Higher consciousness = change………..expect it……….and Little Star

I read long ago and then again recently, that at this time……many people would be making changes. Changes that no longer sit right with the soul. Things that at one time, made sense for whatever reason, but no longer serve our higher purpose. I’ve even contemplated it myself….oh boy have I. As an example, about once a year, I used to ask my husband if he wanted to divorce me. If so, he was free to do so. I didn’t want the poor guy to be stuck, since it was a marriage of convenience, of sorts…. Never dreamed it would be the other way around. Me….realizing that life isn’t good enough for ME. Not, me trying to spare him……me, …. trying to spare ME.

It literally took the whole 13 years of my spiritual journey for me to come to that. I, deserve better than an argument for nearly every conversation….or feeling like I’m not here, even when I am and not only am I here, but I’m speaking….saying words…………..I’m talking to you!!! (Yes, as we speak this just happened). No….I’m not saying I’m making any changes….I’m saying that changes are happening. I actually saw a blogger who had made the hard decision to no longer be Quaker. He had requested to be Quaker just 4 years ago and the testing was nearly complete, when he realized….it wasn’t right….anymore. I don’t know….just kinda struck me, considering all the hype about solstice changes.

I don’t think I mentioned it here, but I just asked hubby that question… what, maybe a week ago……but it now strikes me…..that I should be asking Me that question, instead of him. Heavy sigh. See….told ya I loved me now. I also have a friend who is kinda dreaming of a change….well, actually, if I go back just a few weeks….another friend as well. Hmmm….it’s in the Air~~~ Did I say I wasn’t making changes? Not true. I’ve had several discussions with hubby lately that I used to be silent about. I brought them up and rather forced a discussion. That’s not like me. Well, I do blow like a teakettle every so many years, but this was different. I guess I’m speaking up for what’s acceptable for me and what’s not. Only a person who is 100 % secure can dare say what’s acceptable, right? The bottom line for me is this…… I like my life and I like my husband. I just want him to talk to me more and to treat me as an equal…..brainwise and homewise. So….I am trying to create what I want…..by finally bringing these things to light….hehe…the Light….so important.

https://yeehawranchmamasheri.wordpress.com/2012/12/15/so-excited-i-could-just-spit/ Wow, interesting……I got up to get something and this link was here. Hubby is asleep. Weird. 😀 I guess I’ll leave it…it seems to want to be here, maybe there’s something in that blog that will help someone who shows up tonight, eh? How funny Spirit is!!! Wonder why that one was chosen, and not the ……Be the Light. Gosh folks….I must be feeling better…..I want…..banana bread…..chocolate chip cookies………turkey a la king…….meatloaf and mashed taters, oooh, and lasagna….don’t have any ricotta so that’ll have to wait till next week. Mmmm, lasagna for Christmas? Doubt it….hubby likes Primes Rib. Me? Love it, but hate to cook something so expensive in case I ruin it. To me, it’s not Christmas without the turkey and stuffing. Lol, dunno yet. Don’t know about presents either but I did tell hubby that the year we tried no Christmas was God Awful!!!! In other words…even God would say it was awful. No presents? Nothing? It’s not like we’re poor. I think I was disgusted about something that year. Never again!!!! Nightie night my beautiful friends. 1:15am=7 (hmmm, same as last night)

Ahhh, I am so digging this being able to walk around and get things done, feeling. Not 100 % yet, but oh, maybe 90….that’s not too bad. I’ve played with Star and Georgia….three whole times today!!! The first time….was all about Georgia….to give her some of her sense of security back……she thinks Star has taken her place. Never. Star has her own place in my heart, each uniquely different and having their own zipcode in my heart. So, I went this morning for Georgia. I sat against the tree and she stood over me, as if she was in my lap. Little Pearl, curled up right next to my leg and went to sleep. After a thirty minute or so snuggle, I did get to see Star for a moment. Now, feeding time….is all about Star, and the other little ones to come. Someone has to babysit!!! That’s when we get to play.

I took a video of her smelling me, not really licking…..sorta kisses…..but I kept having to turn the phone around so you could still see her….and I kept having to check to see if she was still in the shot, due to the need to have the lens point at me. So, all the times I’m looking at the cam…….just making sure Star is in the shot….and there were a few times I should’ve checked….lol. Oh well……still cute. I even went back down one more time………and received a visit from Lily and Donna. Donna is having a problem with some of the old fleece that I left on her for warmth sake. It’s felting and is bothering her, so we’ll be helping her with that, maybe tomorrow…..and if I’m feeling ok….maybe crutch a few of the January girls that aren’t prolific growers. Like the Pretties…..no way…need to wait till as close to time as possible cuz they grow fleece like a chia pet grows hair. This time though, Star was ready to nap and had settled herself under the fallen over chair. Preciousness.


These are 2 videos

Ok….I see that thousands of Native warriors are to descend on LA this weekend….to speak at the US Canadian Embassy…..about the abuse they suffer at the hands of the super powers like Canada and US. They say….’We will not be pushed into oblivion’. I want to be there to shout….Treat them with Dignity and Love…treat them as a US citizen…but I cannot, at this time. Did ya have to pick Christmas time folks?????? I know I know…they didn’t, they chose Solstice……..THE Solstice. Haha, saw a blog yesterday from a channeled angel (?) who said…..be ok if nothing happens on that day. Exactly. Yes, we will. If nothing happens that day….we have indeed made it past…the end of the world….and are still kickin…… Photon belt,…..I still think it’s the photons from the photon belt….and it will change us…..maybe make it possible to use more than 10% of the brain????? Personally, I’m hoping for something….at least a carousel in the sky….saw one once before and it was awesome. Okie dokie……know I’m forgetting something but it’s that time. Be the Light. Don’t forget to put your light and wings on before you enter a room. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Oh wow…..I’ve just had offers to pick up both my kids and deliver them to me. YeeHaw!!!













4 thoughts on “Higher consciousness = change………..expect it……….and Little Star

  1. I love them climbing all over you. I loved the You tube, but couldn’t pull it up on my computer for some odd reason. LOVE the goat kisses and how well she is jumping all around. You seem so happy. Hugs

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