Age of Aquarius…….and my unusual Doctor

Gosh, what an interesting time! While I’m busy enjoying the most rapid awesomeness of my life, my body went into illness mode. What could be the point? Is it, as they say…part of the shift? I am still enjoying myself, even in the ill…..the yuk of whatever needs cleansed in me. Last night was pretty awful, as far as breathing and fear goes, and today as well. It caught up to me and the more it did, the more scared I got and the more I cried. The more I cried, the less I could breathe. It was cycling round and round till I finally texted Doc. That right there, is an unusual statement. Can you believe, my Doc, programmed her phone contacts into my Iphone for me one day. I was stunned and felt, well, special. That was over a year ago and I try not to take advantage. So today I text her, then I end up just showing up at her office. She took my vitals then called me in something to open up the lungs. Around 11pm, she texts me…..asking if I got the meds…..and the next thing I know…..we’re chatting for an hour or more! I sent her a photo of me and Star and she sent me one of her eldest son and his goat. Turns out he’s a photographer and fell in love with the goat at one of his shoots, and kept her. Then she starts sending His photography……wow and wow. Like nothing I’ve seen. This young guy has a really sharp mind and eye. Ahh, the talent in these new geniuses on the planet now. Have ya noticed? Anyway…..I think I have an unusual relationship with my Doctor….don’tcha think? =} That’s Doc’s smiley face. I like it. How funny. Breathing better. 😀 Have to go back Thursday morning for bloodwork, after I’ve had the theoph stuff.


Whether my tears are caused by a shift, or by the illness which has drug on only to turn again….all I know is….I’ve been cryin all darn day. I have tried to isolate the feeling….why am I crying? What am I feeling? No success. Since I couldn’t identify it….best I could do was release it. Am I crying cuz I don’t want to die and this not breathing thing is scaring me? Why wouldn’t I be ready to die? I’ve achieved complete success. I have lived the 3d life of sadness, I have lived the 4d life of joy. Why not move to the 5d…the Fifth Dimension……..when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with mars …then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius. The age of Aquarius. Harmony and understanding…sympathy and trust abounding… more falsehoods or derisions….golden living dreams of visions…..mystic crystal revelation….and the minds true liberation. Aquarius! Aquarius! Let the sun shine….let the sun shine in….. And there you have it……but what? Wasn’t this song created in the 60’s? How could they have known in the 60’s what would be happening now? Don’t you find that interesting? I sure as Shrek do. And why would an imaginary song of the future, so inspire a sad sad child as I? Guess we’re fixin to find out…real soon like. Hard to capture the depth of my excitement. It is building to a fever pitch….haha, no pun intended. Apparently I am to be sick at this time. Cuz I am. 😀 But ye know what? I feel really good right now. Let it last, let it last, let it last….lol, kinda like let it snow. Oh ya…..the Facebook thing about sitting the unpeeled onion in the room and it turns black from sucking the illness inside?……….Nope.


It’s getting late. Ha, Doc said stay inside….hahaha. She also said to set the air to 60 with a pot of water at the vent……not happening, just not happening. I get too cold. You should see me now, layerwise…..and that’s with the heater on. She wanted AC!!!! I’m working very hard to not feel guilt about the critters I didn’t get to feed. And I didn’t get to give extra hay… this cold… the girls with babes in their bellies. Realistically, I know that there is plenty of hay there….it’s just been stepped on. Anyway……here’s to seeing pleasant things in the morning. Goodnight………night night….LOVE……. 1:38am


It was around 3:30 before I made it outside to check on the baby, or get my Iphone from the RV charger. Cathy says……………whoa, you’re sick. Lol. Yes, I did have to make the decision to care for myself first…..put myself first. I had to risk the baby. She is doing just fine though. When I got there, she was already up and nursing so I didn’t get to do the stretch…….but then she started jumping and twisting……me thinks that’s pretty healthy. The feet look good. The well pump has broken so Cathy had to carry water buckets from the house. What a great friend. I was only able to get a few photos….all of Star, laying down, kept snapping…lol got some with her eyes open….but really….not much photo wise today. Life happens….or illness….either way, long as I’m still alive…’s life…….. The Doc’s son. I don’t think he has a website yet but you can find him by googling his name. Cody Scott Photography. Alrighty then……runnin outta steam. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch……with a prayer request……and a prayer update…..pray for me please…..and Jesse is sleeping…thank you so much!







5 thoughts on “Age of Aquarius…….and my unusual Doctor

  1. You must have what half of Texas has I think. I’ve had this stuff, too. Started out with what I thought was allergies, then infection, now flair up of asthma. Finally beginning to feel better and only using the inhaler a couple of time a day now. Hope you begin to feel better soon, too!! {{hugs}}

    Love your baby star!


  2. You amaze me and the thing we have in common, yet so different. I am so glad you went to the Drs. You know the Age of Aquarius, it comes from Hair. A ply that was produced by a family friend Michael Butler. I remember going to see the play as a very young kid. It was a very odd experience for a young child. We did the after party too, no one had any clothes on, very interesting. I still talk to Michael. And in case you didn’t know I am an Aquarian. Maybe that explains my upfront no hidden agenda attitude. I am so glad Little Star is doing well. Now to get you better. Hugs

  3. Yup they took two of us, my sister is a year younger then me, had to be the early 70’s, we were probably 4&5? We were in a big camper thing driving to the play. I don’t even remember where exactly it was in Fla, you know probably the contact buzz. That was a very interesting period to grow up, at least where I was growing up. LOL all the time

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