It’s as REAL as you Choose to BELIEVE…….

Yesterdays blog was a real blast for me, and if ya missed it……just hit Previous at the end of this one. 😀 Uggh, I know….extra work. Facebook has spoiled us all. Not just facebook, but the whole internet scene. I, Sheri, have witnessed a historical change….who’da thunk that someone could witness a change so drastic in so short a time. Something that previously would have transpired over say, 100 years….has just happened in oh I don’t know, 5…..or less. Of course, I’m talking about the whole package…..internet, FB, Retail……….the world has changed. It did it right in front of us this time….isn’t that something? Think back to the pony express. Sure you can go further back but why for? Ok, then was the mail. Then UPS and 3 day air, etc. Now….. I can take a photo of my baby goat at 11am, central time, and a friend in Australia, can be saying…….awwe, beautiful baby……one second later. Literally…one second. Now…if we just can learn to teleport…..then I could get her here for a break, some good ole Texas charm, a big ole hug and then she could grab herself a vial of colored angora goat goo and teleport right back home. Lol…..hers are white. Create the future with thoughts and words. Ok….we can teleport now… cool is that? Hehehehe


Not sure if this affects me only or what, but when I started my spiritual journey 13 years ago…….well, since then……I only see the clock at 123….234…345..456……always going forward……….when I see it……for some reason, I repeat it out loud then say…GO. I’m very keen…..very aware that it’s always like…123 go. Never 321 boom. When it’s going the other way….it’s a countdown. Well…………….Last night, as I crawled into bed….my head did the typical jerk of…..ok ok……and I saw……321. Like I said….who knows if this affects me only or everyone. I don’t know….just thought I’d share since it was soooo out of place. OH ya…..didn’t see a single Meteor…..but then again hubby said it’s been too overcast…winterish type sky. (Last night…lol(a different “last night’), I did see a 123, so I guess it’s countdown and go at the same time? Hmmm. 😀


This is so funny. Making plans for after 12.21.12…..hehe. My daughter says she’s arriving at the airport the day after Christmas late at night. Son says come get me Jan 2, from jail. He actually said Jan 1 and I said no way. Jesse said….just think….I’ll get to be there when the babies start coming! Hehe….yes you certainly will. I’ve bred my goats…obviously expecting the earth to still be here so they can give birth to the most amazing multi colored pinto, tri pinto, and quad pinto and whatever number can give the most awesomeness, colorwise….ya! Oh…and blue and violet…….hmmm, chartreuse. I like chartreuse.


It’s as real as you Choose to believe. Hmmm. That fits into my database pretty well. AM I a computer? A silica creation? Or am I all things….made from the silica. I said last night that I was all things and had been all things. In the spiritual form of that…….yes. In the physical form of that…..yes. No, I have not been the purple pygmiediesendorfcurmudgeonella……but, I have been the nothing, the no one, the dryness, the wetness, the dirty, the clean, the roarer, the screamer. As well as the beautiful, the sexy, the ugly, the victim, the hermit, the beaten, the rebirthed, the blogger. You get my drift…..I am, all things at all times. At the moment of fear…I am strong….at the moment of doubt…I am faithful… the moment of tragedy, I am light….at the moment of confession, I am forgiving. Do you see…..that as I am all these things….you are all these things. You are your illness….and your joy, and your pain, and your easing of the pain…….gosh…so many examples I could make. But alas…’s time to rest these old bones a bit. Goodnight…….Light! 1:15am=7 Oh, I didn’t tell ya… many internet issues, and I really really liked last nights blog, so I brought my laptop to town and begged wifi. 😀 Thank you STAPLES.


Last night I worked some more on the Hoegger January Blog. Rather than cruise the net, then wonder about copyright…….I drove down to the local Yarnarama, yarn shop. Susan graciously let me take photos of all things fiber…bless you Susan. The angora rabbits messed with my lungs though, the only main part yet to heal……still haven’t achieved a decent breath. That just didn’t occur to me, that the allergy rabbits should be avoided. Oh well. Got the photos though! Played with Star at feeding time…what a joy…..then again near dark to take her a larger sweater. I took her a black rubber food bowl to jump on, upside down. Little darling started spinnin in the air. Then…..she found the gate opening….and out she went. Blue dog kept following her. She said hello to a few of the gals in the other pen and you could see some of them getting excited…baby time. She realized she was away from Mom, and she cried. They cried back to her!!! So sweet. Good thing I now keep a pair of scissors stashed in the area…..cuz the arm holes in the sweater were not large enough for her to move about freely…, considering she’s now jumping and twisting. Mea reminded me that God is good and look how soon after Lovey’s rainbow bridge crossing….I now have another like him to love on….so very soon after. I did take a video, I hope I can get it on here.


Ahhh, hubby is messing with the tv and techno thingies cuz I complained that I can’t record the new Christmas movies…or watch the old ones I’ve recorded for that matter….and the testosterone is flyin. No setting for blogging folks….so I guess that does it for today. It’s time anyway. Bless you all. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch………home of Little STAR!!! lol















4 thoughts on “It’s as REAL as you Choose to BELIEVE…….

  1. Love the Star dance, she is so sweet. Big hugs, glad you are feeling a bit better and you can breath better. Now stay away from rabbits.

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