Smile a mile wide…..nope, not a baby goat

Ahhhhh, can you feel the flutter of this mama’s heart? It’s dancing. I don’t know how much I should share, but my son…..ahhh, wow. He really really has found God. He is not alone now in that jail…..even though I told him about all the angels his sister and I called in for him. I can’t share the conversation… was private and special…..but I can tell you that much. And that much… HUGE!!!!! Can you imagine how I felt when he used to deny God existed? I knew he was wrong…but all I could do was plant seeds. Oh and honey, lemme tell ya….I planted a ton of seeds.

I knew those seeds were growing…..but the words I just heard………have just melted this mama’s heart. It’s not all on me now… shape him. God is in the mix now….yeehaw. It’s been a hell of an evening. Just when I sat to eat some noodle soup….he called…..only it wouldn’t let me answer……said I had to buy a prepaid phone card……he didn’t understand and kept on calling and calling and I kept denying and denying. It was sheer madness. I couldn’t do anything cuz I discovered I’d lost my credit card….so I had to wait for hubby to come home to tell me which card I could use. In the end….I couldn’t eat the soup……and he finally called back at 10pm…and I was able to answer….answer and be amazed. Bless you Jess…sleep sound and easy. Oh ya…..they dropped the latest charge….30 days. That’s all he has to stay…30 days and he’s already got 4 in. Like I said….this mama has a smile on a mile wide……….even if I am sick… I can’t express the depth of what I feel. I know. I just tried. I wanted to talk to a human about it and had the opportunity, so suggested it to a friend on FB and wala……telephone conversation. But no….I couldn’t articulate it. It’s too deep. It’s a mama thing.

This friend that I shared my story with…was Valerie…..the gal who made the awesome rainbow coat for me. She needs prayers as well. She has spinal damage and could use our assistance…..Say it with me….Valerie’s spinal cord is HEALED….thanks friends. Well…..I guess I’m starting to get tired…lol, ya right….been so sleepy….can’t sleep well…can’t breathe well….very tired. Night night my friends of the world…….12:57am. 3+12=15=6. Earth.

:=D I’m back! I kept looking at the photo I posted on FB of one of my white fleeces. I’d just sold a pound of it to a new local friend before I put the photo up. In the photo, I said….will wash up white. It got to bothering me. Will it wash up white? Gandhi’s high lanolin white always did….but it was nagging at me. Did I sell her bad stuff? Was I advertising bad stuff? So I washed up a handful. Good grief…..I needn’t have worried… was Really white!!!! In fact, whiter than any previously…..shall I tell you the secret? For the last 2 washes….in the sink…..I added Clorox2 Stain fighter/Color booster. What a relief.

Just got back from sitting with the girls. Etta came right up and put her nose on the camera and even Belle did too. I touched Etta’s curls lightly and she jerked but realized I wasn’t hurting her. We’re getting there. Haha……what a hilarious sight. I’ve never bred this many girls and at the different stages plus twin vs single…..all I know is it’s hilarious to watch everyone get up and down. It takes soooo long to do either! Especially laying down. On top of that….I get to watch them try to scratch themselves. Hahaha……it used to be so easy to lift their legs to scratch, but now there seems to be something in the way. And Happy…..hmmmm, did I miss marking down an escape? She should have 2 more months to go, yet she’s very wide and struggling to get up and down. Dang, need to do better at writing this kinda stuff down. Well, turns out I did write down….Girls out….June 6. But apparently I did not write down when I moved the Pretties from their pen to the front. Guess it was in that timeframe, cuz she seems as ready to go as Etta. That means….mystery babies…mystery daddy…..which usually means Aramis. Ahhhhh, someone take this large buck off my hands. I don’t like Large!!!!! And dang….Happy’s curls are fairly long already…I’ll need to crutch her. (crutch= shear curls from around nipple area so baby can find the teat. Arrrgh…can barely bend over with this sinus thing. Probably didn’t need to do that way back when but with the designer goat thing……well, thicker, more coverage, longer hair… the goal. Gotta get that light set up too. Heard someone hollerin last night just before dark…..went scrambling to get a neighbor to help set up the light…..nope….just Choxie being vocal. And no, normally I don’t need to call the neighbor……but I’m sick. Speaking of sick….nothing to eat yesterday…today, of all things…..Doritos??? Hehe, whatever goes down….I’m cool with that…..and since they seem to be going down….shoot, I’m fillin up on em….need food, any food in me.

Well, the peanut sneakin was a complete success…..ooops….forgot to try to get Happy some. Need bigger bags of peanuts. Etta got the lions share today as well. Ya, we got this thing down. I think it’s helping us bond too. She even took some from my hands. Belle did too, but Belle did it very eagerly. Etta was a bit more reticent….until that first one……..then she was all over that finger food! Ha, it’s only taken three months to get her to accept me. 😀 Can’t believe I forgot Happy….but in my defense…I just now realized that she needs them. It’s just the last few weeks that you give em extra protein. That’s why I’m trying so hard just to get em only in the mouths I want em in.

Received an email from hubby yesterday inviting all his coworkers to a BBQ here next Saturday. Can you imagine? I was justifiably livid…..and sick!!! Well, it’s alright….only 3 could come, so it was canceled. Yay and yeehaw. But now ya see what I’m up against, eh? LOL Seriously? A BBQ two weeks before Christmas? And me sick….and needing to clean and bake cookies, etc. His coworkers love my chocolate chip cookies…..not my recipe….but I’ve become known for these…they are huge and the guys scarf em up and beg for takehome bags. Alrighty then…..gotta figure out how to RE-assemble the friggin light stand that hubby decided would be easier to store unassembled. Jeesh and Oi Ve!!! Have a great day!!!! Have a great night!!!! Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch.
















2 thoughts on “Smile a mile wide…..nope, not a baby goat

  1. So glad for Jesse, and I know you are 🙂 when I started to look at your pictures, I thought you were doing a white goat day, then the colored goats appeared. I just love your pintos!!!

    • Hehe I had a white goat day a few days ago with Milky! Very rare to just do white. Yup pintos have captured me too. Yes. Good news good news! Huggs

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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