Need some Energy…..come to Mama

Well, I heard from the boy, but he’s still not In jail. I messaged him that the hat we ordered had arrived and he responded…awesome. Not much, but it’s what I got. 😀 Life is interesting and throws so many curves. I never was one for sports. My daughters plans are all in the air right now….the train ticket ended up adding on more and more monies until she couldn’t afford it. So now she doesn’t know where she will spend solstice…and it’s very important to her. Very sacred. She’s a deep soul who has no time for mundane issues….I love her dearly. She needs the ceremony…the special, holiness….that’s why she probably won’t come here. I’m very earthy. She’s the sky, the stars…the rainbow.

She did get the ticket for Costa Rica however. Every time she goes…. One part of me is thrilled and rejoices that she is so free on her journey. The other part is a mama part and she’s in another country…unreachable. Seems as if something is conspiring against my blog. Both of my internets are not working…wordpress did that crap with the photos today, and my iphone is crashing. It actually used those words with me today. Not just that. After I got the new laptop…wordpress was never the same. When I go to the homepage to login…I login, but it leaves me on that page. I wiggle and contort on a daily basis, to get these words out..…

Tonights challenge is this. The power cord on the new laptop is no longer working. AND, the power cord on this old one…is not working. I keep jiggling it and I’m getting these words writ. Add to that….the power cord to the iphone, only a few weeks old, is showing bare wire…and I keep using it. Just saw today on FB, that a teen died from answering the phone while his iphone was still plugged in. This could be just as bad, eh? Dang. This is the 3rd or 4th one in 6 months. Same for the old laptop power cord. Lasts a minute…then nope. Gosh, what a fun and interesting topic!!! Ha, my daughter tells me she reads the good stuff and skips the rest. Guess she’ll miss all that with good reason, eh?

So today is the first day of December in the year 2012.….. 3 days till the pyramid alignment….21 days till Solstice, and the rare planetary alignment…..and 25 days till Christmas. I love you, you love me, we’re a happy family. Yup, I’m now quoting the purple dinosaur. Oi ve. My inhaler is nearly empty and I forgot it when I went to Longview…but I did remember old ones. I always keep the old ones and reuse them, sometimes 2 years later…whichever one has something in it when I’m out. Breathing is pretty cool. It’s hard to explain what’s going on with me. I know that I have the illness….yet I don’t have any of the usual pains that go with it. Either it’s just very very slow in coming….or……this prayer thing is working. Speaking of prayer……remember those kidney stones? Well? That was at least 6 months ago. Okie dokie then… keeps trying to shut off so I shall let it sleep for now, as I hope you do…peacefully and dreamily….nightie night sweet ones. 1am exactly.

On our way to town now cuz Saturday wanted to come round again. I have no energy. It’s as if my balloon got a hole in it and the air is escaping slowly, leaving a weak, small squishy oblong ball. Should be fun putting feed up today. Just saw a hawk on a wire…..hello beautiful. Checked on Etta before we left. Nothin happenin. She’s just walking around lookin pretty. Went to lay out the Etta curls to dry and discovered she only has candycane curls in 2 small sections. Ha….washed ONE candycane curl!!!! I’ll either go thru the bag picky like or I’ll just wash up another pinto goat. 😀 Yay, hubby let me pick lunch restaurant!!! Jaliscos!!!! Bout time!

Ah jeeze, took everything I had just to walk in the door. This is not good. Hubby says…you had the opportunity to go to the Dr. I know I know but I thought maybe the prayers were licking it since I didn’t feel bad. And in the end, I couldn’t eat. Just too tired. Got a chill and went to the truck. Feed bought. Groceries next. And the blade sharpener guy hasn’t been at TSC lately. Bummer man. Groceries got. Smoothie time! Surely I can eat that!!!

Hubby didn’t go to the electronic store so looks like its me and the phone. And I’ve discovered the cause of the ruined power cord issue…..can you say Kitten teeth? Great……. Now I get to use the replacement generic ones that last about a month… I have on my old laptop. 2 laptops, 2 internets and ….go IPhone.

Ye know, I’ve been thinkin on something. I should make it clear that I’m not angry at all about Etta being pregnant so young. Accidents happen. Goats jump fences and squeeze through any hole they can find….when they want a boy. It’s happened to me too, when Yoki and Happy went under the gate. I had to save Happy from a huge pile of boys. Remember?

Managed to load and unload the feed. Hubby helped load 3 bags onto the buggy, yay! Got some Ivomec to worm the goats and the guy unlocking the cabinet says, why don’t you get the cheaper one? What cheaper one? $39 vs $13???? Wow!!! May have to move Georgia and Pearl again. Georgia demands my attention therefore she’s a whamming target. Hate that. Ok well, I’m pooped. Low grade fever. Outta here. Signing off from my chair at YeeHaw Ranch.














4 thoughts on “Need some Energy…..come to Mama

  1. I am reading along with you as you share your son’s journey. Your situation reminds me a bit of my own with my Elder Beast — struggling to find his place in this world; and it seems like such a harsh and hostile one when they step away from our hearths (but never from our hearts). I wish him great success on his journey. And yes, one word text answers seem to be the norm *grin*.

    All my wishes for Healthful Energy to you and yours!

    • Thank you so much for the well wishes. Need them. Well if my story or vice versa helps….all is great. It’s very difficult, the past circumstances making it more so. I try hard to live in the now….not easy when the past is affecting the now. 😀 appreciate the comment hon. ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

  2. Is that Georgia in the last photo? is she a pinto?
    Love following your journey. I know Lisa from doing shows. She is someone special and reading her posts brought me to you! Feel better!

    Wild Spirit Fiber

    • Hi there, yes, it’s Georgia. It’s easy once you know. Georgia has the white nose and whiter body and Etta has the black nose and the mostly black body. :-D. Cool, I just love Lisa. Hey, by asking that question…I found out today’s photos didn’t go up… Thanks to you, they’re up now. So many Internet n computer issues. They don’t beat me! Glad you found us. ❤

      Sheri Lee YeeHaw Ranch

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