. See what you think then. But if the goal truly is to kill them off….. well ya….either way…..make the congressmen and the senators live there for a month…..with as much assistance as they give the Natives. Ok….soapbox done for today……….oh wait…..there is a Lady Chief in Canada on day 6, I believe of a hunger strike. You go Chief. My prayers are with you. Ok……..loving you…, that’s what they say every two seconds at the Rainbow Gatherings…….Lovin youuuuu!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.











11 thoughts on “Crap…….Damn………..Dung

  1. It is SOOO good to see you smiling and enjoying your baby. I would like to visit your farm this spring. what do you think? Some questions 1) do you ever sell your fleeces? 2) regarding the horn break. Depending on how far across it is broken- because it is in the area of blood flow- you might be able to wrap it tightly with the wrap you used on Star’s legs. It may heal. If it is beyond repair- take a saw and cut it off. Stop the bleeding again if necessary. No need to call the vet. save your $$$$$. 3) What does solstice mean to you? 4) what does the numbers mean when you sign off your blog ( ie: 2:41=7) ? Thanks. Your friend Tami

    • Haha…thanks….yes, we are having a blast together!!! Well sure, we’d love to have you visit. Yes…I do sell the fleeces…just beginning to find buyers. I have a ton of them… About the horn….it’s been wanting to break for awhile….think I should just remove it to the break….Really? Just saw it off? Cuz that’s alot of money at christmastime. Would love to save the money. She’s 8 or 9 yrs old and my best mommy goat.

      Funny about that….solstice should mean more than what it does to me…..It means to me……it’s a day when God sends me on mind trips!!! Every year since…..I’ve been rather leary….is He gonna do it again? lol. I just never celebrated it before that…..still don’t but am very aware of it now. And this is exactly 6 yrs later, so…….and the message He gave me….I don’t tell the main message cuz it’s too……too….conceited sounding. I guess. So I wonder about this one….feels important………..

      the numbers are just being broken down into numerology form….dont know why but kept doing it then erasing the nextt day till I finally said to myself….there must be a reason I’m doing it so I started to leave it there. Your friend Sheri ❤

  2. Awe, Love Star. Sorry about the horn. Not sure what I would do. Probably wrap it and expect it to break off on it’s own in the near future, maybe a month. I had one break this summer and it didn’t bleed at all, but I wasn’t there when it broke. I am assuming it didn’t bleed because there was no blood on the goat. I would worry about sawing it off in case you hit the blood supply and then you couldn’t get it to stop. The horn will keep growing out of the head, but it will never be symmetrical again 😦 Hugs my friend.

    • Goodness….I read the page. I am very blessed that we’ve never had that happen here. That was a break to the skull….this is a break several inches up. Thank goodness. I could wrap the horn with vetwrap but if it needs to break off, I want it to. If I put vetwrap on, it would cause much pain in the removing of said wrap……just took off the babys splint…..not a gentle endeavor. The blood stopped immediately with the cornstarch. Next time…I would use the cayenne first, then cornstarch. I had a baby break her horn to the base once…sprayed it with purple stuff and it regrew perfectly… can’t even tell……got lucky. Thank you!!!!!!! So…Goatlady is your friend Quin?

  3. Goatlady is just a wonderful woman. You can read her story on the website- kinda sad but very empowering. She has gather a plethora of information and shares it freely with all. Having animals, I found that I couldn’t justify vet bills except for the extreme. I vet all my own animals and use predominately herbal and holistic techniques in my animal management.
    I also have found, that the time I spend with an animal, allows my to handle, bond, body score, and really check for any issues before they become extreme. This approach has yielded me the most priceless of shepherdess’s gifts = the trust of my animals. priceless. BTW- Quin USA friend of mine that has made it her goal to research goat issues for me. because she is somewhat disabled, it is her contribution.

    • Ahhhh that’s sweet!!! What an awesome friend!!! I think I’m confused still tho. Is this two different women? Quin and Goatlady? Either way I agree with the natural approach. Do you use herbs for worms?

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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