A mothers Heart……so breakable

I’m thinkin that the reason marijuana and moonshine aren’t legal today, despite the beginnings, is cuz they can’t tax it. Can’t get their share. Well, what if all the small timers started sending money in……to the government, anonymously, their tax percentage while keeping good records at home for when the Gov finally gives in. :-D.

Well, it’s after 11pm and I have survived the young bachelor pad. Wasn’t too bad after all and the worst part probably was when T said, “yes ma’am”. Thats when I knew I would never be seen as one of them. Regardless. But still, all in all, not too bad. In the morning, I will drive to my sisters house and pick up a stocking I made for an unborn baby…..and put a name on it, with curls. Like the others. I’ll get to see the baby but I sure hope I’m not sick. Not the stocking baby, but a new one…….baby Gray. Stocking baby is Harper and she’s over 1 now. If I see Gray, it will be the first time. Well, the guys are all falling asleep now…….Jesse on the couch, and me on the loveseat. I’m gonna try it out myself…..sleeping. Goodnight goodnight!!! 12:01am

I’m home. I left most of my broken heart along the highway. I’m so proud of him for making this choice. This choice to sit in jail for an unknown amount of time……to pay some childhood fines that seemed to hang over his future like a dark black cloud. Proud of the choice but sadder than sad. That’s my baby. He finally slept good for the first time in his life while he was here this time, thanks to a fancy pillow he’d bought himself. No pillows in jail. He finally learned to eat more than 5 items. Now it’ll be jail food. One of his new favorites is tacos. I have to make those tonight. All that plus no cigarettes, ganja, or Christmas. My heart hurts. He’s spending the day today with some of his friends and turning himself in tomorrow. On one hand, I wanted to drop him there and on the other, if I had…..I probably couldn’t have come home. As it was…I nearly turned around at the half hour, the hour and an hour and a half. I won’t let my mind go to worry mode….can’t.

As for how I’m feeling….I’m still not sick, just have some symptoms. Couldn’t breathe last night due to lung rattles so had to switch to recliner so as to be sitting up. Told my niece I might have a lung infection do shouldn’t come in. She hung the stocking on the front door, so I didn’t even get to see the baby thru the door. Let’s just say, it was a very long 5 hour drive home….alone.

Hubby forgot and locked the house up. I was locked out and Blue was locked in so Cathy couldn’t let him out. I took off a screen and crawled through my chair window. Flipped Bluedog smooth out. The goats were hollering like they hadn’t ate in a month….Cathy fed them yesterday. Either that…or they just missed Mama. Everyone was fine and my absence caused Maya to come right to the tip of my finger. I do believe I touched her ever so tinyly. Hehe not a word but it works.

Well, I’m really very glad to be home with all my critters and all the comforts of home. I am blessed by them. I’ve asked for 4 angels to stay with Jesse while he’s in jail. Thank you Angels. Guess that means I get the TV to myself now, but will I enjoy my Christmas movies?……knowing he’s in jail and that’s why I can watch. This is just horrible. Told him I’d mail him baby photos as they come. Should know hopefully by Monday…..how long he’ll have to stay in jail. Ok well, I’m plum exhausted. Gonna just sit for a few minutes till I have to cook. Stay warm people…..and y’all Australians…..stay cool. Peace out. Signing off AT YeeHaw Ranch. Oh wait!!!!!! I forgot to tell you!!! While smoking a cigarette outside in the freezing cold last night, I heard loud rustling. Jess said I was imagining it till finally he heard it. T had already gone to bed and Jess creeps around T’s truck….and finds about 20 wild hogs! He grabs my camera and tried to get a shot. Not really a worthy photo though. A bit later I forget and run out to grab somethin from the car and just as I’m realizing the hogs are back and real close and on This side of the fence….Jess remembers too and comes running in case I need saved! Sweet boy. Anyway….couldn’t NOT tell ya about the scary hogs!















4 thoughts on “A mothers Heart……so breakable

  1. Hugs – when he gets out, it will be so much better for him, it will be off his shoulders! And oooo, hoods, those things are nasty. My only experience with wild hogs is watching”Old Yeller,” and that was quite close enough for me.

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