Friends……………….with Benefits, lol

I felt Spirit say change the channel……………so I did…………The show was a Christmas special, not my cup of tea, but I obeyed….. it was Tracy Chapman singing Gimme One Reason. Oh my…that was a very special song at a certain point in my life. I thought I might could sing. I tried. Hehe. I had a boyfriend who was in a band and suddenly I decided I could sing. Day after day, I’d stand in that little silver bullet trailer with my lips to the microphone and sing as loud and strong as I could. Those poor trailer park people. I was trying to train myself to reach higher and higher notes. The reality of it was, is……..never could sing. 😀 I screeched this song many a many day. Aside from that though, it was fitting with what was happening in my life. Needless to say….if I wasn’t singing it……I was crying….or both. It made me very emotional. Ha!!! Not a single tear now….not even a single urge to cry. Yesterday……is healing. Spirit is healing my past… memories. 😀 Memory Lane is getting more and more enjoyable. Thank you Spirit. Seriously….anyone else have this happening?

Well, thanks to my friend Mea…..I’m now aware of a problem with Star. Mea asked me to look at one of the photos from yesterdays blog and notice her front feet, how they were bent at the ankle and she was walking on the ankle instead of the hoof. Would’ve done that this morning but another problem came up. The gal at the Tractor Supply offered us a coupon for 15% off, at her rate…….but it wasn’t valid till Monday. She said…just come buy your feed Monday, but I needed a few to carry me thru so we got 3. Last night, she called and said she got in trouble for holding the rest of my bags, so she told her boss we had paid for them. So………………we were now involved in a secretive, hinky make ya think you’re a criminal kind of thing where we had to meet up with her at the exact time she pulls up….she tells us where to park…..She takes us thru the line and the lady rings up the bags…..friend types her code in the register and wala……then here comes the boss, as they’re handing us the receipt. It was all so icky. The only cool part of that was that Beth……had a parrot under her sweater, on her shoulder. This bird prefers to cuddle and ride. She even put it in Blossoms shirt at the register and it just cuddled. Too darn cute. We pulled it off, but jeesh.

So there was the parrot. Then, I asked to go back to Nancy’s Steakhouse…where we ate yesterday….so I can repeat the meal of a baked potato, baked potato soup and the special roll. Yup. Exact replica….well, I added cheese this time to the tater. Then I asked if I could buy half a dozen rolls. It was the whole point of going there. The rolls were something my tummy would let me eat. Yes, he said yes…..and it only cost a whole…$1.50………awesome!!!! I can nibble on these for days.

Came home and asked hubby if he wanted to help me splint the babys legs or ask Cathy. He said he’d help. Wow. Yea! So, I loaded their feed on the buggy and met him back there. He held her while I did the splinting. Stood her up after the first one and she could walk so did the other one. The she went straight for the tree roots and began to climb!!!!! Little sweetheart. When we first got in the pen, I scooped her up….not a sound……then I handed her to hubby…………hehehe, she cried! She likes me. 😀 So she looks a bit funny, all hot pink like…..but it should just be a couple days. Mea said it’s from being in the womb too tight or in the wrong position. Never seen it before. Bless you Mea….and very observant you are my dear.

As proof that my brain is not working at full function….she said….ye know, that baby will be great to breed to Wy next year. I said, really? Cool!! Later, I realized…..I already knew that. Hahaha… We talked on the phone for hours last night. It’s always so hard for us to hang up cuz there’s always so much more to say. We’ve never met in person, but the irony is she just moved to Iowa…..from TEXAS!!! Ye know….my whole life…I had one, maybe 2 friends at a time. That’s it. Right now…..even though I haven’t met most of them in person……….I have a bunch of friends!!!! Seriously!!!! These are all people that I genuinely like talking to……spending time with or thinking about…sharing ideas with…encouraging, etc. If I list them…which I think I shall…..Oh Lordie, don’t let me leave anyone out. Mea, Colleen, Mayerli, Azure, Blanche, Em, Valerie, Sidonie…..yup….feels like I’m leaving some out…..dang sickness brain. Sorry whoever you are….I’ll keep thinkin. Tracee, and well, there may be more….but as it is…..that’s a lot of friends!!! Remember……I was a hermit. My life is so full…..and flowing over. I’m so very grateful for you all. Creebear!!! See….my brain is foggy. And then there’s even more that I don’t talk much with, but still feel a connection to and enjoy knowing them and watching them GO. 😀 If I forgot your name………blame it on the sick. 😀

It’s the miracle of friendship. Why is friendship a miracle? Cuz a friend loves you thru all your faults and doozies. And…….as was witnessed today……a friend can spot an injury from a photo in Iowa……and tell you about it in Texas, and together, you can heal the need and have a perfect Little Star. Oh ya…..her eyes…(Star’s)…in daylight, looking straight on in real life……are aqua. 😀 The flash was making them appear royal blue. Oh, and also, the girls in the pen are settling down and nobody is bothering the baby…even little Shortcake, who has been bashing Georgia so bad…..walked over to Star today….sniffed her….then went back to eating. Yay oh yay. It’s supposed to go to 20 degrees tomorrow, so I’ve got a couple sweater coats ready for her. I’m tellin ya…..still this much time to go…..and I got bellies growing like pumpkins. Gonna be interesting this year. Never bred so many. Gosh, well, it’s Sunday night…another weekend gone with a blink. Another day on Gods green earth. I’m very grateful. Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.














8 thoughts on “Friends……………….with Benefits, lol

  1. Was going to say something about her being back on her patterns, but I never know whether folks want to know. Good job splinting. Should be okay in a few days to a week.
    Nice baby Etta!!!!!!!!

  2. She looks great!!! and I LOVE the picture of her standing on the rock, OK it is not a rock but it is the easiest way of describing the one I like. She looks like she is saying why have my legs doubled in size, I’m not an elephant. But she looks like she is doing so much better on her hooves. Etta looks like she is being such a good Mama Goatie, she is right there in every picture, looking at you as if to say as soon as you go, I am chewing those pink socks off my little Star. Hugs. You did great. Funny when my goat had the same thing, I had pink on her too. I’ll see if I can find a picture.

    • She is the best mama ever!!!! I’m so proud of her young self! Ya. On the rock I know she was look at me I can climb! I got the hot pink cuz hubby likes that color lol. Thanks!!!! And she better Not chew that off!!! Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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