Love Love Love…………….it’s Everywhere!

I’ve never seen such crazy weather in my life. It was 80 somethin today and it’s dropping to 40 or lower tonight. It dropped like 20 degrees in 2 hours….and it’s falling still. Tomorrow will be a cold day then it will drop to 20. Dang….what’s up with the weather? We had a storm tonight and when the electricity went off I clapped my hands real loud and shouted Thank you Jesus! They came back on. Then it went off…. I clapped my hands real loud and shouted Thank you Jesus! But it didn’t come back on this time. That silly sounding ritual has worked everytime for about 2 years. The fun ensued. We located a few candles and lit them, even with the kittens in the house. Then hubby found the miner headlamps that he’d bought me. My Iphone was near dead. His apparently was not, cuz he occupied himself playing pool. The silence was maddening. Then he ate and I heard the chewing….lol. Oh Lordie. Nobody spoke. No music, no tv. Just silence. At 8pm, he went to bed. Hehe, while I went to the RV. I knew it had a battery, so I charged my Iphone and what the hay, may as well cruise facebook and read blogs! Oh ya!!!! I’ve been ReBlogged!!!!! Last night’s post about Friendship!!! How awesome is that? Sydney Fong said……. “An inspiring post by MamaSheri’s Blog, a sheep story. “It’s the miracle of friendship. Why is friendship a miracle? Cuz a friend loves you thru all your faults and doozies.” And then my post followed those words. Awesome. Thank you Sydney Fong, for the blessing. (And no, I don’t care that she said sheep when I have goats……we get that all the time. :-D) She brought me new readers and I am most grateful.

Oh ya…..while the power was out……I opened my window here in the living room for air. It was still hot at that point. Smooch kitty went to check it out….what’s this? Fresh air? She laid down and I forgot all about it, except for watching that flickering flame a foot away from her. A bit later….I heard a noise. Remember, it’s dark. I can’t see her and figure she ran across the room. Then I get this deep dark feeling in my gut. I stick my hand to the window…no screen. When I’d had to come in thru the window after returning from Longview, I couldn’t get the screen all the way back in….it was just kinda there. Well…..Smooch fell out the window in the rain on a candlelit night. Hubby tried to get angry and I blew past it to grab my raincoat as I whisked myself outside with my trusty yellow flashlight with the pup chewed ON button. No pups followed me cuz it was in the thick of the rain and they hate rain. She wasn’t under the window. Poor baby…never been outside since birth…and here she is outside in pitch dark and rain….she was around the windowseat corner, and cried when I called her name. Snatched that yellow kitty up and stuck her inside my coat, not unlike that parrot I saw yesterday. Safely returned….Smooch is laying next to me, as we speak!!! What an interesting evening. Oh ya….another thing…I called the electric company to report the outage to the automated thingie and it said estimated time of repair was at 9:53pm, Dec 9. Ye know what? That’s exactly when it was repaired. How odd. Well durn…..better leave room for some words tomorrow! I feel like I could just write and write…oh ya….Jesse says he’s been sleeping great! Thanks people!!! Hehe, I’m on a ….oh ya roll!!! Neither of my laptops recognize either of the printers….so I can’t print out the blogs for Jess like I planned. Nope….it’s handwritten scribble. Told him about Stars birth from the first holler till the end….lol great jail reading. Good Lord….I have so much love in me……I’m lovin on two kitties, then I see Blue staring at me, so I just start saying ….Love…love love….!!! Too much love, only word to describe it is….love.

This love I have for these animals is different than my love for humans. Very different and very intense. I think in reality I’m closer to them than the humans. Haha, I seem to have shut my heart off from the chickens though. Once I finally got hubby to take responsibility for them……he wanted em, I didn’t……they rarely enter my brain….cept when I need an egg. 😀 Honey, I’ve gone the chicken route. Bought myself 50 fancy little tophatters of assorted varieties……raised em up, named em and knew em all by name. One by one they either disappeared or I saw them eaten by snakes. My little tophatters. Peaches…BigBird, ah jeeze. 50! Nope…..I do goats now. Because of my pups, the only things likely to kill my goats are….invisible bacterias, worms, bugs and the cold. Not too bad. Hehe…..they’re invisible folks!!!!! Awesome…..just finished the January Hoegger Blog. I like it. 😀 Nightie night night sweet ones………………….1:47am. =12=3 (and word count of 844) hello angels…..ya, I way overdid.

Oh ya….sorry folks……I was having a conversation with Mea the other night and the topic of solstice 2012 came up She asked me what I believe. I laughed and said…ye know….I’ve been so overrun with stuff telling me what it means, that I forgot what “I” believed was gonna happen. Remember folks…..I have studied and studied every word that spirit put before me, I would search it…then it would lead to a new word, I searched that….this is year 13. I’ve learned words like Pythagoras………Thoth………….merkabah………sacred geometry……….hmmmmm, don’t need to go any further. Hehehe. Anyway……..during that 13 year passion search……’s what I got. The milky way. The planetary alignment of 12/21/12, Winter Solstice 2012………will line us up in such a way with the Milky Way. Remember the movie Phenomenon? He talks about photovolcaics?(sp) …….being in babyland? Well…..similar……photons from the milky way………..Photons….hmmm, let’s see what they are…let’s ask wiki. Hehehheeeee….it’s an elemental particle of light. LIGHT. Hmmmmm……… anyone hearing this? Oooh, the quantum of light…..not exactly sure what quantum means, but I know quantum physics fits better in the metaphysical/spiritual belief system…..than physics does. I looked it up…ha, still don’t know what it means. 2:44am hello angels.

The cold has arrived……and with it…..wind. Do you think those big round bales have been moved round the front girls house yet? Nope. See…this is why he should tell me before things happen. They would already be in place without extra movement. Whatever…my girls pay. Remember that coupon Beth from Tractor Supply gave me? Hubby wants me to use it, so….I gotta go to town.

So… here’s a lesson in listening to self. Told ya last night I would sweater that baby. As the night wore on….I felt that if I interfered at this point, in the dark…adding a strange smelling sweater….more problems than solved. But I did check. Saw the baby on the outside of the house, so hurried into the pen(long way)…..ha…..turns out…they were all playing. I put the baby in the house and she immediately jumped out. Silly me….trust yourself. She has her sweater on now….in daylight….Etta has thoroughly smelled it. Ok, just got back from town…..turns out I get 3 or 4 sets of clipper blades, thanks to that coupon!!! YeeHaw! Fed everyone way extra tonight…even gave the front girls some hay, even though they’re on pasture. Hey….we getting ready for the cold. Checked Star and she was chillin in the corner of the goathouse. Still had her sweater on and felt warm. She melted into my touches. Love you Little Star. Well, goodnight my friends…………..and a big Texas welcome to all my new readers!!! So many new people…..what a big treat for me. Thank you again, Sydney Fong!!!















4 thoughts on “Love Love Love…………….it’s Everywhere!

  1. I love the sleeping baby picture, but have to ask if you love taking pictures of Star when she pees, there was one yesterday too, haha, I guess that is when they stand still for a second. Love Star’s sweater. Hugs

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