Purple Wings………………….

I just had an amazing experience. One of my dear friends asked me to say a prayer for a child who had just passed….whom they knew would be leaving soon…..and that they promised her some wings. She wanted me to somehow talk to the mother about it. I immediately tried to connect to this child……and did so. I asked her what she could tell me that I could tell mommy….that would help mommy know she was ok. She told me…..Purple. Purple Wings. Just like that. Purple and purple wings. I could tell that she was not scared in the slightest and truly was quite happy. I asked my friend if purple meant anything……..Yes. So there we go. Peace amid sadness. Like a dove….no, not a pigeon, a dove. Lol, ya, it’s late. I have been able to do this type thing on occasion, but not anything regular like. Tonight I was pleased to be able to help my friend find solace. Yay….that’s always special. 😀

Last night I tossed from 2am till 11am. Propping more and more pillows up to let me breathe….sleep teased me and flirted, but no dance. It’s a pretty miserable feeling…..poor Jesse. He goes through this continually. When I was a child, I too couldn’t sleep. I told myself a story each night and each night I would start where I’d left off and go a bit in. Now……..I have the beer. It works. But not if my liver is bad which Doc says is true. I don’t talk about it cuz she’s been saying it for years and I’m fine. That’s what the bloodwork is about…….in the morning. Yuk….mornings……..I’m a late sleeper. Well, guess I’d better start winding down since I have to get up early…… I am grateful for the lovely sleep I get tonight. Amen. Night night people of …..everywhere!!! 1:11am=3 (Yay, thankyou I did sleep)

I’ll bet there’s some naysayers out there, thinking…..any little kid mighta said purple. Sure. And the word coulda been any color, or any animal or maybe a private mommy word. But this isn’t my first rodeo. I’ve had my share of similar experiences. Dreaming of deaths right before they died…twice…….Robbie Ruggles and Mr. Gillis. Many years later, I was in New Jersey, in the middle of Primal therapy when I heard the phone ring. I knew it was to report my PapPap’s death. Most recent, and more like this particular instance….was hubby’s dad. I helped him get a few more days……then when he passed…..i went lookin for him to make sure he was ok…… I’ve already told you, but it bears repeating…..I found him shouting….”Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” through the ethers!!! I’ve also been contacted once by my good friend Tom, the grief guide’s SON, Rory. There are other things in my past, but these are the things that fall in the same realm. I can only do it when I’m supposed to. Sometimes I’ve tried and received…..nothin. As a child I was ashamed of these abilities…..only cuz my sisters told me I was imagining them. I’m not ashamed now. 😀

I asked Cathy to come with me to give the blood this morning. I was/am so weak, so out of it…..no business driving …like the other times lately. She took a ton of vials of blood. Didn’t see the Doc. (recently she said Obamacare was killing her……today she texted that she works 23 hours a day.) So, these doctors who chose this profession……..went through all those years of college……only to now be told what to do and probably hating the job now. Sad. Anyway….I realize I’ve never mentioned the liver till yesterday but that’s cuz I was determined to heal it. Determined to drink my beer every night so that I could fall into absolute peaceful sleep everynight, which I’d been doing since 1997. Also determined that I could beat anything thrown at me. Remember those kidney stones? Well, I always thought that I never had any symptoms, so I really must not have HepC. Last night I googled it. Uh oh. There is one part of my body that gives me problems….not a pain though…..just a discomfort…..but it comes Very Often…..it happens to be right below the ribs….the LIVER. Bummer. Anyway….results will be either tomorrow or Monday. Speaking of Doc……I asked permission to place a few of her son Cody’s photos here and Cody said yes. Turns out….he’s on WordPress! I’ll place a few here, but there are many to look at, so go check out Cody’s Blog.


Cathy did the feeding, while I went in to have some time with Star. I miss getting to play with her. She’s a really curious bugger. Sniffs my face just everywhere!! It tickles. The splints definitely did the trick…thank you Mea…….and she is jumping a twisting and all around being a baby goat. The feet look really good….bent at just the right place. Etta calmly eats now, knowing that I’m the babysitter. Man that babies gonna be so spoiled……she’s a month ahead of everyone else…..speaking of that…..I need to get well fast cuz I need to crutch some or all of the girls in back. It’s hard enough when you have first time mommys….add in….too much hair and baby can’t find the teats….and you’ve got disaster. I don’t need that. I wonder how my friend with thousands handles that part? Kimberly? Ok….well………..here’s to tomorrow feeling normal…….for me, that is…… Actually, so many of my friends are sick right now. May you all feel better quickly. May we all heal rapidly and thoroughly. That goes for you bloggers out there too. Alrighty then…..signing off at YeeHaw Ranch, ye know….that place with the Curly Locks!!! Hello Angels.












3 thoughts on “Purple Wings………………….

  1. I love the pictures, especially the one where you and Stars faces melt together. Tonight is a great meteor shower, seem worldwide so keep your eyes open. Feel better soon and hug a goat

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