So EXCITED I could just Spit!!!………..

December…..….year….2012. I AM alive. I AM Light. I AM whatever is
needed. I can meld, twist, contort, shrink, blend, shout, shock,
astound and shine. I can be the mentor to teach you, the friend to
‘see’ you, the stranger to help you ‘see’. I can even be the anger
that spurs you on. Little I, can be the darkness that shows you the
light. I can be all things because I have already been all things.
Repeat. Play. Atlantis….they called you imaginary….conspiracy……I call
you home. Crystal creations and dimensions and pyramidal
shapes…waiting for…NOW. I don’t Remember…..but I AM. As the time
approaches, memories will surface and I WILL…..remember.

I write things like this all the time….I just usually don’t share. I
really am excited. No way to portray the intensity of that. Here’s the
deal. I was sad and suicidal for 38 years…..lifted out, reborn of
Spirit and led on a journey of learning what Spirit told me to
learn…in other words….whatever stirred my soul. Thirteen, 13, years
of said journey….all led to this date….Dec. 21 2012. I must be
dreaming. Is it really possible that time has sped to such a degree
that this is Dec. 15, 2012…….just 6 days away from the time foretold
by just about every species of human who has lived or crawled on this
planet? This spinning ball without instructions? 6 days…..God built
earth in 6 days. Hmmm, built? Or created…..built sounds like a user.
Let’s go with created. So….these could be an eventful 6 days…
certainly was.

There’s an awful lot of uncertainty out there folks. Nobody knows what
is coming and fear of the Unknown can generate extreme fear. Extreme
fear can generate chaos. Even if you weren’t led on a journey such as
mine…or even if you’ve never heard yourself referred to as a
Lightworker…….you…….YOU are LIGHT. If you are Light….you can generate
Light. If you can generate Light… can shine….If you can
shine….you can enlighten…..If you can enlighten….you have probably
earned some wings somewhere, sometime!!! You have a choice. You can be
the fear that spreads….or the light that soothes the dark. Choose.
NOW. You’ve procrastinated long enough. Choose. Fear or Light.
Choose. NOW!

Ooohie… stuff this….well, cept for the bitty babes, that was
unexpected but should have been expected now that I think about it. So
much fear…fear is a negative energy…….negative energy collects just as
positive energy collects. Since so many are gravitating toward the
light, as far as Facebook that is…….candles, lanterns, flames
flickering……..the LIGHT…..I’d say we’ve got a pretty good pendulum
swing toward Positivity!!! Keep your thoughts positive….no matter how
hard….find the half full in every situation…..for 6 more days. Another
thing…….if this were all hogwash… you realize how many people are
involved in the hogwash? How many people have chosen the Light, and
spreading the Light, as their chosen career path……millions. Are we all
wrong? Are we all nuts? How many books? Lectures? Events, songs…….
Countries…..indigenous?…. Somethins comin….I’m gonna go positive and
say….something GOOD! Something awesome! Why, oh why…would God pull me
out of the hellpit I was in, lead me to this and then…wham? No…..I
think not. The journey has been so beautiful. So inspiring. I ache
with the love of it all. The lust of it all. The lust of my own
life…..after the loss of my own life….of who I was.

Who I was…….believed everything I was told. Did what I was “supposed”
to do. Went to work everyday…or found a husband who would. 3 times. I
did the norm. the flow….the eyes closed sound asleep to preciousness
world of hatred and jealousy, greed and strife. The everyday people.
Doing everyday things. By rote and by history and by habit of bones
and cells and brains. Never wondering if there might be more…..which
might be arrived at by being less. Wake up….go to sleep….whichever one
will gain you self of Joy… to the cells of thine toes. Wake up. It
is….the age of Aquarius… is……the moment said to be witnessed
across galaxies and universes alike. The big moment. The big show….is
how I have often viewed it. The big show to which it’s been sold out
tickets for several millennia. The lines are drawing down…they are
taking their seats in the carousel bleachers in the sky.

Those who are here……oh baby……you really really wanted to be here.
You’ve most likely had to go through some of the worse earthly
conditions or body conditions…….in order to even begin to be able to
find the joy necessary for this light shift. We are all players in the
play……..but we are paid in LOVE. Do you realize how close the word
pain and love are? If one had enough love there would be less pain. If
one had enough pain….there would be more love. Think about it. When
you are in pain….don’t you feel an unusual amount of love for
yourself? So much so that you want the pain to stop? Well….remember
this…next time you think you don’t like yourself or feel unworthy.
Night night my worthy Light bearing friends! 1:11am=3 And
yes……goodnight Star and the rest of the soon to be Mamas.

My weekend chores are nearly done! Hubby even got 2 bales of hay down without me telling him! And he loaded 6 feed bags onto the buggy for me. If he’d ever watched the process he’d know he just helped me with the Easy part. But hey, I’ll take it!!! The nursing cows are lookin very bony so hubby got them food too. I’m feeling some better again today and got to sit with Star twice!!! And oh dear…..I have come to a conclusion. I have fallen in love with Star. How do they do this to me? The feeling of love is so intense, so vivid and darn near edible! Like a cookie. The worlds best cookie that you can’t get enough of. Some of you have fallen for Star as well and boy, I can relate guys!!!! I turn into a puddle. A puddle of shiny love that Star can play on or jump over. She kisses my face….every inch…just like Kya used to do!!! Would ya be interested in a video? I can shoot one if ya want. I am learning about Love. I am overflowing with love for all of you and all the critters round the globe. Signing off with unconditional Love at YeeHaw Ranch.













8 thoughts on “So EXCITED I could just Spit!!!………..

    • It is awesome how that worked. I hadn’t even realized. I can’t even miss Lovey cuz every time I open my iPhone he’s sticking his tongue out at me!!! Cool beans will check it out when hubby’s not here!!! Thanks! Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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