My tiny Christmas tree…..

I don’t know what to say….what to talk about at the moment, all I can
think of is Jesse. I’m wallowing. In the coulda shoulda woulda’s.
Maybe it’s necessary in the scheme of things for me to wallow…or else
I wouldn’t be, would I? I’ll get over it quickly most likely, I
usually do these days. Actually, it’s more like a silent rule with
myself…..sadness only for a few days…..and with laughter entwined. My
daughter has bought a ticket to Costa Rica…..and wants to go to Cali
for Solstice. She’ll go to Costa Rica after the first of the
year….hehe, supposing there is one. :-)D I’m watching my Christmas
movies and not really feeling guilty like I thought I might….just
dull. Alright, I’ll say it. My daughter, who seems to be somewhat
sorta following in my footsteps in that she has studied a lot of the
same things as me…..wants to go spend the Mayan deadline…..with highly
spiritual people. Hmmm. Nuf said. Love you baby.

I have a tiny 10 inch tree. I almost showed it to y’all the other
night unlit…then I would light it on Christmas….but I didn’t. On his
last night, I lit it for Jesse, telling him it’d be the only Christmas
tree he’d see in person this year. I once lit that very same tree for
some suffering group, I have since forgotten….oh ya…the
world….anyway…I lit it and tried to keep it lit for a year. I wasn’t
extremely rigid with it but I did the best I could. I’d love to
decorate it better this year….with bright tiny things…..but alas….no
money this year….and no time to make em. Oh well, my crystals will
have to do for another year.

There were two volcanos today? Wow, hadn’t heard that. My friend
Blanche told me… she said, Russia and Indonesia. Lots of volcanic
activity lately, eh? Not just volcanos, but earthquakes too. I’m
actually in a bit of pain lately. In my back…probably kidneys and more
lately, my liver or gall bladder. I command the healing to take place
now. As I just told Facebook……As we approach the Winter Solstice,
12/21/12, please know that your thoughts are energy, just like
electricity. They travel, they create. Create good. Create what you
desire, not what you worry about or fear. Use your human ability to
IMAGINE….and create a life for yourself that makes you sing…you know
what I mean. Join me in creating higher energy vibrations. Higher
love. Sincerely, Mama Sheri. I felt the need. The need for speed.
Hehehehe. 420 words…My son would be jumping saying, 420, 420! For
those who don’t know….420 is the number that symbolizes….spark up that
joint. I personally, only spark up at night or if I’m in pain. I never
ever smoke during the day unless I’m in screaming pain. It’s amazing
that I feel free enough to speak of this out loud. It’s had to be a
secret for so long. The amount people who smoke marijuana are probably
more than you realize cuz everyone’s scared to say they smoke. The pot
revolution does appear to be in full all out headstrongness and
striving for hear-dom. This tickles me. Ok well, nightie night sweet
people…some of which smoke and don’t tell…hehehehehehehehe. Night.

It’s been a different kinda day. There were two things that needed to
happen today or I would just bust. I’m washing up some Etta to send to
my friend Kimberly in Australia, where they don’t get cool colored
goats, let alone Pintos. I’d told her I’d send some, then I forgot.
Before I forgot, however, I did look it up and it seems it’s required
that it be washed before shipping. So….I’m washing some today. Taking
forever…..due to the lanolin. The other thing I needed to do……was
clean!!! I got my windowseat…not really clean, and not really orderly,
but weeded out. That in itself takes hours. And I did it!!!

Went out and sat with the preggo’s today…..earlier, so I got to be
with them twice today. Nothing happening with Etta. Bellies are
growing though. Pretty chill event. They’ve all calmed down, cept
Georgia…now that I’m home. Hehe, Georgia loves me. Really really loves
me. Yay! Let the Beautifuls out today to graze and as usual, the
Littles were so jealous. Upon feeding time, discovered them over by
the Littles pen, trying to play Rut/Pecking order. Easy enough to fix.
The first scoop of feed got DaVinci in his pen. The 2nd got Einstein
and Darwin….and the 3rd scoop, into the Littles pen…..preoccupied the
Littles, therefore Socrates went to eat. Success, all back in the pen
and no fights. Now, if only some other goat things were so easy. Like
checking Etta’s bag. There’s no one person catch system in the
breeding pens. Requires at least 2…..but since her backend isn’t
swelling yet…I think we still got some time. That’s good, cuz I still
haven’t bought the hot water bottles. I will get them…..but just know,
I have no compunction about bringing a cold baby in the house to warm
them up. Never had a problem with giving them back to their
mommies…….it’s only when supplemental feeding is required, that a mom
may reject. So far, anyway.

Tonights dinner is fall apart tender London Broil with cream of
mushroom sauce and mashed taters. Another of Jesse’s favorites. I
haven’t heard anything yet. Don’t know if the deed is done yet or not.
What I do know is……the extra cigarettes that Jesse knew he wouldn’t be
able to smoke, so he took them to share with his friends…..are being
offered on FB for $5 a pack by one of his friends. Seriously? So much
for appreciation. Oh ya… I pulled in the yard after returning from
Longview…..the geese were in the pen I’d been trying to lure them
into. Yay, so I quick closed the gate….filled the water trough and
gave em feed and hay for a nest. Today….the water is gone….the water
won’t turn on and the trough apparently has holes, so……alas, I had to
let them out. I tried. Well, I’m over a 1000 words now….SO……………..guess
it’s that time again. Take care of yourselves. Tomorrow is the first
day of December. 😀 Signing off at YeeHaw Ranch. Oh Good Lord.
Wordpress just screwed everything all up…right royally, photo wise.
Might take me a year to figure it out. Crap. Iphone to the rescue.















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