Be the LIGHT…..

Its probably best that I have no Internet therefore can’t post what I’ve written. Start from scratch. Oh my. Sorry, I have solstice on my mind. So, 2 days after the 12 12 12, where we were to receive planet wide downloads of Unconditional Love, we have a day like this. 20 or so children killed in Connecticut and 22 injured from being stabbed with a knife in school attack in China. I have an idea.

What if, before you entered a room, or a train, a building…. You turned your Light on. There’s an invisible switch. Turn it on. Add wings if you want but the main thing now is Light. Be the light. Be the Lighthouse. That which shines in the dark as a Show-er of the way. NOT RELIGION!!!!! A Light! Light the way. Bring that light into those rooms….onto the trains and into the buildings, and school buildings. If you can vibrate that light… By thinking of Love… can change the frequency in that room, train or building. This same thing holds for everything and everywhere. Not just rooms trains and buildings. Like I said, ruffle your wings as well.

Another thing that happened today….I learned that the Pope called for A New World Order. What????? That’s been on the Conspiracy Theory hot list forever. Hmmmm, think I’ll re-think all the Conspiracies. Besides, who made up that word? The culprits….designed to make the teller of these tales into a lunatic while reality gets walked on. I saw a precision drop on 9/11. Lol, guess that means the barcodes in humans is next!!! So does this mean I can go ahead and believe in all those wacky things that made sense to me and resonated with me yet were poo poo’d as Crazy!!!!???

Well, I felt well enough to spend about 30 minutes with Star and the Girls. Bottlebaby Georgia needs Mama so she gets jealous with my attention elsewhere, and Will butt the baby. My Shortcake has decided the baby is not a threat so she just acted like she might then stepped back. Good girl!!! Fun times were had by all! Ha, nah, just kidding. Just a little visit to remind baby Star that Mama is nice and good to snuggle with. Somethin I never got to do with Maya, Joy and Junebug. Maya’s brother Miyagi loved me but his sis thought I was the enemy. I told her and Joy they better figure out a way cuz soon…….. I’m coming into their Space!!! Star has grown so much that tomorrow I’m gonna need to change her sweater! She’s outgrown it already!!! Little sweetheart. Gosh I love her!!! Dreamed I was clipping Happy’s milk sack area earlier than expected. Hmmm. Is that another hint at my budding Mediumship? Lol. Ya, hope so…shut it down as a child not ready but stand here a Ready Adult Claiming my powers and abilities as my birthright. The girls up front are lonely. There’s only 12 now…..all empty lookin. Even Valey walked up to me today!

Well I’m done typing since I’ve done it twice! Not a replica just started over. So just try it out, my Light suggestion that is. Put it on/turn it on BEFORE you enter wherever. Be the Light, light up the pathway. For them……And you. It’s hard to be sad in the Light. Today is a sad day. Light it up. Be the candle. Love you people!!!! I’m going to find somethin good to eat……hint hint. Signing off with a Beam of Light at YeeHaw Ranch!!!














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