Had an interesting moment tonight with Wiz kitty. He was in my lap and I took a breath thru my mouth. He heard the huge rattle……made a long blink…..and wala, the rattle was gone. Didn’t stay gone, mind you, but for about half an hour, I enjoyed rattle free breath. Amazing and thank you Wizard kitten. I’m honored that he would do that for me. I’ve told you before, he’s a very laid back kitty, not needy, complete in his ownness. 😀

In the rap and electro world, they take a lot of what they call Drink. Purple drink. Another word is Lene, heck if I know bout the spelling. You hear it in the lyrics if you pay attention. What is this purple drink that so many enjoy so often? Cough syrup. They add it to somethin. Purple cough syrup. I have the purple syrup…the Lene. Thing is……it’s so strong that I can’t take it till bedtime, no matter how hard I’m coughing. This is strong stuff people. I have stuff to do, things that need done with the animals and dinner and such and there’s no way I could do these things while using purple cough syrup. What do these people see in it? It’s such a sleepy drug that I just don’t get it. Maybe it changes when you add the whatever. Lol guess that tells you how much Rap I’ve listened to lately. Last night I thought, well I’ve had this two nights now, maybe I should go easy lest get addicted so I took 1/4 tsp… half hour later I was awake and coughing up a storm. Had to take the rest. 😦

I keep coming back to this. Santa can only be REAL, for those who Believe. I’m the mustard seed girl….how do I get enough faith to fill that tiny seed space? Speaking of that….all but one of my missing pouch charms…..has returned to me. Including the pretty silver hinged tiny box with the mustard seed that I placed inside. The only one missing now is the hummingbird. Hmmm, SummerGirl??? You’re my hummingbird. Hmmm? Hehe, the turquoise butterfly got run over in the drive…..just happened to spot it. It’s back with its friends….on my pouch. Have you ever noticed the birds in flocks in flight? Communication HAS to be involved. Why are we as a society still refusing to believe in the intelligence of the other things. Birds, animals, trees, plants, etc. Rocks. Yes, rocks. Crystals. All made from the same stuff. Sand. Silica. Computer chips store knowledge and instruction with silica…sand. Crystals are alive even when broken off and or removed. Best Believe!!! 😀 So many Christmas movies lately depict Santa as God, if you pay attention. Spirit, Santa, they both start with an S…same……what you believe with a mustard seed….

Divine timing. Everything is……Divine Timing. Even this black kitten who is trying to suck me into her, with my breath, which drives me crazy….is Divine timing. That flat tire while you’re in a hurry, that wrong turn, argument, moment you just had, injury to your body, death of someone you love, moment of inspiration, animal that shows itself to you, new friend you just made, pain you bear, wish you want, desire you yearn for, child you need, missed appointment, missed flight, deviation from course. All of these and more are simply…….Divine timing. Meant to be. Fate. On purpose. Divinely guided we are, like it or not. It’s late. Bedtime for Bonzo. Night sweet folk. 1:48am. 8+4=12+1=13=4. Hello angels!!! Nighty night. Please disregard if this is as far as you see. Reload the page tomorrow night lol. Shit happens.


Ha!!!! Not the prettiest of photos…….it’s Etta….getting puffy!


Olive Oyl and Sweet Pea……………Sweet Pea is 9 months old


WyWy…..Moonee Blue……Optimus Prime


Mimi….herdqueen…………..very shaggy….left her coat on for warmth, but removed sticker burrs………..she looks so funny..poor dear



As usual…..that’s Georgia…….she tickles my ear


Donna………..my oldest goat……one of my best mommies








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